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Available in a carefully selected range of shapes and sizes, our high quality stress toys are the perfect corporate gift for companies that want to make sure their business partners never forget them. Whenever they feel that work is getting on top of them, the recipients of your branded gifts can pick up these rubber toys and throw them around or just fiddle with them to take their mind off the work day. Every time they do so, they will of course be reminded of your organisation and, more importantly, the goods and services you have to offer. They can be pad printed in up to four colours with your logo and company name.

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  • Stress Beach Ball-20
    Stress Beach Ball
  • Stress Blimp-20
    Stress Blimp
  • Classic Round Stress Balls-20
    Classic Round Stress Balls
  • Stress Cauliflower-20
    Stress Cauliflower
  • Stress Hot Dog-20
    Stress Hot Dog
  • Stress Aeroplane-20
    Stress Aeroplane
  • Stress Fire Truck-20
    Stress Fire Truck
  • Stress Basket Ball-20
    Stress Basket Ball
  • Stress Truck-20
    Stress Truck
  • Stress Computer-20
    Stress Computer
  • Stress Baseball Keychain-20
    Stress Baseball Keychain
  • Stress Chicken Keyring-20
    Stress Chicken Keyring
  • Stress Moon-20
    Stress Moon
  • Stress Tug Boat-20
    Stress Tug Boat
  • Stress Dice-20
    Stress Dice
  • Stress Globe Man-20
    Stress Globe Man
  • Stress Apple-20
    Stress Apple
  • Stress Dolphin Keychain-20
    Stress Dolphin Keychain
  • Stress Sheep Keychain-20
    Stress Sheep Keychain
  • Stress Hard Hat Keychain-20
    Stress Hard Hat Keychain
  • Stress Heart Keychain-20
    Stress Heart Keychain
  • Stress Hockey Keyring-20
    Stress Hockey Keyring
  • Stress Cricket Keyring-20
    Stress Cricket Keyring
  • Stress Golf Keychain-20
    Stress Golf Keychain
  • Stress Soccer Keychain-20
    Stress Soccer Keychain
  • Stress Hockey Puck 2-20
    Stress Hockey Puck 2
  • Stress Bowling Ball-20
    Stress Bowling Ball
  • Stress Strawberry Keychain-20
    Stress Strawberry Keychain
  • Stress Light Bulb Classic-20
    Stress Light Bulb Classic
  • Dodecagon Stress Shape-20
    Dodecagon Stress Shape
  • Stress Armchair-20
    Stress Armchair
  • Stress Globe-20
    Stress Globe
  • Stress Traffic Lights-20
    Stress Traffic Lights
  • Stress Cruise Ship-20
    Stress Cruise Ship
  • Stress Tyre-20
    Stress Tyre
  • Stress Space Ship-20
    Stress Space Ship
  • Stress Helicopter-20
    Stress Helicopter
  • Stress Bus-20
    Stress Bus
  • Stress Van-20
    Stress Van
  • Stress Car 2-20
    Stress Car 2
  • Stress Eyeball-20
    Stress Eyeball
  • Stress Alarm Clock-20
    Stress Alarm Clock
  • Stress Jack O Lantern-20
    Stress Jack O Lantern
  • Stress Thumbs Up-20
    Stress Thumbs Up
  • Stress Pill Oval 2-20
    Stress Pill Oval 2
  • Stress Golfball-20
    Stress Golfball
  • Stress Shrimp-20
    Stress Shrimp
  • Stress Peppers-20
    Stress Peppers
  • Stress Carrot-20
    Stress Carrot
  • Stress Hand-20
    Stress Hand
  • Stress Breasts-20
    Stress Breasts
  • Stress Liver-20
    Stress Liver
  • Stress TV Remote-20
    Stress TV Remote
  • Stress Volleyball-20
    Stress Volleyball
  • Stress Blood Platelet-20
    Stress Blood Platelet
  • Stress Drop Top Convertible-20
    Stress Drop Top Convertible
  • Stress Pigskin Ball-20
    Stress Pigskin Ball
  • Stress Donut-20
    Stress Donut
  • Stress Pear-20
    Stress Pear
  • Stress Orange-20
    Stress Orange
  • Stress Bone-20
    Stress Bone
  • Stress Tablet Oval Shape-20
    Stress Tablet Oval Shape
  • Stress Light Bulb-20
    Stress Light Bulb
  • Stress Bride-20
    Stress Bride
  • Stress Kidney Shape-20
    Stress Kidney Shape
  • Stress Nose-20
    Stress Nose
  • Stress Cricket Ball White-20
    Stress Cricket Ball White
  • Stress Cake Slice-20
    Stress Cake Slice
  • Stress Maize Corn-20
    Stress Maize Corn
  • Stress Olive-20
    Stress Olive
  • Stress Heart-20
    Stress Heart
  • Stress Brains-20
    Stress Brains
  • Mini Stress Label Printer-20
    Mini Stress Label Printer
  • Stress NFL Ball-20
    Stress NFL Ball
  • Stress Heart Anatomy Shape-20
    Stress Heart Anatomy Shape
  • Stress Tablet Round-20
    Stress Tablet Round
  • Stress Basketball-20
    Stress Basketball
  • Stress Cheese Cake-20
    Stress Cheese Cake
  • Stress Peanut-20
    Stress Peanut
  • Stress Potatoe-20
    Stress Potatoe
  • Stress Ear Shape-20
    Stress Ear Shape
  • Stress Mouth Open-20
    Stress Mouth Open
  • Stress Brain Character-20
    Stress Brain Character
  • Stress Cell Phone-20
    Stress Cell Phone
  • Stress Lungs Shape-20
    Stress Lungs Shape
  • Stress Red Blood Cell-20
    Stress Red Blood Cell
  • Stress Sedan-20
    Stress Sedan
  • Stress Icecream-20
    Stress Icecream
  • Stress Tomatoe-20
    Stress Tomatoe
  • Stress Onion-20
    Stress Onion
  • Stress Banana-20
    Stress Banana
  • Cardiac Stress Shape-20
    Cardiac Stress Shape
  • Stress Dog Paw-20
    Stress Dog Paw
  • Stress Clock-20
    Stress Clock
  • Stress Garbage Truck-20
    Stress Garbage Truck
  • Stress Breast Single-20
    Stress Breast Single
  • Stress Capsule Two Tone-20
    Stress Capsule Two Tone
  • Stress Baseball-20
    Stress Baseball
  • Stress Pizza-20
    Stress Pizza
  • Stress Mushroom-20
    Stress Mushroom
  • Stress Pumpkin-20
    Stress Pumpkin
  • Stress Foot-20
    Stress Foot
  • Stress Intestines-20
    Stress Intestines
  • Stress Tablet-20
    Stress Tablet
  • Stress Photocopier Printer-20
    Stress Photocopier Printer
  • Stress Dumbbell-20
    Stress Dumbbell
  • Stress Liver Large Size-20
    Stress Liver Large Size
  • Stress Police Car-20
    Stress Police Car
  • Stress Soccer Ball-20
    Stress Soccer Ball
  • Stress Eggplant-20
    Stress Eggplant
  • Stress Watermelon-20
    Stress Watermelon
  • Stress Chine-20
    Stress Chine
  • Stress Brachydont Tooth-20
    Stress Brachydont Tooth
  • Stress Pill Capsule-20
    Stress Pill Capsule
  • Stress Battery-20
    Stress Battery
  • Stress Stomach Shape-20
    Stress Stomach Shape
  • Stress Heart 2-20
    Stress Heart 2
  • Stress Taxi Cab-20
    Stress Taxi Cab
  • Stress Hamburger-20
    Stress Hamburger
  • Stress Egg-20
    Stress Egg
  • Stress Strawberry-20
    Stress Strawberry
  • Stress UTE-20
    Stress UTE
  • Stress Cloud-20
    Stress Cloud
  • Spalding High Bounce Balls-20
    Spalding High Bounce Balls
  • Original Stress Heart-20
    Original Stress Heart
  • Original Stress Van-20
    Original Stress Van
  • Stress Horse-20
    Stress Horse
  • Stress Money Bags-20
    Stress Money Bags
  • Stress House-20
    Stress House
  • Stress Star-20
    Stress Star
  • Small Yellow Duck Keyrings-20
    Small Yellow Duck Keyrings
  • Stress Footy-20
    Stress Footy
  • Original Stress Light Bulb-20
    Original Stress Light Bulb
  • Stress Golf Ball-20
    Stress Golf Ball
  • Stress Smiley-20
    Stress Smiley
  • Stress Earth-20
    Stress Earth
  • Stress Brain-20
    Stress Brain
  • Stress Droplets-20
    Stress Droplets
  • Stress Tennis Ball-20
    Stress Tennis Ball
  • Stress Cricket Balls-20
    Stress Cricket Balls
  • Stress Penguin-20
    Stress Penguin
  • Original Stress Soccer Ball-20
    Original Stress Soccer Ball
  • Stress Dolphin-20
    Stress Dolphin
  • Stress Brick-20
    Stress Brick
  • Stress Safety Helmet-20
    Stress Safety Helmet
  • Logo & Message Bugs-20
    Logo & Message Bugs
  • Stress Plane-20
    Stress Plane
  • Stress Ball Silver-20
    Stress Ball Silver
  • High Bounce Balls-20
    High Bounce Balls
  • Original Stress Dice-20
    Original Stress Dice

Set Descending Direction

150 Item(s)

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Custom printed anti stress shapes

Available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, our high quality stress toys are the perfect corporate gift for companies that want to make sure their business partners never forget them. Whenever they feel that work is getting on top of them, the recipients of your branded gifts can pick up these rubber toys and squeeze them until they feel more relaxed. Every time they do so they will of course be reminded of your organisation and, more importantly, the goods and services it has to offer. They can be pad printed in up to three colours with your logo and company name.

Promotional Stress Balls Are Always on the Go

Executives that travel across the globe on business can carry these stress relievers with them and help to expose your brand to people in airports and other public places all over the world. Bright, bold designs are the best choice if you want to maximise the exposure your company receives but we are of course happy to supply your promotional products in any colours you desire. The lightweight design of these marketing giveaways means that they can be packed in hand luggage or carried in a suit pocket without adding to the load of harried business travelers.

Testing New Ideas With A Range Of Stress & Squishy Ball Items

Our small minimum order quantities and cheap wholesale prices make these products ideal for firms that are keen to try out a number of different designs and advertising slogans on their corporate giveaways, without having to spend a fortune in the process. Order as few as 50 units, personalised to your specifications, and test your new marketing ideas before making a larger investment. When you are ready to place a bulk order for stress balls, featuring the most effect design you have tried, we will be ready to swing into action and deliver your products in as little as 3 days.

A Brief Backstory

Stress toys can be traced back hundreds of years to China during the Han Dynasty over 2200 years ago. However instead of using man made stress objects they used walnuts during combat training to promote maneuverability and dexterity, they also improved focus and coordination. Fast forward a few thousand years and today we still use stress balls for a myriad of medical purposes. Stroke victims are often given a stress ball or a squishy ball to try and regain strength or coordination as part of a recovery plan. Senior staff members who are under high levels of stress may fidget with a stress toy to maintain focus or take their mind off their work momentarily as part of a "reset" strategy.

Stress toys are still extremely popular, they make a great throw out giveaway item at events and functions, or can be sold to raise money for a non profit organisation.

Squeeze Balls Can Appeal Retail Markets

Busy executives are not the only people that get stressed of course and these custom stress relievers are equally effective for firms that are targeting individual consumers rather than corporate buyers. If your company sells a variety of products that are aimed at different demographics, you can use different shapes and designs to appeal to each demographic. For example, a golf ball-shaped toy could be a good choice for advertising products that are aimed at older males whereas a horse shape would probably be more effective when targeting younger females.

Custom manufacturing available

We display only a small range of products here, however we can source or manufacture any shape stress toy you desire. If you're a real estate agent then our house shapes stress toy might be a great gift for tenants or potential clients. Or maybe you have a selling these stress toys to raise money for an conservation organisation then perhaps our stress dolphin could work as an on theme promo idea.

Stress balls are great for spreading awareness, and there are multiple print and branded stress ball options to choose from all you have to do is reach out to us and we can recommend our favourites. Or we can custom produce a stress toy to suit your requirements.

Talk To Us For Your Printed Stress Balls

Dynamic Gift is not just another promotional giveaway company that sells high quality merchandise at low prices. Whilst we do indeed fit this profile, we offer our clients a lot more besides. If you would like us to, we can task our in-house graphic design team to come up with the perfect promotional items for your executive stress relief products and we offer this service free of charge to all our Australian customers. If you want a business partner that will always be there for you, buy from us and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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