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  • e-Memo Board-20
    e-Memo Board
  • Car Phone Holder-20
    Car Phone Holder
  • Quality Touch Pods Wireless Earbuds-20
    Quality Touch Pods Wireless Earbuds
  • Upgraded Mini Webcam Cover-20
    Upgraded Mini Webcam Cover
  • 2 in 1 Smart Phone Fan-20
    2 in 1 Smart Phone Fan
  • Custom Shaped PVC Wireless Charger-20
    Custom Shaped PVC Wireless Charger
  • 3 in 1 Wireless Device Charger-20
    3 in 1 Wireless Device Charger
  • Round Printed Glasses & Lens Cloths-20
    Round Printed Glasses & Lens Cloths
  • Bis Dual USB Car Charger-20
    Bis Dual USB Car Charger
  • Auto Vent Phone Holder-20
    Auto Vent Phone Holder
  • Silicone Phone Net-20
    Silicone Phone Net
  • Car Vent Holder w/ Dome-20
    Car Vent Holder w/ Dome
  • Ribbon Phone Strap-20
    Ribbon Phone Strap
  • Smartphone Strap-20
    Smartphone Strap
  • Smart Phone Armband-20
    Smart Phone Armband
  • Waterproof Pouch With Neck Cord-20
    Waterproof Pouch With Neck Cord
  • 3 in 1 Charging Envelope-20
    3 in 1 Charging Envelope
  • Cenapen Stylus & Dock-20
    Cenapen Stylus & Dock
  • Car Vent Mobile Stand-20
    Car Vent Mobile Stand
  • Phone Chair Stress Reliever-20
    Phone Chair Stress Reliever
  • Branded Power Bank
    Dynamo 5000mAh Power Bank
  • Allo Universal Magnetic Car Vent Mount-20
    Allo Universal Magnetic Car Vent Mount
  • Slim Silicone Card Wallet-20
    Slim Silicone Card Wallet
  • Aluminium Phone Stand w/ Stylus-20
    Aluminium Phone Stand w/ Stylus
  • 2-in-1 Smart Wallet-20
    2-in-1 Smart Wallet
  • Cenastand Phone Stand-20
    Cenastand Phone Stand
  • 3 in 1 Polyester Charging Cable-20
    3 in 1 Polyester Charging Cable
  • PVC 3-in-1 Charging Cable-20
    PVC 3-in-1 Charging Cable
  • Smart Wallet-20
    Smart Wallet
  • Lynx Wireless Charging Stand-20
    Lynx Wireless Charging Stand
  • Radiant Wireless Charger-20
    Radiant Wireless Charger
  • Charging Cable Lanyard-20
    Charging Cable Lanyard
  • Webcam Cover w/ Custom Backing Card-20
    Webcam Cover w/ Custom Backing Card
  • Enzo Magnetic Phone Holder-20
    Enzo Magnetic Phone Holder
  • Nuvo Magnetic Phone Holder-20
    Nuvo Magnetic Phone Holder
  • Wireless Car Mount Phone Charger-20
    Wireless Car Mount Phone Charger
  • Multi-Functional Desktop Set-20
    Multi-Functional Desktop Set
  • Grasp Handheld Smartphone Holder-20
    Grasp Handheld Smartphone Holder
  • Secure Device Clip-20
    Secure Device Clip
  • Vessel Car Charger-20
    Vessel Car Charger
  • Surface Mini Car Charger-20
    Surface Mini Car Charger
  • Fisheye Phone Lens Kit-20
    Fisheye Phone Lens Kit
  • Bespoke PVC Pop Phone Holder-20
    Bespoke PVC Pop Phone Holder
  • Selfie Stick-20
    Selfie Stick
  • Magnetic Keyring Charger-20
    Magnetic Keyring Charger
  • Halo Phone Grip & Stand-20
    Halo Phone Grip & Stand
  • 3-in-1 Charger Lanyard-20
    3-in-1 Charger Lanyard
  • Magnetic Dash Phone Holder-20
    Magnetic Dash Phone Holder
  • Dual Car Charger-20
    Dual Car Charger
  • Foldable Mobile Phone Holder-20
    Foldable Mobile Phone Holder
  • Silicone iPhone Speaker-20
    Silicone iPhone Speaker
  • Cradle Mobile Phone Holder-20
    Cradle Mobile Phone Holder
  • Waterproof Device Pouch-20
    Waterproof Device Pouch
  • OTG Micro USB Cable-20
    OTG Micro USB Cable
  • Foldable Smartphone Chair-20
    Foldable Smartphone Chair
  • Smartphone iRing Hook-20
    Smartphone iRing Hook
  • Eva Phone Band-20
    Eva Phone Band
  • Earphone Splitter Stand-20
    Earphone Splitter Stand
  • The L9 Bluetooth Headphones-20
    The L9 Bluetooth Headphones
  • Phone Cleaning Pouch-20
    Phone Cleaning Pouch
  • Zippy 3 Way Cable-20
    Zippy 3 Way Cable
  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth-20
    Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • Wire Selfie Stick-20
    Wire Selfie Stick
  • Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset-20
    Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset
  • Phone Popper w/ Dashboard Mount-20
    Phone Popper w/ Dashboard Mount
  • USB Smart Stylus-20
    USB Smart Stylus
  • Andretti Car Phone Holder-20
    Andretti Car Phone Holder
  • Desktop Phone Stand-20
    Desktop Phone Stand
  • Lil Sucker Silicone Phone Stand-20
    Lil Sucker Silicone Phone Stand
  • USB Chip Stylus-20
    USB Chip Stylus
  • 8 Pin Lightning to USB Cable-20
    8 Pin Lightning to USB Cable
  • Colt Charging Cable-20
    Colt Charging Cable
  • USB Type C Adapter Cord-20
    USB Type C Adapter Cord
  • Printed Glasses & Lens Cloths-20
    Printed Glasses & Lens Cloths
  • Pop Phone Gripper-20
    Pop Phone Gripper
  • Auto Adapter-20
    Auto Adapter
  • 3 Way Sync Cable-20
    3 Way Sync Cable
  • 2 in 1 Micro USB Cable-20
    2 in 1 Micro USB Cable
  • 2 Way Zipper Cable-20
    2 Way Zipper Cable
  • 3 in 1 Clip-on Phone Lens Set-20
    3 in 1 Clip-on Phone Lens Set
  • Business Card Phone Stand-20
    Business Card Phone Stand
  • Gel Case for iPhone-20
    Gel Case for iPhone
  • 3 In 1 Break Apart Charger-20
    3 In 1 Break Apart Charger
  • USB Smart Stylus Swivel-20
    USB Smart Stylus Swivel
  • Winchester 2 in 1 USB Charging Cable-20
    Winchester 2 in 1 USB Charging Cable
  • The Magnum Charging Cable-20
    The Magnum Charging Cable
  • PVC Screen Cleaners-20
    PVC Screen Cleaners
  • Transit Car Phone Holder-20
    Transit Car Phone Holder
  • Snap Out Device Stand-20
    Snap Out Device Stand
  • Earphone w/ Cord Retainer-20
    Earphone w/ Cord Retainer
  • Snap Phone Wallet Stand-20
    Snap Phone Wallet Stand
  • Remington Charging Cable-20
    Remington Charging Cable
  • PVC Phone Stand-20
    PVC Phone Stand
  • The Troop 4-in-1 Charging Cable-20
    The Troop 4-in-1 Charging Cable
  • Rover Mobile Holder and Car Charger-20
    Rover Mobile Holder and Car Charger
  • Suction Cup Speaker Stand-20
    Suction Cup Speaker Stand
  • Octopus Multi Charger Cable-20
    Octopus Multi Charger Cable
  • Universal Phone Pouch-20
    Universal Phone Pouch
  • Touchscreen Gloves-20
    Touchscreen Gloves
  • Smart Watch-20
    Smart Watch
  • Promo Selfie Stick-20
    Promo Selfie Stick
  • Mini Virtual Reality Glasses with Clip-20
    Mini Virtual Reality Glasses with Clip
  • USB iPhone Cover-20
    USB iPhone Cover
  • Cell Phone Charger Stand-20
    Cell Phone Charger Stand
  • Valet Smart Phone Stand-20
    Valet Smart Phone Stand
  • Promotional Banner Stylus-20
    Promotional Banner Stylus
  • 3 in 1 Cable Charger Lite-20
    3 in 1 Cable Charger Lite
  • 3m USB Data Cable Charge Kit-20
    3m USB Data Cable Charge Kit
  • Promotional Screen Pal-20
    Promotional Screen Pal
  • Ruger Charging Cable-20
    Ruger Charging Cable
  • USB Type C Cable-20
    USB Type C Cable
  • Microfibre Handy Cloth-20
    Microfibre Handy Cloth
  • Galaxy Phone Wallet-20
    Galaxy Phone Wallet
  • Anti Loss Key Finder-20
    Anti Loss Key Finder
  • Fold Out Phone Holder-20
    Fold Out Phone Holder

Set Descending Direction

115 Item(s)

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Custom printed selfie sticks

These days, it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone taking a self-portrait or “selfie” with friends, in front of a landmark, or in the great outdoors. Selfies are commonly sent to friends and shared on social media, and they’re the perfect way to keep everyone updated on the go. Some have turned the selfie into an art form, and selfie sticks help these users create unique and memorable shots. These versatile sticks can hold small cameras and smartphones, and because they’re extendable, they offer the distance needed to create a well-composed photo under any circumstance. If you’re searching for the perfect promo gift or giveaway item for your business, get in on the excitement by ordering some custom branded selfie sticks today.

Why You Should Order Selfie Sticks From Us

When you offer your top-value prospects and important clients a customized selfie stick, you’ll put your business in a position for success. Not only will your customers and clients appreciate the thought behind the gift, they’ll see your marketing message with each photo they take. You’ll get your choice of models that use a smartphone’s headphone jack to trigger the camera, or simple ones that hold the phone at the right distance. Contact us today to learn which type of selfie stick will help you boost your marketing efforts and build brand awareness.

How It Works

The ordering process begins when you choose a custom imprint, and we can help you craft a memorable marketing message that grabs your audience’s attention. You can include your company’s logo, a clever slogan, your contact information, or anything else that will drive business. With our low minimum order of just 50 units, you have the flexibility to choose a quantity that will support your current and future advertising needs. Once we’ve got your order, we’ll get to work right away, and your selfie sticks will be ready to ship in only a few days.

Our Branded Selfie Sticks Have a Variety of Marketing Uses

One of the best things about our custom branded selfie sticks is their versatility. Customize them for tourists so they can easily capture great memories. Use them as giveaway items at trade shows, conventions, and other corporate events, and watch as guests use them to film the fun. Include them in a thank-you package for your valued clients or use them to reward your highest performing employees. Whether your recipients are social media mavens or world travelers, with our customized selfie sticks, they’ll be brand ambassadors wherever they go.

Start Today

Selfies are everywhere, and with our custom branded selfie sticks, you can market your business while helping your customers. We are very excited to partner with you in creating promotional campaigns that will help you grow your business with each photo taken. Our 100% shipping and quality guarantees allow you to order with confidence, and our low minimum order quantity makes it easy and inexpensive to get started. Call us today or visit our site to get started.