Custom USB Drives & Promotional Flash Drives

Dynamic Gift is proud to present our extensive range of custom USB Drives. By adding your business name, logo or message onto these promotional flash drives, you can display your organisation and offer a free gift to your staff and clients at the same time. With storage capacities ranging from 1 to 256 GB, finding the perfect promo USB is entirely possible.

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  • USB Clipper Style 2.0-20
    USB Clipper Style 2.0
  • USB Lanyards Premium Sewn-20
    USB Lanyards Premium Sewn
  • USB Revolver-20
    USB Revolver
  • Plastic USB Discus-20
    Plastic USB Discus
  • USB Leather Eight-20
    USB Leather Eight
  • USB Leather Nine-20
    USB Leather Nine
  • Bespoke PVC Smart USB Drives-20
    Bespoke PVC Smart USB Drives
  • 3d Engrave USB Cylinder-20
    3d Engrave USB Cylinder
  • USB Executive Smart Drive-20
    USB Executive Smart Drive
  • Smart USB Ultra Compact-20
    Smart USB Ultra Compact
  • USB Leather Ten-20
    USB Leather Ten
  • 3d Engraved USB Swivel-20
    3d Engraved USB Swivel
  • Lattice Puzzle Card Drive-20
    Lattice Puzzle Card Drive
  • USB Super Micro Chip Style-20
    USB Super Micro Chip Style
  • Plastic Business Card Web Key-20
    Plastic Business Card Web Key
  • USB Chip Stylus-20
    USB Chip Stylus
  • USB Smart Swivel Metal-20
    USB Smart Swivel Metal
  • USB Smart Swivel 2-20
    USB Smart Swivel 2
  • USB Leather Seven-20
    USB Leather Seven
  • USB Plastic Plane Flip-20
    USB Plastic Plane Flip
  • USB Smart Mini Drive-20
    USB Smart Mini Drive
  • USB Smart Compact Capped-20
    USB Smart Compact Capped
  • USB Smart Stylus Swivel-20
    USB Smart Stylus Swivel
  • USB Cara Clipper-20
    USB Cara Clipper
  • USB Minimalist-20
    USB Minimalist
  • USB Slippa Drive-20
    USB Slippa Drive
  • Plastic Web Key-20
    Plastic Web Key
  • USB Business Card Compact 2-20
    USB Business Card Compact 2
  • USB Compact Chip Card-20
    USB Compact Chip Card
  • USB Long Arm Card-20
    USB Long Arm Card
  • USB Business Breaka Card-20
    USB Business Breaka Card
  • USB Business Gizmo Card-20
    USB Business Gizmo Card
  • USB Ascent Business Card-20
    USB Ascent Business Card
  • USB Genesis Business Card-20
    USB Genesis Business Card
  • USB Eco Wood Card-20
    USB Eco Wood Card
  • USB Slide Card-20
    USB Slide Card
  • USB Thumb Slide Card-20
    USB Thumb Slide Card
  • USB Smart Capped Drive-20
    USB Smart Capped Drive
  • USB Smart Swivel-20
    USB Smart Swivel
  • USB Business Card Slip Out-20
    USB Business Card Slip Out
  • USB Trans Swivel Drive-20
    USB Trans Swivel Drive
  • USB Eco Cube 3-20
    USB Eco Cube 3
  • USB Wood Eco Drive Round-20
    USB Wood Eco Drive Round
  • USB Puzzle Cube-20
    USB Puzzle Cube
  • USB Full Wood Swivel-20
    USB Full Wood Swivel
  • USB Tree Drive-20
    USB Tree Drive
  • USB Twist Light-20
    USB Twist Light
  • USB Plastic Plane Slide-20
    USB Plastic Plane Slide
  • Wooden USB Peg Drive-20
    Wooden USB Peg Drive
  • USB Car Key Drive-20
    USB Car Key Drive
  • USB Bulb Drive-20
    USB Bulb Drive
  • USB Corked Jar Drive-20
    USB Corked Jar Drive
  • HDP USB Discus-20
    HDP USB Discus
  • USB Leather Two-20
    USB Leather Two
  • Photo Print PVC USB-20
    Photo Print PVC USB
  • USB Metal Curve 2-20
    USB Metal Curve 2
  • USB Mixtape Drives-20
    USB Mixtape Drives
  • HDP USB Square Drive-20
    HDP USB Square Drive
  • HDP Mini USB Card-20
    HDP Mini USB Card
  • HDP USB Pill Drive-20
    HDP USB Pill Drive
  • HDP Blocko USB-20
    HDP Blocko USB
  • HDP USB Full Swivel-20
    HDP USB Full Swivel
  • USB Eclipse Drive-20
    USB Eclipse Drive
  • USB Money Clip-20
    USB Money Clip
  • USB Smart Stylus-20
    USB Smart Stylus
  • USB Surf Drive-20
    USB Surf Drive
  • USB Eco Wood Rectangle-20
    USB Eco Wood Rectangle
  • USB Orbit Drive-20
    USB Orbit Drive
  • USB Extrude Slider-20
    USB Extrude Slider
  • USB Super Micro-20
    USB Super Micro
  • Eco USB Kinetic-20
    Eco USB Kinetic
  • USB Mini Man-20
    USB Mini Man
  • USB Blocko Style-20
    USB Blocko Style
  • USB Thumb Print-20
    USB Thumb Print
  • USB Hangar Style-20
    USB Hangar Style
  • USB Compass Drives-20
    USB Compass Drives
  • USB Padlock Drive-20
    USB Padlock Drive
  • USB Twist Cube-20
    USB Twist Cube
  • Compact USB Drives-20
    Compact USB Drives
  • USB Metallic Drive-20
    USB Metallic Drive
  • USB Eco Cube 2-20
    USB Eco Cube 2
  • USB Delta Metal-20
    USB Delta Metal
  • Eco Paper USB Drives-20
    Eco Paper USB Drives
  • USB Mini Swivel Advanced-20
    USB Mini Swivel Advanced
  • USB Bottle Opener 2-20
    USB Bottle Opener 2
  • USB Discus Drive-20
    USB Discus Drive
  • USB Rifle Bullet-20
    USB Rifle Bullet
  • USB Compact Swivel Metal-20
    USB Compact Swivel Metal
  • USB All Metal 2-20
    USB All Metal 2
  • Laser Pointer USB-20
    Laser Pointer USB
  • USB Metal Mini Swivel-20
    USB Metal Mini Swivel
  • USB Flip Style-20
    USB Flip Style
  • USB Techno Drive-20
    USB Techno Drive
  • USB Leather Six-20
    USB Leather Six
  • USB Leather Wristbands-20
    USB Leather Wristbands
  • USB Wood Necklace-20
    USB Wood Necklace
  • USB Geo Capless-20
    USB Geo Capless
  • USB Swivel Transparent-20
    USB Swivel Transparent
  • USB Clear Lid-20
    USB Clear Lid
  • USB Round Ends-20
    USB Round Ends
  • USB Metal Man-20
    USB Metal Man
  • USB Slide Rugged-20
    USB Slide Rugged
  • Metal USB Sentry Drive-20
    Metal USB Sentry Drive
  • USB Leather One-20
    USB Leather One
  • USB Slide Drive-20
    USB Slide Drive
  • USB Metal Cube Advanced-20
    USB Metal Cube Advanced
  • USB Square Drive-20
    USB Square Drive
  • USB Leather Five-20
    USB Leather Five
  • USB Leather Four-20
    USB Leather Four
  • USB Leather Three-20
    USB Leather Three
  • USB Cara Drive-20
    USB Cara Drive
  • USB Alpha Metallic Drive-20
    USB Alpha Metallic Drive
  • USB Cork Bottle-20
    USB Cork Bottle
  • USB Wine Bottle Metal-20
    USB Wine Bottle Metal
  • USB iPhone Cover-20
    USB iPhone Cover
  • USB Dog Tags-20
    USB Dog Tags
  • USB Xtrude Drive-20
    USB Xtrude Drive
  • USB Cylinder Drive-20
    USB Cylinder Drive
  • USB Tech Capless-20
    USB Tech Capless
  • USB Cork Drive 2-20
    USB Cork Drive 2
  • USB Slide Advanced-20
    USB Slide Advanced
  • USB Monster Drive-20
    USB Monster Drive
  • USB Pen Insert Drive-20
    USB Pen Insert Drive
  • USB Micro Swivel-20
    USB Micro Swivel
  • USB Executive Pens-20
    USB Executive Pens
  • USB Round Drive-20
    USB Round Drive
  • USB All Metal Swivel-20
    USB All Metal Swivel
  • USB Spanner Drive-20
    USB Spanner Drive
  • USB Chip Swivel-20
    USB Chip Swivel
  • USB Extender Style-20
    USB Extender Style
  • Wood 3d Engraved Glass USB-20
    Wood 3d Engraved Glass USB
  • USB Lever Drive-20
    USB Lever Drive
  • USB Cyborg-20
    USB Cyborg
  • USB RC Drive-20
    USB RC Drive
  • USB Wristbands 2.0-20
    USB Wristbands 2.0
  • USB Clipper Style-20
    USB Clipper Style
  • USB Metal Plane-20
    USB Metal Plane
  • USB F1 Kart-20
    USB F1 Kart
  • USB Slider Drive 2-20
    USB Slider Drive 2
  • USB Chip Slider-20
    USB Chip Slider
  • USB Letter Opener-20
    USB Letter Opener
  • USB Wood Chip Slider-20
    USB Wood Chip Slider
  • USB GP Style Pen-20
    USB GP Style Pen
  • USB Key Compact-20
    USB Key Compact
  • USB Cork Drive-20
    USB Cork Drive
  • USB Cube Micro-20
    USB Cube Micro
  • USB Swarve Drive-20
    USB Swarve Drive
  • USB Pill Drive-20
    USB Pill Drive
  • USB Metal Cube-20
    USB Metal Cube
  • USB Curve Swivel-20
    USB Curve Swivel
  • USB Standard Pen Drive-20
    USB Standard Pen Drive
  • CEO Pen Drive-20
    CEO Pen Drive
  • USB Marble Pen-20
    USB Marble Pen
  • USB Bottle Opener 3-20
    USB Bottle Opener 3
  • USB Key Drives-20
    USB Key Drives
  • USB Snowman Band-20
    USB Snowman Band
  • Wood USB Dice Drive-20
    Wood USB Dice Drive
  • USB Wood Book Drive-20
    USB Wood Book Drive
  • USB Wood Key-20
    USB Wood Key
  • PVC USB Christmas Drives-20
    PVC USB Christmas Drives
  • USB Wood Swivel 2-20
    USB Wood Swivel 2
  • USB Wood Pen Drive-20
    USB Wood Pen Drive
  • 3d Engraved Glass USB Drive-20
    3d Engraved Glass USB Drive
  • USB Wood Eco Drive 1-20
    USB Wood Eco Drive 1
  • USB Wood Slide 2-20
    USB Wood Slide 2
  • USB Metal Ingot-20
    USB Metal Ingot
  • USB Slim Drive-20
    USB Slim Drive
  • USB Trooper Drive-20
    USB Trooper Drive
  • USB Wristbands-20
    USB Wristbands
  • USB Sheath Drive-20
    USB Sheath Drive
  • USB MF Swiss Knife-20
    USB MF Swiss Knife
  • Promotional I Stylus USB Pen-20
    Promotional I Stylus USB Pen
  • USB Lanyards 2.0 Style-20
    USB Lanyards 2.0 Style
  • USB Figure Drives-20
    USB Figure Drives
  • USB Compact Drive 2-20
    USB Compact Drive 2
  • USB Adloop-20
    USB Adloop
  • USB Flip Out-20
    USB Flip Out
  • USB Mini Business Card-20
    USB Mini Business Card
  • USB Wood Swivel-20
    USB Wood Swivel
  • HDP Recycled Swivel-20
    HDP Recycled Swivel
  • USB Future Style Pen-20
    USB Future Style Pen
  • USB Web Key-20
    USB Web Key
  • USB Business Card-20
    USB Business Card
  • Bespoke PVC USB Drives-20
    Bespoke PVC USB Drives
  • USB Swivel Advanced-20
    USB Swivel Advanced
  • USB Ascent-20
    USB Ascent
  • USB Swivel Drive-20
    USB Swivel Drive

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187 Item(s)

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You could generate more business with this simple gift item

Customised USB drives benefit businesses in a variety of ways, yet many companies continue to overlook this useful promotional item. Research consistently shows these items have a high retention rate, and they may be used by the consumer again when more information needs to be added to what was initially shared. The content on the drives can easily be uploaded on demand, shared, modified, or changed, and flash drives are more durable than their counterparts. What are the benefits an organisation may expect to see why they choose to offer printed flash drives in Australia?

The Benefits Of Custom USB Drives

Printed flash drives serve as an effective means of advertising for any company. They differ from business cards in that recipients usually do not throw USB products away, as flash memory is extremely useful. Because branded usb drives flash drives are different than most promotional items and provide value to the user, the company benefits long after the item has been given to a recipient. They tend to be very cost effective too, as the company spends little at the time of purchase, yet the advertising benefits can continue for years to come.

The wholesale USBs may be customised to meet the needs of the buyer. From the size of the flash drive to the colour and shape, almost every aspect of the design remains under the client's control, including the packaging of the drive and the accessories that may be used in conjunction with the product. The one thing we refuse to compromise on, however, is the quality of the drive, and our customers appreciate this.

The drive remains in front of the consumer much of the time. Every time they open their desk, pick up their key ring, or make use of their computer, they will see this great promotional product. It's incredibly portable, allowing users to share and display client's brand everywhere they go, and the device may be used to store irreplaceable content, such as special documents. This allows the consumer to get the most from the device at all times. Following are just a few of the many times when customised USB sticks may be presented to recipients with great outcomes.

Branding Options For Days!

We offer a a wide range of USB drives, but we also have a multitude of branding options with our most popular including but not limited to

  • Laser engraving.
  • Custom printed using pad print.
  • Photographic printing using transfer.
  • Photographic printing using epoxy dome sticker.

Because a USB memory stick isn't just a plain data carrying item any more. Its a promotional beacon!

Give a USB memory stick at conferences

A great deal of information tends to be presented at a conference in a short period of time. Individuals often miss out on some information as a result, yet this doesn't have to be the case. Our wholesale range of USB items may be provided to each attendee with the information presented at the conference contained on the drive. This helps to ensure the desired information is retained and may be referred back to at a later date or shared with others in their organisation. Each time the flash drive is used, the company providing it receives more exposure. Both the company and the conference attendee benefit when this type of promotional item is presented to guests. Custom printed USB drives also serve to promote your company or the event long after the fact.

Schools And Universities

Remember the days when children would arrive home from their first day of school with a stack of papers three inches thick or when college students would arrive for orientation and be presented a binder with an overwhelming amount of information? Often, this binder would be thicker than many of the textbooks they would use over the course of the coming years. Today, schools and universities often turn to flash drives to store this information, with each student being presented with a flash drive at orientation or on the first day of school. This ensures the necessary information is distributed, yet saves on the cost of printing and other supplies and is more convenient for all involved.

Suits A Wide Range of Businesses

Sharing product manuals or product information has never been easier, thanks to customised USB drives. Companies include the drive in the product or send a drive to a consumer, as opposed to a product catalog, and reap the benefits for months or years to come. Every time the consumer uses the printed flash drive they are reminded of the business, increasing not only their awareness of the company but also their loyalty. When the time comes to purchase a product or service offered through the company, they can easily reach for their flash drive and obtain a URL or phone number to place their order. 


Photographers often turn to a USB supplier to obtain flash drives designed for storing photo sessions. Rather than handing a client a CD or DVD with their images, the photographer hands them the flash drive with information about their business printed on the outside case. Any time the client shares the images with others, they will also take note of the information on the flash drive and may call the photographer when they need images taken in the future. Family members may also wish to obtain a drive so they can have photos of a special day or event in a loved one's life, and this increases the amount of exposure the photographer gets as well.

Other Businesses

Companies of any size in any industry may benefit from the distribution of custom USB drives. This is one item that definitely stands out in the user's mind when they receive it as a gift. It's handy for many purposes, and they may find they use it on a daily basis. The provider of the drive benefits with every use, thus it's one option that should always be considered when deciding between different promotional giveaways. Furthermore, any business may opt to provide their employees with a flash drive in an effort to further increase brand exposure and awareness.

Why Choose Our Printed USB Drives?

Customised USB drives come in many forms. Companies looking to save money often opt to purchase devices with grade 2 chips only to find doing so backfires on them. The quality of the printed flash drive is compromised, and consumers remember this when they go to buy from the company in the future. They may associate this lack of quality in the flash drive with a lack of quality in the products and services provided by the company.

Our USB Flash drives Feature Premium Grade Memory Chips

We supply only those tier one top grade hard drives made using Samsung and Hynix chips. This ensures the hard drive benefits the consumer, rather than being another promotional item they end up throwing away. In addition, all of our custom promotional USB drives are backed by a ten-year warranty, thus our clients can feel comfortable sharing the units with their customers.

Contact us, the premium USB supplier in Australia to learn more about custom USB drives, the options available, and the benefits associated with acquiring these types of devices. They are a cost-effective way to promote a business for some time to come. Best of all, recipients truly appreciate receiving them, as they often help to make their lives easier in one or more ways. They will remember this when the time comes to spend their hard-earned money and reward the company that provided the printed flash drive with their business.

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