Custom Corporate & Promotional Golf Umbrellas

A rainy day might drag spirits down, but it can just as well give a lift to your brand. Rain or shine, our custom branded umbrellas stand out with eye-catching graphics that always make an impression. Recipients love customised umbrellas, too, putting them to use in ways that are sure to repay your investment. With a wide range of sizes, styles, and features to choose from, we're ready to help you produce rewarding promotional results with any of our branded umbrellas. Contact our sales team for a no obligation quote and a 100% free virtual sample of your design prior to ordering.

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Custom printed umbrellas vary most obviously in terms of size, and we have a full range of options to offer. Often, all that it takes is to think about the intended audience and the right size and style that you need will quickly become apparent. Generally speaking, umbrellas can be grouped into these basic size classes.

  • Standard: Designed for everyday use in a variety of contexts, versatility is the rule with this size of umbrella. Most will cover one person comfortably and without much effort, with shelter for two awaiting those who get cosy. A standard-sized umbrella will strike a good balance between performance in the sun and rain, and ease of transportation and storage.
  • Folding, Compact and Kid-Sized: When the likelihood of rain is lower, having access to an especially compact umbrella can make life easier. Likewise, children often benefit from umbrellas that are designed for their smaller dimensions. In addition to being easier to carry and store, smaller umbrellas are also often among the least expensive of all. That can make them easy to accommodate with even relatively small promotional budgets.
  • Printed golf umbrellas: Golfers are famous for persevering through the wettest weather, and umbrellas tailored to their needs reflect this fact. Umbrellas tagged for golf tend to be anywhere from ten to twenty centimetres larger than standard ones with the extra arc helping to keep a bag full of clubs dry and protected. Golf-sized umbrellas can be just as useful off the course, with more protection coming at the small price of a larger size when collapsed.
  • Patio, Beach, and Permanent Umbrellas: Not every umbrella is meant to be carried by hand, and larger ones can deliver a corresponding boost in branding power. Umbrellas deployed full-time on patios or put into place at the beach or special events will often attract plenty of attention of their own, regardless of the weather.

Special Features Add Even More Utility and Value

  • Handle Choices: Many of our umbrellas are available with a range of handle materials. From warm, classic wood to rugged polymer or gleaming aluminium, you can pick a handle to complement your branding and promotional goals.
  • Automatic Opening: With the simple click of a built-in button, automatic umbrellas spring open, quickly becoming ready for use. Particularly common on folding umbrellas where the mechanism also extends the collapsing shaft, this is an especially popular feature.
  • SPF: Many of our umbrellas are rated to provide a certain amount of sun protection. Whether for beach umbrellas where the provision of shade is a primary concern or for a hand-held umbrella that serves a dual purpose, an established SPF rating will make a promotional umbrella even more useful to the recipient.
  • Printed Promotional Covers: Your branding does not have to disappear when an umbrella collapses down, either. Some of our umbrellas can be ordered with optional customised covers that display a branding message of their own. This can be an especially affordable way to make sure a custom-branded umbrella will keep serving its purpose no matter what the weather looks like.
  • Twin Canopy Designs: One thing many umbrellas users dread is an especially windy day. A two-canopy design can make an umbrella more resistant to wind, all but ruling out the dreaded inversion that might otherwise occur. A twin canopy umbrella will also typically form a deeper arc that provides more protection from the weather while allowing more room for branding, too.
  • Carbon Shafts, Fibreglass Ribs, and Other Structural Features: There are other ways of making umbrellas more rugged and more practical. A carbon shaft can make an umbrella lighter and stronger, while aluminium or fibreglass ribs add lightweight strength of their own. Some of our umbrellas can be ordered with either nylon or polyester panels, too. They also come in auto open type designsm and an auto opening umbrella will feel more premium in comparison to a cheaper umbrella with a manual open mech. Our wide selection of corporate umbrellas allows you to pick the features that best fit your budget and goals.

Custom Printing Options Complete the Umbrella Branding Picture

The possibilities do not end there. Many of our umbrellas can be custom branded with either set-size screen printing or full-panel, full-colour digital printing instead. Different umbrella designs also allow other options, as with twin-canopy umbrellas that can be screen-printed at each of two levels to create an eye-catching, staggered effect.

Branded Umbrellas with the Highest Quality, the Lowest Prices, and the Best Service of All

As with all of our promotional products, when it comes to custom-branded umbrellas, we always deliver in ways that others cannot match. On each and every order, buyers of our promotional umbrellas benefit from our:

  • Price Beat Guarantee: We will beat any price quote from an Australian supplier on any equivalent item. Our customers can be assured of the best available value in every case.
  • Top-Quality Products: Our umbrellas and other products are always of the highest quality. Low-quality products could reflect poorly on your brand, but ours always make a positive impression on recipients and others.
  • Faster Turnaround and Delivery: We maintain the fastest regular production and delivery times in the industry. When schedules are especially tight, our optional rush service can put custom printed umbrellas in your hands in as few as five days.
  • Free Design Services: Our in-house experts are ready to create the perfect branding for your umbrellas. With no limit on the number of free revisions, they will work until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Promotional products are all about attracting attention, and custom branded umbrellas can be some of the most successful of all. With our wide range of products, guaranteed-low pricing, and unbeatable quality, we make it easy and affordable to take advantage of this proven promotional option. Contact us today for a fast, free quote and to learn more about how you can build your brand with our customised umbrellas.