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Nothing leaves a better taste in the mouth than a sugary treat, and our promotional confectionery range can help you leave a sweet impression when you meet a potential client. Buying wholesale from our Australian based business means that you can enjoy the best prices, and all of our products can be personalised in bright, crisp colours to make them as eye-catching as possible.

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Events and exhibitions

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get your promotional items noticed at an event or exhibition then gifts such as sweets and chews can make your stall popular with visitors and ensure they remember you. Our team at Dynamic Gift can help you pick out the right size and shape holder for your confectionery, with options such as tins, boxes, and miniature cocktail shakers, and then show you examples of how they can be customised to showcase your brand. Choose items made in your corporate colours and choose quality printing to make a great first impression.


A good corporate gift should be re-usable and made of quality materials so that your clients use it and are reminded of your brand for as long as possible. We offer options such as stainless steel mugs, hard-wearing tins, and printed canisters that can be filled with chews or mints, and then used again so that your details are always at hand. Items such as tins and canisters are often re-used to hold paperclips or pens, and therefore are a long-lasting item that's always well received.

Fun gifts

Who said that corporate gifts had to be serious? With a sweet treat such as lollies you can ensure the right people hear about your brand while enjoying a small sugar rush. We supply confectionery in bulk to be distributed in dispensers with your company's logo, and you can also have lollipops made in different flavours with your logo stuck on the packaging.

If you are visiting the average office you'll notice there's often an enthusiasm for sharing treats, and therefore bringing along a large drum of rainbow chews, miniature chocolate bars, or M&Ms can brighten up the mood, and with your logo printed on the lid or the side of the packaging will ensure everyone in the office knows where their treat has come from.

Fresh breath

At networking and social events you'll often meet a lot of new people, and a lingering smell of coffee or lunch can be off-putting. Therefore giving out mints in miniature packages is often appreciated by delegates at events, and you can choose between our range of stylish miniature tins, square mint cards that slide into your pocket, or miniature tubes. Our team can help you to decide on how to add your logo and company details, and this can make it easy for you to choose branded items.

If you are ordering in large quantities then you can buy wholesale confectionary and mints in bulk from us, and therefore refill your dispensers around the workplace or fill boxes as they are needed when you've got important people visiting.