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One of the most cost-effective ways to ensure that your company’s name is the first that springs to the mind of current and potential customers whenever they are in need of your products or services is by regularly presenting buyers and other business representatives with promotional desk items emblazoned with your corporate logo.

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228 Item(s)

  • Chorus Notebook-20
    Chorus Notebook
  • 15cm Metal Ruler-20
    15cm Metal Ruler
  • Opal Desk Fan-20
    Opal Desk Fan
  • Soft PU Leather Notebooks-20
    Soft PU Leather Notebooks
  • 20000mAh LED Display Powerbank-20
    20000mAh LED Display Powerbank
  • Stockholm Pen-20
    Stockholm Pen
  • Light Up Speech Bubble Whiteboard-20
    Light Up Speech Bubble Whiteboard
  • Recycled PET Microfibre Lens Cloth-20
    Recycled PET Microfibre Lens Cloth
  • 10000mAh Type C Powerbank-20
    10000mAh Type C Powerbank
  • Silicone Magnetic Clip-20
    Silicone Magnetic Clip
  • Photo Frame w/ Clock/Date/Temperature-20
    Photo Frame w/ Clock/Date/Temperature
  • Sticky Pad Pen Combo-20
    Sticky Pad Pen Combo
  • Spiral Bound Notepad-20
    Spiral Bound Notepad
  • 800ml Retap Bottle-20
    800ml Retap Bottle
  • Non Woven Pencil Case-20
    Non Woven Pencil Case
  • Neoprene XL Pencil Case-20
    Neoprene XL Pencil Case
  • Pencil Case Calculator-20
    Pencil Case Calculator
  • Transparent Style Rulers-20
    Transparent Style Rulers
  • Star Memo Clip-20
    Star Memo Clip
  • Sticky Flag Puzzle-20
    Sticky Flag Puzzle
  • Maximum Jotter Pad-20
    Maximum Jotter Pad
  • 4 In 1 OTG USB Drive-20
    4 In 1 OTG USB Drive
  • Harvard Stationery Set-20
    Harvard Stationery Set
  • The Pro Genuine Leather Bag-20
    The Pro Genuine Leather Bag
  • Plastic Pencil Sharpener-20
    Plastic Pencil Sharpener
  • Bella Aluminium Photo Frame-20
    Bella Aluminium Photo Frame
  • Wooden Business Card Holder-20
    Wooden Business Card Holder
  • 300ml Retap Bottle-20
    300ml Retap Bottle
  • Mini Desk Caddy-20
    Mini Desk Caddy
  • Business Card Bookmark-20
    Business Card Bookmark
  • The Boom Pro Speaker-20
    The Boom Pro Speaker
  • Maglione iPad Sleeve-20
    Maglione iPad Sleeve
  • Jigsaw Sticky Flags-20
    Jigsaw Sticky Flags
  • Office Pro Lined Notebook-20
    Office Pro Lined Notebook
  • AGRADE 4x6 Photo Frame-20
    AGRADE 4x6 Photo Frame
  • Enviro Folder w/ Pen-20
    Enviro Folder w/ Pen
  • Round Printed Glasses & Lens Cloths-20
    Round Printed Glasses & Lens Cloths
  • Polo Sticky Notes-20
    Polo Sticky Notes
  • 10000mAh LED Display Powerbank-20
    10000mAh LED Display Powerbank
  • Printed Whiteboard Erasers-20
    Printed Whiteboard Erasers
  • Magnetic Alligator Clip-20
    Magnetic Alligator Clip
  • Florence Offset Silver Photo Frame-20
    Florence Offset Silver Photo Frame
  • Recycled Paper w/ Photo Frame Pen Holder-20
    Recycled Paper w/ Photo Frame Pen Holder
  • 500ml Retap Bottle-20
    500ml Retap Bottle
  • Desktop Puffer Penguin-20
    Desktop Puffer Penguin
  • Snap Large Notebook-20
    Snap Large Notebook
  • Sticky Notes & Flags In Business Card Case-20
    Sticky Notes & Flags In Business Card Case
  • Non Slip Microfibre Mouse Pad-20
    Non Slip Microfibre Mouse Pad
  • AGRADE 5x7 Photo Frame-20
    AGRADE 5x7 Photo Frame
  • Desktop Teardrop Flags-20
    Desktop Teardrop Flags
  • Standard 15cm Ruler-20
    Standard 15cm Ruler
  • Three Can Neoprene Tube Cooler-20
    Three Can Neoprene Tube Cooler
  • Branded Letter Opener-20
    Branded Letter Opener
  • Microfibre Cloth In Case-20
    Microfibre Cloth In Case
  • 7 Function Screwdriver Light Pen-20
    7 Function Screwdriver Light Pen
  • 15cm Sticky Note Ruler-20
    15cm Sticky Note Ruler
  • Credit Card Magnifier-20
    Credit Card Magnifier
  • Light Plastic Folder-20
    Light Plastic Folder
  • Full Colour Sticky Booklet-20
    Full Colour Sticky Booklet
  • Standup Tablet Folder-20
    Standup Tablet Folder
  • Sticky Booklet-20
    Sticky Booklet
  • Desktop Wheelie Bin-20
    Desktop Wheelie Bin
  • Promotional Rubber Band Ball-20
    Promotional Rubber Band Ball
  • Revolving Calculator Combo-20
    Revolving Calculator Combo
  • Mini iCalculator-20
    Mini iCalculator
  • 2d & 3d Custom Shaped Erasers-20
    2d & 3d Custom Shaped Erasers
  • Valet Smart Phone Stand-20
    Valet Smart Phone Stand
  • Promo Bubble Timer-20
    Promo Bubble Timer
  • Jumbo Magnetic Memo Holder / Clip-20
    Jumbo Magnetic Memo Holder / Clip
  • Duchess Spiral Notebook-20
    Duchess Spiral Notebook
  • Lil Sticky Note Book-20
    Lil Sticky Note Book
  • Custom Book Light-20
    Custom Book Light
  • Folding Cardboard Pen Holder-20
    Folding Cardboard Pen Holder
  • Versatile Business Card Bear Beanie-20
    Versatile Business Card Bear Beanie
  • Future Style Clock-20
    Future Style Clock
  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth-20
    Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • Mini USB Fan-20
    Mini USB Fan
  • Bespoke Plastic Rulers-20
    Bespoke Plastic Rulers
  • Playtime Colouring Set-20
    Playtime Colouring Set
  • Chalk In Multicolor-20
    Chalk In Multicolor
  • USB Letter Opener-20
    USB Letter Opener
  • Solid Stationery Combination-20
    Solid Stationery Combination
  • 15cm Puzzle Ruler-20
    15cm Puzzle Ruler
  • Magnetic Bookmark-20
    Magnetic Bookmark
  • Pro Notebook Pen Combo-20
    Pro Notebook Pen Combo
  • AFL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card-20
    AFL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card
  • Sticky Notepad Kit 2-20
    Sticky Notepad Kit 2
  • PVC Pencil Case-20
    PVC Pencil Case
  • Felt Pencil Case-20
    Felt Pencil Case
  • Microfibre Cloth W-Pouch-20
    Microfibre Cloth W-Pouch
  • Desktop Flat Calculator-20
    Desktop Flat Calculator
  • Sticky Note Pen Combo-20
    Sticky Note Pen Combo
  • Solar Dancing Flower-20
    Solar Dancing Flower
  • The Home Coin Bank-20
    The Home Coin Bank
  • Office Basketball Hoop-20
    Office Basketball Hoop
  • The Bug Stapler-20
    The Bug Stapler
  • Elastic Closure Notebook-20
    Elastic Closure Notebook
  • House Bookmark & Noteflags-20
    House Bookmark & Noteflags
  • Universal Phone Pouch-20
    Universal Phone Pouch
  • Contrast Pen Case-20
    Contrast Pen Case
  • Osaka Laptop & Tablet Backpack-20
    Osaka Laptop & Tablet Backpack
  • 1.5mm Mail Out Mouse Pads-20
    1.5mm Mail Out Mouse Pads
  • Pocket Business Card Holder-20
    Pocket Business Card Holder
  • Nash Pen Stylus and Light-20
    Nash Pen Stylus and Light
  • Aluminum Pen Ruler-20
    Aluminum Pen Ruler
  • Flexible Calculator-20
    Flexible Calculator
  • P.U iPad Folder-20
    P.U iPad Folder
  • Desk Card Holder/Media Stand-20
    Desk Card Holder/Media Stand
  • The STD A5 Compendium-20
    The STD A5 Compendium
  • Promotional Sticky Flag Kit-20
    Promotional Sticky Flag Kit
  • Neoprene Pencil Case-20
    Neoprene Pencil Case
  • Corporate Perpetual Calendar-20
    Corporate Perpetual Calendar
  • Pocket Calculator 2-20
    Pocket Calculator 2
  • At Symbol Paper Clip-20
    At Symbol Paper Clip
  • House Memo Clip-20
    House Memo Clip
  • Flex Man Digi Clock-20
    Flex Man Digi Clock
  • Duke Spiral Notebook-20
    Duke Spiral Notebook
  • The Times Spiral Notebook-20
    The Times Spiral Notebook
  • The Swag Stationery Kit-20
    The Swag Stationery Kit
  • Cradle Mobile Phone Holder-20
    Cradle Mobile Phone Holder
  • RFID Wristbands-20
    RFID Wristbands
  • Basic Zipper Laptop Sleeve-20
    Basic Zipper Laptop Sleeve
  • 30cm Transparent Flexible Ruler-20
    30cm Transparent Flexible Ruler
  • USB LED Book Lights-20
    USB LED Book Lights
  • Sticky Note Letter Opener-20
    Sticky Note Letter Opener
  • Stationery Set in PVC Pencil Case-20
    Stationery Set in PVC Pencil Case
  • Syringe Text Marker-20
    Syringe Text Marker
  • Foldable Mobile Phone Holder-20
    Foldable Mobile Phone Holder
  • Standard 30cm Ruler-20
    Standard 30cm Ruler
  • Cable Organiser-20
    Cable Organiser
  • Two Tone Compendium-20
    Two Tone Compendium
  • AFL Fixture Card-20
    AFL Fixture Card
  • Felt iPad Case-20
    Felt iPad Case
  • Custom Shape Notepads-20
    Custom Shape Notepads
  • Heart Fridge Clip-20
    Heart Fridge Clip
  • Promo Piggy Bank-20
    Promo Piggy Bank
  • H20 Powered Calculator-20
    H20 Powered Calculator
  • Promotional Clear Calculator-20
    Promotional Clear Calculator
  • Promo Safety Dart-20
    Promo Safety Dart
  • Desktop Phone Stand-20
    Desktop Phone Stand
  • Ooze Timer-20
    Ooze Timer
  • The Clipper-20
    The Clipper
  • The Coordinator Notebook-20
    The Coordinator Notebook
  • The Write & Go Mini Pad-20
    The Write & Go Mini Pad
  • Letter Opener-20
    Letter Opener
  • 2 in 1 Pencil Sharpener / Eraser-20
    2 in 1 Pencil Sharpener / Eraser
  • Superior Microfibre Sunglasses Pouch-20
    Superior Microfibre Sunglasses Pouch
  • The Clipster-20
    The Clipster
  • Recycled 30cm Ruler-20
    Recycled 30cm Ruler
  • 3mm Neoprene Soft Top-20
    3mm Neoprene Soft Top
  • PVC Phone Stand-20
    PVC Phone Stand
  • Mini Keyboard Duster-20
    Mini Keyboard Duster
  • Crayon Set In Cardboard Box-20
    Crayon Set In Cardboard Box
  • 30cm Sticky Note Ruler-20
    30cm Sticky Note Ruler
  • Magnifying Ruler-20
    Magnifying Ruler
  • Full Colour Rulers-20
    Full Colour Rulers
  • Snap Memo Clip-20
    Snap Memo Clip
  • Elleven Tech Trap Folio-20
    Elleven Tech Trap Folio
  • NRL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card-20
    NRL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card
  • Notepad Kit 3-20
    Notepad Kit 3
  • Printed Glasses & Lens Cloths-20
    Printed Glasses & Lens Cloths
  • Custom Erasers-20
    Custom Erasers
  • iBrochure USB Video Catalog-20
    iBrochure USB Video Catalog
  • Flexi Calculator-20
    Flexi Calculator
  • Custom Hand Clappers-20
    Custom Hand Clappers
  • Dino Dude Desk Ornament-20
    Dino Dude Desk Ornament
  • Sand Desktop Display-20
    Sand Desktop Display
  • Deskpad With Sticky Flags-20
    Deskpad With Sticky Flags
  • Snap Elastic Notebook-20
    Snap Elastic Notebook
  • Recycled Mini Notebook-20
    Recycled Mini Notebook
  • Clipboard Note Calculator-20
    Clipboard Note Calculator
  • Neoprene Tablet Pouch with Zip-20
    Neoprene Tablet Pouch with Zip
  • Neoprene Large Sized Pen Case-20
    Neoprene Large Sized Pen Case
  • Neoprene Computer Accessory Pouch-20
    Neoprene Computer Accessory Pouch
  • The Wrist Padded Mouse Pad-20
    The Wrist Padded Mouse Pad
  • The Dynamic Pro Compendium-20
    The Dynamic Pro Compendium
  • Nash Pen 2 Stylus and Light-20
    Nash Pen 2 Stylus and Light
  • Promo Calculator Ruler-20
    Promo Calculator Ruler
  • Desktop Cleaner Set-20
    Desktop Cleaner Set
  • Galaxy Phone Wallet-20
    Galaxy Phone Wallet
  • Multi-Functional Desktop Set-20
    Multi-Functional Desktop Set
  • The STD A4 Compendium-20
    The STD A4 Compendium
  • Custom Card Sticky-20
    Custom Card Sticky
  • Custom Print Packing Tape-20
    Custom Print Packing Tape
  • Custom Character Bookmarks-20
    Custom Character Bookmarks
  • Promotional Printed Slinkies-20
    Promotional Printed Slinkies
  • Cara Calculator-20
    Cara Calculator
  • Branded Pick Up Sticks Game-20
    Branded Pick Up Sticks Game
  • Rectangle Memo Clip-20
    Rectangle Memo Clip
  • The Sun Spiral Notebook-20
    The Sun Spiral Notebook
  • The Maximum Clipboard-20
    The Maximum Clipboard
  • Flex Book-Light-20
    Flex Book-Light
  • 20cm Calculator Ruler Combo-20
    20cm Calculator Ruler Combo
  • Clever Clocks-20
    Clever Clocks
  • Allergy Wristbands-20
    Allergy Wristbands
  • Promotional Tablet Zipper Sleeve-20
    Promotional Tablet Zipper Sleeve
  • 20cm Ruler-20
    20cm Ruler
  • Lazy Self Stirring Mug-20
    Lazy Self Stirring Mug
  • Clear PVC Pencil Case-20
    Clear PVC Pencil Case
  • Microfibre Handy Cloth-20
    Microfibre Handy Cloth
  • Small Felt Tip Pens-20
    Small Felt Tip Pens
  • Stationery Combination-20
    Stationery Combination
  • 2 Metre Folding Ruler-20
    2 Metre Folding Ruler
  • Bookmark with Magnifier & Ruler-20
    Bookmark with Magnifier & Ruler
  • Stripes Compendium-20
    Stripes Compendium
  • NRL Fixture Card-20
    NRL Fixture Card
  • Neoprene iPad Stand-20
    Neoprene iPad Stand
  • Printed Sticky Notepads-20
    Printed Sticky Notepads
  • Custom Fridge Magnets-20
    Custom Fridge Magnets
  • Non Slip Mat-20
    Non Slip Mat
  • Multi Function Desk Clock-20
    Multi Function Desk Clock
  • Jelly Bean Tin-20
    Jelly Bean Tin
  • Compusweep Letter Opener-20
    Compusweep Letter Opener
  • The Work Rules Desk Kit-20
    The Work Rules Desk Kit
  • Snap Elastic Jotter-20
    Snap Elastic Jotter
  • Daily Jotter-20
    Daily Jotter
  • Memo Stacker Notepads-20
    Memo Stacker Notepads
  • Circle Bookmark with Noteflags-20
    Circle Bookmark with Noteflags
  • Sunglasses Clamshell-20
    Sunglasses Clamshell
  • Promotional Screen Pal-20
    Promotional Screen Pal
  • Recycled Pencil Sharpener-20
    Recycled Pencil Sharpener
  • 3mm Neoprene Hard Top-20
    3mm Neoprene Hard Top
  • Dynamic A5 Journal-20
    Dynamic A5 Journal
  • Triangle Ruler-20
    Triangle Ruler
  • Folding Cube Desk Holder-20
    Folding Cube Desk Holder
  • Zippered iPad Folder-20
    Zippered iPad Folder
  • Daisy Sticky Notes-20
    Daisy Sticky Notes
  • The STD Memo Jotter-20
    The STD Memo Jotter

Set Descending Direction

228 Item(s)

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Keeping You Top of Mind

These items, when scattered out across the workspaces of your current and potential customers, allow them to get accustomed with your name, logo, and branding colours (assuming you include these), potentially before they ever even do business with you. This makes you stay at the top of their minds on a regular basis, as their eyes will continually be glancing across your company name and logo whether they realise it or not.

In order to get to this stage you’re going to have to, of course, invest in a number of different products that you believe are fun and unique enough to find themselves sitting pride of place across the desks of everybody across Australia, from corporate leaders to individuals working their first job.

Enormous Product Range

Your customers, both current and potential, love receiving free product items they can use around their office; but they must be unique and interesting to them, otherwise they’ll pass like a ship in the night. Here at Dynamic Gift we have an enormous range of products perfect for this exact purpose, including:

  • Mouse Pads: In order for you to actually get your customers to use your branded mouse pads, create a nice, pleasing design, keeping your personal branding to a minimum.
  • Piggy Banks: Piggy banks are fun, with even the most serious of corporate leaders being more than happy to place one in their workspace beside their computer, especially if you keep the branding subtle.
  • Clocks: Nobody ever says no to a free clock, especially if it has a ‘trinket’ vibe to it.
  • Fridge Magnets: Overly-corporate fridge magnets will never end up on your customers’ fridges, but fun magnets aways stand a good chance of being noticed.
  • Notepads: Custom, branded notepads are a great way of allowing your customers to see your name and contact details every time they flip a page.
  • Sticker Notes: These sticker notepads are so popular you can brand them to the moon and back and, so long as you keep enough space remaining for your customers to write their notes, they’ll still be very happy to use them.

For a novel gift that promotes your organisation and helps customers to keep their desk tidy, how about purchasing a quantity of mini wheelie bins, in a colour of your choice printed with your company name and contact details across them?

Cheaper options, such as custom erasers and corporate notepads, are ideal promotional office items when cost is of significant importance — something which is often the case when you’re ordering in much larger quantities than you usually would.

With fast turnaround times, as well as a free design and artwork service, there really is no need to look anywhere else for all of your promotional merchandise, as many of our thousands of corporate customers can attest to.