Branded Letter Openers, Give Clients A Promotional Letter Opener!

Brand your logo or message on these brilliant little giveaway gifts. They are manufactured from premium plastic and fitted with a safety blade for opening letters, envelopes and parcels. We can print your logo in a variety of colours or a full colour digital printed sticker with your design either flat or epoxy dome finished. Talk to our team today and get a 100% FREE quote and virtual mock up of your letter openers prior to spending a single cent on production.


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    While technology continues to take over many parts of human life, one thing remains consistent. People still receive snail mail regularly and companies can benefit from the presence of this mail by offering promotional letter openers to clients, employees, suppliers, partners and more. A business may be hesitant to provide this item for fear it will make people think of the past. However, new letter openers look nothing like the knife-like instrument used by their grandparents. Today, there are many styles to choose from, making it easy for every business to find one that reflects the values of their organization while delivering the desired message.

    Available Options

    When choosing a branded letter opener, consider which option will provide the most value for the anticipated recipient. Some companies find the corporate letter opener featuring a stainless blade opener is ideal for their needs. Others believe the recipients of this promotional item will benefit more from the Compusweep letter opener. This handy device may be used to open mail and clean a computer or laptop with the pullout brush.

    A USB letter opener combines two items people use every day and allows the user to open mail easily while also storing important data securely. Finally, a business may wish to provide individuals with a sticky note letter opener. This handy device combines a letter opener with sticky note flags that are great for jotting down important information. Office employees find this option to be especially beneficial as they go about their daily tasks. The more a person can do with their promotional letter opener in Australia, the more use it will get. The business providing this item benefits greatly as a result.


    When choosing promotional products, businesses need to remain within their allotted budget. These letter openers make it easy to do so, as they are very affordable and of the highest quality. Furthermore, the more units a business buys, the more money that may be saved. Buying is bulk is of great help in this situation and ensures the organization always has these items on hand to distribute.


    One reason many companies opt to provide branded letter openers in Australia is they receive frequent use. As a result, the company obtains a great deal of exposure, which benefits the organization in both the short and long run. The key is to determine what information to include on the letter opener. Some companies opt to include their company name and website URL. Others choose to add a slogan or a phone number. The key is to decide which information will be of most use to the user and ensure that it is easily visible on the instrument.

    Where Letter Openers May Be Distributed

    To make the most of the promotional budget, companies need to ensure these letter openers get into the hands of the target audience. Provide them to suppliers who come into contact with the business and pass them out at trade conventions. When attending a marketing meet-up, be sure to have the letter openers on hand and send every customer home with a device. The more people who receive this item, the easier it will be to increase the brand visibility of the business.

    Designing the Perfect Opener

    Creating the perfect letter opener may seem to be an insurmountable challenge. We have a design team in-house to assist with this process, and there is no charge for this service. Tell us what information you want to appear on the professional opener and our team will go to work. We design a mockup and allow you to see it to ensure it meets your needs and reflects your values. Items never go into production until you are completely satisfied.

    Why Choose Us?

    With many companies offering products of this type in the country, a business may wonder why they should choose to work with us. First and foremost, we offer a low-price guarantee. If a customer finds a lower price on the exact item they are looking to purchase, we won’t simply match this price. We will beat it. Furthermore, we can have your items to you in as little as five days and offer a rush service for those times when products are needed rapidly.

    Don’t overlook letter openers when the time comes to purchase promotional items. There are numerous uses for these devices and recipients will make use of them regularly. The business benefits as a result and ensures they get the best return on investment for the money they have spent.