Promotional Keyrings, Custom Metal & PVC Key Rings

Over 90 keyring styles in stock from Metal to PVC. Keyrings have been around for decades and still continue as one of the truely effective promotional items. Companies using membership or VIP cards now opt for a keyring option because of their ease of use and prominent visibility. Car dealerships give a high quality metal keychain with new car purchases.There is a keyring to suit any use. Just browse our range below and when you find your favourite keyring give us a call or enquire to your right.

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  • Silicone Adloop Keyring-20

    Silicone Adloop Keyring

  • USB Adloop-20

    USB Adloop

  • Circular Metal Spinner Keyring-20

    Circular Metal Spinner Keyring

  • Rectangle Metal Spinner Keyring-20

    Rectangle Metal Spinner Keyring

  • Square Leather Keyring-20

    Square Leather Keyring

  • Circular Leather Keyring-20

    Circular Leather Keyring

  • OrbitKey Leather Key Organiser-20

    OrbitKey Leather Key Organiser

  • Leather Home Keyring-20

    Leather Home Keyring

  • Baron Rectangular Leather Key Ring-20

    Baron Rectangular Leather Key Ring

  • Baron Round Leather Key Ring-20

    Baron Round Leather Key Ring

  • Baron Square Leather Key Ring-20

    Baron Square Leather Key Ring

  • Custom Circle Metal Spinner Keyring-20

    Custom Circle Metal Spinner Keyring

  • Mini Loop Key Ring-20

    Mini Loop Key Ring

  • Rectangular Leather Key Ring-20

    Rectangular Leather Key Ring

  • Oval Leather Keyring-20

    Oval Leather Keyring

  • Bespoke Leather Keyrings-20

    Bespoke Leather Keyrings

  • Imitation Cloisonné Keyrings-20

    Imitation Cloisonné Keyrings

  • Custom Poker Chip Keyrings-20

    Custom Poker Chip Keyrings

  • Square Level Tape Measure Key Ring-20

    Square Level Tape Measure Key Ring

  • Drift Neoprene Wristband Keyring-20

    Drift Neoprene Wristband Keyring

  • Square Acrylic Keyring-20

    Square Acrylic Keyring

  • Round Acrylic Keyring-20

    Round Acrylic Keyring

  • Solar Flashing Keyring-20

    Solar Flashing Keyring

  • Oblong Acrylic Keyring-20

    Oblong Acrylic Keyring

  • Rectangular Acrylic Keyring-20

    Rectangular Acrylic Keyring

  • Economy Stainless Steel Keyring-20

    Economy Stainless Steel Keyring

  • Compact Key Organiser-20

    Compact Key Organiser

  • Rectangle Shape Plastic Keyring-20

    Rectangle Shape Plastic Keyring

  • PVC Car Keyring-20

    PVC Car Keyring

  • Long Hexagon Plastic Keyring-20

    Long Hexagon Plastic Keyring

  • Round Plastic Keyring-20

    Round Plastic Keyring

  • PVC House Keyrings-20

    PVC House Keyrings

  • Square Plastic Keying-20

    Square Plastic Keying

  • PVC T-Shirt Keyring-20

    PVC T-Shirt Keyring

  • PVC Oval Keyring-20

    PVC Oval Keyring

  • NAIDOC Keyrings-20

    NAIDOC Keyrings

  • Key Chain With Touch Screen Tip-20

    Key Chain With Touch Screen Tip

  • Thumbs Up Stylus Pen-20

    Thumbs Up Stylus Pen

  • PVC Vinyl Keyrings-20

    PVC Vinyl Keyrings

  • Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Trolley Coins-20

    Iron Stamped Enamel Filled Trolley Coins

  • CMYK Photo Print Opener-20

    CMYK Photo Print Opener

  • Pill Case Keyring-20

    Pill Case Keyring

  • LED Aluminium Torch Keytag-20

    LED Aluminium Torch Keytag

  • Cricket Bat Keyring-20

    Cricket Bat Keyring

  • PVC Keyrings Number One-20

    PVC Keyrings Number One

  • Soft Enamel Ink Filled Keyrings-20

    Soft Enamel Ink Filled Keyrings

  • Wrist Strap Lanyards-20

    Wrist Strap Lanyards

  • Shield Metal Keyring-20

    Shield Metal Keyring

  • Promotional Trucky Keyring-20

    Promotional Trucky Keyring

  • Round Opener Style-20

    Round Opener Style

  • Microfibre Cloth W-Pouch-20

    Microfibre Cloth W-Pouch

  • Promo Car Keyring-20

    Promo Car Keyring

  • Footprint Opener-20

    Footprint Opener

  • Bottle Holder Carabiner-20

    Bottle Holder Carabiner

  • Shield 2 Metal Keyring-20

    Shield 2 Metal Keyring

  • PVC Keyrings Rounded Rectangle-20

    PVC Keyrings Rounded Rectangle

  • Classic Bottle Opener-20

    Classic Bottle Opener

  • Tear Drop Keyring-20

    Tear Drop Keyring

  • Promo Key Light-20

    Promo Key Light

  • Custom Shape Plastic Cards-20

    Custom Shape Plastic Cards

  • Hard Hat Opener Keyring-20

    Hard Hat Opener Keyring

  • Carabiner Torch-20

    Carabiner Torch

  • Vintage Volleyball Keyring-20

    Vintage Volleyball Keyring

  • Lanyard Keytag-20

    Lanyard Keytag

  • Bottle Opener Dog Tag-20

    Bottle Opener Dog Tag

  • Die Struck (No Inkfill) Keyrings-20

    Die Struck (No Inkfill) Keyrings

  • Bespoke Metal Keyrings-20

    Bespoke Metal Keyrings

  • Promo Curve Bottle Opener-20

    Promo Curve Bottle Opener

  • Carabiner Multi Tool-20

    Carabiner Multi Tool

  • EVA Floating Keyring-20

    EVA Floating Keyring

  • Trolley Coin Holder Keyring-20

    Trolley Coin Holder Keyring

  • Promo Whistle Keyring-20

    Promo Whistle Keyring

  • Compass Carabiner-20

    Compass Carabiner

  • Bottle Opener Keytag / Light-20

    Bottle Opener Keytag / Light

  • Felt Christmas Keyring-20

    Felt Christmas Keyring

  • PVC Keyrings Oval-20

    PVC Keyrings Oval

  • Magnetic Keyring Charger-20

    Magnetic Keyring Charger

  • Hard Enamel Keyrings-20

    Hard Enamel Keyrings

  • Cara Strap Lanyards-20

    Cara Strap Lanyards

  • Accent Leather Keyring-20

    Accent Leather Keyring

  • Multi Metal Keyring-20

    Multi Metal Keyring

  • Microfibre Cloth Keyring-20

    Microfibre Cloth Keyring

  • Tooth Keyring Floss Pack-20

    Tooth Keyring Floss Pack

  • Promo House Keyring-20

    Promo House Keyring

  • Fish Bottle Opener-20

    Fish Bottle Opener

  • Felt Keyrings-20

    Felt Keyrings

  • Tube Keyring Cloth-20

    Tube Keyring Cloth

  • PVC Keyrings Square-20

    PVC Keyrings Square

  • Microfibre Cloth In Case-20

    Microfibre Cloth In Case

  • Droplet Metal Keyring-20

    Droplet Metal Keyring

Set Descending Direction

1-90 of 125

  1. 1
  2. 2
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A promotional keyring for every event or promo

Everyone loves to receive a free gift, which is one of the reasons why businesses around the world choose to offer promotional items to their staff, clients, and potential customers, as they know that so long as they find a happy medium between providing a fun, useful product and producing a product that advertises their business, these items will end up creating far more sales (and therefore, profits) for them than they could ever cost to purchase and distribute.

Don't settle for poor quality or overpriced products

Here at Dynamic Gift we stock an enormous selection of customisable keyrings and key chains to suit a variety of business needs and budgets, with you being able to create everything from seasonal designs to full-force corporate-branded items that you can give away year-round.

Whether you’re looking for a design that is fun and colourful or sleek and professional, our personalised promotional keyrings can be printed, engraved, or moulded to match the exact corporate image you desire.

Materials and Types

Our chains come in a range of materials and styles alongside the standard metal and felt models, including (but not limited to):

  • PVC — PVC is a great material for this kind of item if you’re promoting a fun product or service, such as something in the entertainment field, or something aimed at children.
  • Adloop — The adloop style is often adopted by universities and colleges as they’re cheap and simple to produce, they’re an incredibly useful item for students and office workers, and they’re likely to be used on a daily basis.
  • Leather — Using leather signifies class and sophistication, something you’re definitely going to want to put across to your current and potential customers if you’re selling a more expensive product or service.
  • Torches — Torches are always going to be taken (and used) when given away for free, regardless of how much branding you place on them, making them a great investment as you’ll likely find that many of these torches are still in use for a long time after they’ve been given away.
  • Bottle Openers — Ever-popular, opting to have your brand name, logo, and details engraved or stuck onto a bottle opener is a great way to ensure it has a good chance of being used again and again, often in a public place.
  • Screen Cleaners — Nobody likes working with a dirty computer or tablet screen, which is why providing screen cleaners within your main advertising product is a great way to up the chances of your product being placed on your customers’ keys.

To ensure your complete satisfaction prior to your shipment being sent out, our design team here at Dynamic Gift will design a preview item beforehand and send this image over to you for your approval or amendments.

Request a quote for our promotional key chains today, and see how cheap our prices are before you buy. Once we receive your order, we will manufacture and send out your custom-made corporate keyrings as fast as we possibly can.