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We offer a carefully selected range of branded portfolios, personalised compendiums and jotters. We won't be beaten on price for any identical item from our competitors and we offer a 100% free mock up service which enables you to see the final product prior to the production of your order. Don't delay, we are on standby to assist with your promotional item needs! Contact us now for a fast written quote right to your inbox within 30 minutes or call our sales team on 02 6555 4001.


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The most effective corporate gifts are those that your target professionals are going to get plenty of use out of. Anyone who has ever attended an expo or trade show has received their fair share of branded ink pens, keyrings and paperweights. Simple products like this are useful, and that ensures that they stay on top of the desk instead of going into the drawer. Even so, Dynamic Gift is eager to take campaigns like this to the next level.

In our experience, the most effective marketing gifts are those that leave the desk and head out of the office with the professional. What many of our clients don’t realise is how stylish and affordable compendiums can be—especially if purchased in bulk. These are ideal gifts to place in the hands of professionals that you intend to convert to clients.

The Perfect Gift for B2B Clients

We offer gifts like this in a variety of styles. Some are made from top-grade Nappa leather, so it’s safe to assume that the recipient will genuinely appreciate the gesture. Of course, they don’t have to know that you placed a large order and received several of these slick, professional accessories at a steep discount.

When you’re courting business professionals—whether to secure a contract or attract a difficult-to-land employee—a carefully selected gift makes a great impression. Dynamic Gift is ready to respond with business compendiums that can be screen printed or engraved with personalised information. This means that you can stamp the exterior with your company logo and then laser the recipient’s name onto a metal badge.

Steal the Show at Your Next Trade Show

Running a successful booth at an Australian trade show is exhausting. When the competition is stiff, it can seem all but impossible to attract attention to your organisation and its projects. Attract attention by distributing higher-value gifts such as portfolios that visiting professionals can use for the duration of their visit. Organisational tools like this enjoy plenty of use at a standard expo, and you can bet that more than a few people in the crowd forgot to bring their own.

This is an excellent promotional tool for a trade show environment because you have the chance to screen potential recipients. Maintain a stash of general gifts to pass out in general, while reserving these higher-value items for promising leads.

Reward Your Own Employees

These gifts can also be leveraged within the home office. Jotters, iPad cases and other leather binders have a utilitarian value. Virtually any professional could use a gift like this. Within the office, any of these could make excellent gifts to incentivise and reward performance. You can place a custom order to reward a specific employee, or place a wholesale order for distribution to your staff at large. In either case, your employees are going to feel more appreciated. Finding ways to boost morale in the office is a subtle but effective strategy to improve efficiency.

In the past, corporate gifts such as presentation books have become more popular. According to a 2007 study by PPAI, almost 84% of companies gave out promotional compendiums and other gifts. The trend has caught on, but why? These gifts utilise one of the most powerful concepts in business: giving things away. When someone receives something at no cost, it’s easier to get their attention. This makes business gifts an excellent way to build and strengthen relationships. Here, you’ll learn how corporate compendiums and other promotional office items can benefit your company.

Raising Brand Awareness

One of the most effective ways to get the company’s name in front of potential clients and customers is to do it literally. A promotional portfolio book that’s been branded with your logo is a fine way to build awareness about your company. Brand awareness is about creating positive associations. Corporate gifts help colleagues and clients associate brands with positivity, whether they are useful items or attractive decorations. They make an indelible impression in prospects’ minds, which makes the brand much easier to recall.

Saving Money

Not only are portfolios and compendiums thoughtful gifts, they help to advertise companies at a cost-effective rate. When faux leather books are branded with laser engraving or screen printing, they’re one of the most efficient and affordable branding methods available.

Improving Perception of the Company

Promotional gifts such as compendiums help to enhance prospects’ and clients’ perceptions of the company. According to a study done by America’s Georgia State University, those who had received promotional items were more likely to have a positive opinion of a firm. Even outside the boardroom, gifts are an emblem of goodwill. Therefore, it makes sense that a graphic design portfolio that’s been emblazoned with high-quality methods such as pad printing would increase workers’ and customers’ overall attitudes toward the company.

Generating Lead

Promotional items help to inspire interest in companies. As mentioned before, it’s quite common for customers and clients to be more receptive to a firm that offers free gifts. A study done in 1998 at Wayne State University demonstrated that those who received promotional items were up to 20% more likely to make a purchase. From here, it seems that a corporate gift such as a photography portfolio is a great way to attract potential clients and customers.

Developing Employee Relations

Corporate gifts like portfolios and compendiums not only improve customers’ attitudes, they help increase employee morale as well. Branded portfolios and compendiums are an excellent way to reward employees’ dedication and thank them for their hard work. Furthermore, when they’re branded with methods including pad printing, these products may be used to remind workers of certain aspects of the business.

In Conclusion

With their soft feel and high-quality appearance, these portfolios are a dependable and cost-effective way to give any company a significant advantage in today’s competitive business world. Regardless of the industry, a firm is in, it is a good idea to use corporate gifts as part of an overall marketing strategy. Call us today or visit our online shop to buy custom portfolios or learn about our extensive range of products.