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If your target audience includes people that use mobile phones, listen to music on the go with mp3 players or use a PC on a regular basis, you must try some of our promotional electronic accessories for your next marketing campaign. Manufactured to exceptionally high standards using high quality materials.

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  • PVC 3-in-1 Charging Cable-20

    PVC 3-in-1 Charging Cable

  • LED Wireless Charger-20

    LED Wireless Charger

  • Little Guy Wired Earbuds-20

    Little Guy Wired Earbuds

  • Clip Mini Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Clip Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  • Webcam Cover w/ Custom Backing Card-20

    Webcam Cover w/ Custom Backing Card

  • Wallet Power Banks-20

    Wallet Power Banks

  • Charging Cable Lanyard-20

    Charging Cable Lanyard

  • Shift Webcam Covers-20

    Shift Webcam Covers

  • Cosmos Laptop Screen Cleaner-20

    Cosmos Laptop Screen Cleaner

  • Privacy Webcam Blocker-20

    Privacy Webcam Blocker

  • Glide Webcam Cover-20

    Glide Webcam Cover

  • 4 In 1 OTG USB Drive-20

    4 In 1 OTG USB Drive

  • Camera Blockers In Case-20

    Camera Blockers In Case

  • Non Slip Microfibre Mouse Pad-20

    Non Slip Microfibre Mouse Pad

  • Virtual Reality Glasses w/ 3D Lens Kit-20

    Virtual Reality Glasses w/ 3D Lens Kit

  • Secure Device Clip-20

    Secure Device Clip

  • Colour Pop Bluetooth Earbuds-20

    Colour Pop Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Cased Bluetooth Earbuds & Carabiner-20

    Cased Bluetooth Earbuds & Carabiner

  • Vessel Car Charger-20

    Vessel Car Charger

  • Huggable Phone Charging Station-20

    Huggable Phone Charging Station

  • Surface Mini Car Charger-20

    Surface Mini Car Charger

  • Budget Bump Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Budget Bump Bluetooth Speaker

  • Hopper 3-in-1 USB Hub w/ Stand-20

    Hopper 3-in-1 USB Hub w/ Stand

  • Pace Pedometer Watch-20

    Pace Pedometer Watch

  • Fisheye Phone Lens Kit-20

    Fisheye Phone Lens Kit

  • Polygon Wireless Charging Pad-20

    Polygon Wireless Charging Pad

  • Bespoke PVC Pop Phone Holder-20

    Bespoke PVC Pop Phone Holder

  • Bluetooth Smart Watch-20

    Bluetooth Smart Watch

  • 4 Port USB Hub With Book Light-20

    4 Port USB Hub With Book Light

  • USB Plug-In Fan-20

    USB Plug-In Fan

  • Swivel Car Charger-20

    Swivel Car Charger

  • 4 Port Travel USB Hub With Phone Stand-20

    4 Port Travel USB Hub With Phone Stand

  • Power Station-20

    Power Station

  • Twin Blade Mini Flexible USB Fan-20

    Twin Blade Mini Flexible USB Fan

  • 4 Port Aluminum Wave USB Hub-20

    4 Port Aluminum Wave USB Hub

  • Pen Stand w/ Stylus & Screen Cleaner-20

    Pen Stand w/ Stylus & Screen Cleaner

  • Square Mini Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Square Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  • LivNow 4K Action Cam in EVA Case-20

    LivNow 4K Action Cam in EVA Case

  • Hover Wireless Charger/Mouse Pad-20

    Hover Wireless Charger/Mouse Pad

  • Rise Bluetooth Speaker/Wireless Charger-20

    Rise Bluetooth Speaker/Wireless Charger

  • Maximus Wireless Charger/Power Bank-20

    Maximus Wireless Charger/Power Bank

  • Round Glow 3 in 1 Illuminating Cable-20

    Round Glow 3 in 1 Illuminating Cable

  • Harmony Bluetooth Speaker Set-20

    Harmony Bluetooth Speaker Set

  • Thrust Wired Headphones-20

    Thrust Wired Headphones

  • 3-in-1 Charger Lanyard-20

    3-in-1 Charger Lanyard

  • Wireless Mouse-20

    Wireless Mouse

  • Smart Webcam Cover-20

    Smart Webcam Cover

  • Webcam Cover-20

    Webcam Cover

  • Neoprene Tablet Pouch with Zip-20

    Neoprene Tablet Pouch with Zip

  • Retro TF Speaker-20

    Retro TF Speaker

  • Micro SD Card Player-20

    Micro SD Card Player

  • Full Colour Printed Phone Cases-20

    Full Colour Printed Phone Cases

  • Travel Earbuds-20

    Travel Earbuds

  • OTG Micro USB Cable-20

    OTG Micro USB Cable

  • Speaker Pill-20

    Speaker Pill

  • Lazy Self Stirring Mug-20

    Lazy Self Stirring Mug

  • 1.5mm Mail Out Mouse Pads-20

    1.5mm Mail Out Mouse Pads

  • Elastic Phone Lanyards-20

    Elastic Phone Lanyards

  • Travel Mouse Mini-20

    Travel Mouse Mini

  • The Phone Blob-20

    The Phone Blob

  • Live Now Action Camera-20

    Live Now Action Camera

  • Zoom Energy Bar-20

    Zoom Energy Bar

  • Rumble Bluetooth Speaker Stand-20

    Rumble Bluetooth Speaker Stand

  • The Slimline Power Bank 3-20

    The Slimline Power Bank 3

  • 10000mAh Power Bank-20

    10000mAh Power Bank

  • Bluetooth Fold Out Keyboard-20

    Bluetooth Fold Out Keyboard

  • Wireless Wood Charging Pad-20

    Wireless Wood Charging Pad

  • Rebel Earbuds-20

    Rebel Earbuds

  • Axum Wireless Charging Pad-20

    Axum Wireless Charging Pad

  • Orso Media Stand-20

    Orso Media Stand

  • Leather Power Bank-20

    Leather Power Bank

  • USB Car Charger Gift Pillow-20

    USB Car Charger Gift Pillow

  • Mini Keyboard Brush-20

    Mini Keyboard Brush

  • Gumbite Dolli-20

    Gumbite Dolli

  • The 618 Headphones-20

    The 618 Headphones

  • Silicone iPhone Speaker-20

    Silicone iPhone Speaker

  • 3 in 1 Cable Charger Lite-20

    3 in 1 Cable Charger Lite

  • Cradle Mobile Phone Holder-20

    Cradle Mobile Phone Holder

  • USB Smart Stylus Swivel-20

    USB Smart Stylus Swivel

  • Promo Music Cube-20

    Promo Music Cube

  • 3m USB Data Cable Charge Kit-20

    3m USB Data Cable Charge Kit

  • Santa Case for iPad-20

    Santa Case for iPad

  • Promotional Screen Pal-20

    Promotional Screen Pal

  • Travel Adapter with USB-20

    Travel Adapter with USB

  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth-20

    Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

  • Colour Buds Earphones-20

    Colour Buds Earphones

  • Cylinder Power Bank-20

    Cylinder Power Bank

  • USB Smart Stylus-20

    USB Smart Stylus

  • Deep Bass Promo Earbuds-20

    Deep Bass Promo Earbuds

  • Multi Function Pedometer-20

    Multi Function Pedometer

Set Descending Direction

1-90 of 279

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Technology Gifts & Giveaways For Your Team

Each one can be personalised with your corporate logo, the name of your company or perhaps a short advertising slogan – the choice is yours. With everything from colourful microfibre cleaning cloths to stylish mp4 players, whatever your budget we have the perfect products to use as branded giveaways.

Get Your Message Across

With our high quality artwork service you can be sure that whatever gadgets you buy will feature eye-catching graphics and lettering, in the style and colours of your choice. Furthermore, this service is provided completely free of charge so you do not have to worry about spiralling costs due to design changes. We will work with you to make sure that your branded merchandise gets your message across clearly and effectively and will use Pantone charts to ensure accurate colour reproduction for all logos and other images. Don’t take a risk with your corporate gifts: work with Dynamic Gift!

Busy Executives

If you offer B2B goods and services, our USB car chargers, tablet stands and power banks make ideal gifts for busy executives who are always on the move. In addition to being genuinely useful to the recipients, these products will ensure that your company name is seen by many different people on a daily basis, thereby raising your public profile considerably. Printed with the URL of your business website, these electronic items can function as an introduction to the services and products that your organisation provides, even when they are only seen for a moment in airport lounges, train stations or other public places.

Always on Display

To make sure that the buyers with whom you deal on a regular basis always think of your company first whenever they need to place an order, present them with custom phone stands and desktop cable managers printed with your logo and contact details. Available in bulk at competitive wholesale prices, you can afford to distribute such merchandise right across Australia and help to make your company a preferred supplier in all parts of the country. Our price guarantee will ensure that you never pay over the odds when organising nationwide campaigns.

Targeting Consumers

For retail organisations that would like to raise brand awareness among local shoppers, our headphones and portable speakers for music players such as iPods are sure to be a big hit with consumers. Easily distributed at shopping malls and other retail outlets, they offer a cheap and effective way to keep your company name in the public eye at all times. As with all of our electronic goodies, they are built to last so will provide long-term exposure for a relatively small outlay; music to the ears of marketing managers and corporate accountants in all industries!