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Printed & Custom Branded Drink Bottles At LOW Prices

Custom printed drink bottles, everyone has one somewhere in the house or the office. Metal hiker bottles offer a premium corporate gift for staff or clients. And our plastic 750ml bottle is awesome for sports teams, clubs and non profit organisations. Give them out for awareness or sell them to raise money. They are still one of the most popular promotional items in the world. We offer highly competitive rates and a free graphic design service that rivals most high end marketing studios. Talk to us today, we promise you won't be disappointed.

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A Carefully chosen range of personalised drink bottles

When you are setting up a new marketing campaign, it's critical that you know and understand your target customers. However, some target niches are admittedly easier to connect with. In particular, we've found that sport and outdoor enthusiasts are ripe for corporate courtship. That's why we added a variety of sporty drink bottles to our roster of promotional products.

Getting your bottle in their hands

Once you have identified a dynamic niche such as ‘outdoor enthusiasts’ as a target, you have to create opportunities to reach out to them. This is, perhaps, one of the most rewarding aspects of targeting sport enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. They’re constantly planning and hosting major events that you can appear at, sponsor and otherwise get involved with. These produce fantastic opportunities to drum up new business!

Just think about all of the cycling competitions, walking festivals, angling tournaments, triathlons and mini-marathons staged around the country on an almost daily basis. And that’s barely even scratching the surface. Once you factor in the thousands of community sports teams, exercise classes and outdoor clubs in operation, your company could well end up with more potential customers on your hands than it knows what to do with.

Connecting with Active Consumers

But knowing where your customers spend their free time is only half the battle. How do you actually reach out to them? This is where Dynamic Gift’s range of branded gifts and products come into play. Sport enthusiasts and outdoor activity fanatics have to do a lot more re-hydrating than the average consumer. In fact, many of them are likely to have extra hiker bottles stashed in their cars, offices, messenger bags and just about anywhere else they might need them. For a highly active person, a durable water container is a highly practical accessory.

Drink bottles promote a greener Australia

In recent years, there has been a consolidated push in Australia to encourage greener, more environmentally friendly consumer habits. There’s a good chance that your target customers feel a twinge of guilt every time they buy a plastic bottle of water from the convenience store. Of course, if you were able to equip them with a re-usable container that fits into their active lifestyle, they wouldn’t have to keep throwing away their disposables.

Bonus Tip: Place your brand, right where people will be looking

You’ll be amazed at the results your company can enjoy from targeting highly active consumer groups. Regardless of what activities they engage in to get their heart rate up, they’ll need plenty of water to their bodies in optimal shape. By ordering sports bottles that are printed with your logo and a succinct marketing message, you’re all but guaranteeing that your company is going to enjoy plenty of on-air time with a niche that’s already interested in its products and services.

Dynamic Gift manufacture a diverse range of these products—from wholesale orders of moulded plastic models that can be re-used multiple times, to durable custom containers that can clipped to a backpack and used for weeks in the wilderness. These provide an unrivalled opportunity to promote your brand.