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  • Sugar Free Mint Card-20
    Sugar Free Mint Card
  • Truck Shape Mint Card-20
    Truck Shape Mint Card
  • House Shape Mint Card-20
    House Shape Mint Card
  • Click Clac Mint Tin-20
    Click Clac Mint Tin
  • Screw Lid Mint Jar-20
    Screw Lid Mint Jar
  • Rectangular Mint Tin-20
    Rectangular Mint Tin
  • Flip Top Mint Tin-20
    Flip Top Mint Tin
  • Translucent Mint Jar-20
    Translucent Mint Jar
  • Confectionery Towers-20
    Confectionery Towers
  • Corporate Catering Pack-20
    Corporate Catering Pack
  • 2pc or 4pc Gold Truffle Box-20
    2pc or 4pc Gold Truffle Box
  • Clear Crackers-20
    Clear Crackers
  • Jelly Bean Jar-20
    Jelly Bean Jar
  • Jelly Beans Silver Tin-20
    Jelly Beans Silver Tin
  • Packet Jelly Beans-20
    Packet Jelly Beans
  • Confectionery Dispenser-20
    Confectionery Dispenser
  • Double Stainless Barrel Mug 3-20
    Double Stainless Barrel Mug 3
  • M&M's in Container-20
    M&M's in Container
  • White Cube Breath Mints-20
    White Cube Breath Mints
  • Toffees In Steel Canister-20
    Toffees In Steel Canister
  • Logo Fortune Cookies-20
    Logo Fortune Cookies
  • Signature Truffle Box-20
    Signature Truffle Box
  • Mini Lolly Box-20
    Mini Lolly Box
  • Star Glass Jars-20
    Star Glass Jars
  • Jelly Bean Tin-20
    Jelly Bean Tin
  • Jelly Bean Noodle Box-20
    Jelly Bean Noodle Box
  • Mini Jelly Bean Box-20
    Mini Jelly Bean Box
  • Lollipops-20
  • Double Stainless Steel Mug 2-20
    Double Stainless Steel Mug 2
  • M&M's in Silver Rectangular Tins-20
    M&M's in Silver Rectangular Tins
  • Square Sugar Free Breath Mints-20
    Square Sugar Free Breath Mints
  • Peppermint Mini Candy 60g Bag-20
    Peppermint Mini Candy 60g Bag
  • Toffees in Stainless Mug-20
    Toffees in Stainless Mug
  • Chocolate Dipped Fortune Clear Cubes-20
    Chocolate Dipped Fortune Clear Cubes
  • Classic Vanilla Fortune Cookies-20
    Classic Vanilla Fortune Cookies
  • 2pc or 4pc White Truffle Box-20
    2pc or 4pc White Truffle Box
  • Mini Candy Canes-20
    Mini Candy Canes
  • Snakes 100g-20
    Snakes 100g
  • Jelly Beans Round Tin-20
    Jelly Beans Round Tin
  • Jelly Beans Assorted-20
    Jelly Beans Assorted
  • Double Wall Stainless Mug-20
    Double Wall Stainless Mug
  • Assorted Colour M&M's-20
    Assorted Colour M&M's
  • Click It Mint Tins-20
    Click It Mint Tins
  • Rectangular Sugar Free Mint Cards 2-20
    Rectangular Sugar Free Mint Cards 2
  • Toffees in Dispenser-20
    Toffees in Dispenser
  • Flavoured Fortune Cookies-20
    Flavoured Fortune Cookies
  • Chocolate Mega Bar-20
    Chocolate Mega Bar
  • Coloured Crackers-20
    Coloured Crackers
  • Confectionery Bags-20
    Confectionery Bags
  • Jelly Bean Bag-20
    Jelly Bean Bag
  • Jelly Bean Dinky Tube 2-20
    Jelly Bean Dinky Tube 2
  • All Colours of Jelly Beans-20
    All Colours of Jelly Beans
  • Confectionery Dispenser 2-20
    Confectionery Dispenser 2
  • Double Stainless Barrel Mug 4-20
    Double Stainless Barrel Mug 4
  • M&M's in 50 Gram Cello Bag-20
    M&M's in 50 Gram Cello Bag
  • M&M's Steel Curve Mug-20
    M&M's Steel Curve Mug
  • Peppermints in Silver Tin-20
    Peppermints in Silver Tin
  • Toffees in Barrel Mug 2-20
    Toffees in Barrel Mug 2
  • Custom Printed Noodle Box-20
    Custom Printed Noodle Box
  • Mini Chocolate Packs-20
    Mini Chocolate Packs
  • Wine & Pudding Hamper-20
    Wine & Pudding Hamper
  • Snakes 50g-20
    Snakes 50g
  • Mini Jelly Beans in Pillow Packs-20
    Mini Jelly Beans in Pillow Packs
  • Mini Jelly Beans in Tub-20
    Mini Jelly Beans in Tub
  • 12cm Stainless Steel Canister 2-20
    12cm Stainless Steel Canister 2
  • Mini Confectionery Dispenser-20
    Mini Confectionery Dispenser
  • M&M's in Clear Mini Noodle Box-20
    M&M's in Clear Mini Noodle Box
  • Rectangular Sugar Free Breath Mints-20
    Rectangular Sugar Free Breath Mints
  • Peppermints in Silver 2 Piece Round Tin-20
    Peppermints in Silver 2 Piece Round Tin
  • Christmas Lollipops-20
    Christmas Lollipops
  • Chocolate Dipped Cookies Wrapped-20
    Chocolate Dipped Cookies Wrapped
  • Chocolate Gift Packs-20
    Chocolate Gift Packs
  • Chocolate Coins-20
    Chocolate Coins
  • Hot Chocolate Spoon-20
    Hot Chocolate Spoon
  • Fudge Gift Packs-20
    Fudge Gift Packs
  • Beans in Silver Rectangular Tins-20
    Beans in Silver Rectangular Tins
  • Belly Bean screw top Pot-20
    Belly Bean screw top Pot
  • Double Stainless Barrel Mug 2-20
    Double Stainless Barrel Mug 2
  • M&M's in Dispenser-20
    M&M's in Dispenser
  • M&M's Barrel Mug-20
    M&M's Barrel Mug
  • Square Sugar Free Breath Mints 2-20
    Square Sugar Free Breath Mints 2
  • Assorted Toffees-20
    Assorted Toffees
  • Giant Fortune Cookies-20
    Giant Fortune Cookies
  • Deluxe Truffle Box-20
    Deluxe Truffle Box
  • Christmas Tree Box-20
    Christmas Tree Box
  • Picture Pops-20
    Picture Pops
  • Jelly Bean Pillow-20
    Jelly Bean Pillow
  • Jelly Bean Dinky Tube-20
    Jelly Bean Dinky Tube
  • Jelly Bean Dispenser-20
    Jelly Bean Dispenser
  • 12cm Stainless Steel Canister-20
    12cm Stainless Steel Canister
  • Double Stainless Curved Mug-20
    Double Stainless Curved Mug
  • M&M's In Pillow Packs-20
    M&M's In Pillow Packs
  • Egg Shape Sugar Free Breath Mints-20
    Egg Shape Sugar Free Breath Mints
  • Peppermints in Pillow Packs-20
    Peppermints in Pillow Packs
  • Toffees In Barrel Mug-20
    Toffees In Barrel Mug
  • Stand Up Bags-20
    Stand Up Bags
  • 4pc or 12pc Black Truffle Box-20
    4pc or 12pc Black Truffle Box
  • Small Belgian Gift Box-20
    Small Belgian Gift Box
  • Snakes In A Can-20
    Snakes In A Can
  • Jelly Beans Round Tin 2-20
    Jelly Beans Round Tin 2
  • Assorted Jelly Bean Cello Bag-20
    Assorted Jelly Bean Cello Bag
  • Lollipops 2-20
    Lollipops 2
  • M&M's In Dinky Tube-20
    M&M's In Dinky Tube
  • M&M's in Acrylic Cocktail Shake-20
    M&M's in Acrylic Cocktail Shake
  • Rectangular Sugar Free Mint Cards-20
    Rectangular Sugar Free Mint Cards
  • Sugar Free Breath Mints in Silver Tins-20
    Sugar Free Breath Mints in Silver Tins
  • Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies-20
    Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Set Descending Direction

107 Item(s)

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Nothing leaves a better taste in the mouth than a sugary treat, and our promotional confectionery range can help you leave a sweet impression when you meet a potential client. Buying wholesale from our Australian based business means that you can enjoy the best prices, and all of our products can be personalised in bright, crisp colours to make them as eye-catching as possible.

Events and exhibitions

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get your promotional items noticed at an event or exhibition then gifts such as sweets and chews can make your stall popular with visitors and ensure they remember you. Our team at Dynamic Gift can help you pick out the right size and shape holder for your confectionery, with options such as tins, boxes, and miniature cocktail shakers, and then show you examples of how they can be customised to showcase your brand. Choose items made in your corporate colours and choose quality printing to make a great first impression.


A good corporate gift should be re-usable and made of quality materials so that your clients use it and are reminded of your brand for as long as possible. We offer options such as stainless steel mugs, hard-wearing tins, and printed canisters that can be filled with chews or mints, and then used again so that your details are always at hand. Items such as tins and canisters are often re-used to hold paperclips or pens, and therefore are a long-lasting item that's always well received.

Fun gifts

Who said that corporate gifts had to be serious? With a sweet treat such as lollies you can ensure the right people hear about your brand while enjoying a small sugar rush. We supply confectionery in bulk to be distributed in dispensers with your company's logo, and you can also have lollipops made in different flavours with your logo stuck on the packaging.

Fresh breath

At networking and social events you'll often meet a lot of new people, and a lingering smell of coffee or lunch can be off-putting. Therefore giving out mints in miniature packages is often appreciated by delegates at events, and you can choose between our range of stylish miniature tins, square mint cards that slide into your pocket, or miniature tubes. Our team can help you to decide on how to add your logo and company details, and this can make it easy for you to choose branded items.

If you are ordering in large quantities then you can buy wholesale confectionary and mints in bulk from us, and therefore refill your dispensers around the workplace or fill boxes as they are needed when you've got important people visiting.