Richard Perry
Managing Director

With 20 years experience in the promotional industry there isn’t much Richard doesn’t know about getting your... Read More

James Perry
Finance Director

In charge of crossing the T's and dotting the I's, James is the man with the cheque book in charge of overseeing all... Read More

Chris Trembath
Chief Marketing Officer

With almost 20 years experience in B2B marketing Chris is a self taught, highly driven marketing guru in charge of... Read More

Jason Allan
Senior Sales

Jason heads up our expo display department, specialising in marquees, banners, signage and expo... Read More

Felipe Hurtado
Head Designer

Felipe is our longest standing design member, with a Bachelor of Graphic Design and over 20 years of experience... Read More

Jessie White
Senior Designer

Jessie is a loud, creative, fun and humble graphic designer with over 9 years of experience in design, a degree in... Read More

Mitch Fraser
Senior Sales

With over 15 years of b2b client sales experience Mitch specialises in building long term relations with all of his... Read More

Ty Aurisch
IT Officer

Ty is our resident "tech guy" charged with making sure that our systems stay online and operational. Ty has a keen... Read More

Shania Lane

Shania is a highly dedicated client manager with over 10 years experience in sales and customer service.... Read More

Natasha Howard

Tash is a sales rock star with a strong background in customer service. Her energy and client-focused approach are... Read More

Luca Hudson
Marketing Specialist

Luca is a marketing and creative specialist who is all about designing beautiful customer experiences across digital... Read More

Jack Hockings
Erin Ortiz
Senior Designer

Erin is a self-taught graphic designer with almost 8 years of experience in graphic design and almost 4 years in the... Read More

Adi Krishnanda
Senior Designer

Adi is a self-taught graphic designer with a keen eye for interesting and unique designs. When he’s not busy... Read More

Bryan Nuqui
Print Designer

Bryan is one of our Senior Graphic Designers with over 10 years of experience in the industry, specialising in... Read More