Synthetic Leather Compendiums & Portfolios

Browse our carefully selected range of portfolios, compendiums and notebooks all available with your logo stamped or printed. We also offer a metal badge solution which is truly outstanding and stays with the recipient for years to come. Our design team is well versed in designing and creating high-end corporate designs for our clients. Put us to the test today and enquire for a free design proof and a rapid quote to your inbox in minutes.


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    Our synthetic leather compendiums are high in quality with a surface texture that resembles real leather. The look and feel of these compendiums are almost identical to the real thing! Compendiums are still one of the most popular stationery items for handling business documents and other items during official business conferences and meetings. Even with advances in technology, the functionality of these folders has remained a steadfast item in offices around Australia and worldwide. Our high-quality synthetic leather compendiums create a stylish and professional marketing tool when they are custom branded with your business name and logo.

    Professional Promotional Products

    There are numerous compendiums on the market to consider when choosing your promotional material for your marketing campaign. Synthetic leather has a timeless, sophisticated look which can enhance the image of your brand. When choosing executive corporate gifts, our professional compendiums are made to be durable and withstand considerable use without losing their stylish look. This will ensure important business documents are protected at all times.

    Benefits of Synthetic Leather

    Synthetic leather compendiums are lower in cost per unit when compared to authentic leather alternatives. Despite being made of different materials, they maintain a similar look and feel to genuine leather. Faux leather is perfect for organisations with vegan, eco-friendly values as it performs the same function as the leather compendiums but without the use of animal materials. If you are looking for a new way to appeal to your customers or target market and generate more interest in your brand, our synthetic leather compendiums are a stylish and affordable way to promote your business. Contact our team for a free quote sent to your inbox in minutes!