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Raise money for animal welfare or pet shelters, promote desexing & responsible pet ownership, spread awareness about your veterinary practise, or give people a carry in hand item that features your after hours emergency details. There is truely no limit to what our promotional pet items can do.

Not only are all of our items designed to accept your brand they are actually useable, handy and relevent to the recipient which will really help spread your message whatever that may be.

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  • Standard Printed Dog Leads-20
    Standard Printed Dog Leads
  • Pet Scoop w/ Clip-20
    Pet Scoop w/ Clip
  • Printed Dog Bag Dispenser-20
    Printed Dog Bag Dispenser
  • Promo Tugga Rope Toy-20
    Promo Tugga Rope Toy
  • Promo Pop Out Pet Bowl-20
    Promo Pop Out Pet Bowl
  • Branded Dog Bandanas-20
    Branded Dog Bandanas
  • Fold Out Pet Bowl-20
    Fold Out Pet Bowl
  • Pet Food Can Universal Lid-20
    Pet Food Can Universal Lid
  • Nylon Pet Bag Dispenser-20
    Nylon Pet Bag Dispenser
  • Pet Food Bag Clipper-20
    Pet Food Bag Clipper
  • Clip It Pet Food Scoop-20
    Clip It Pet Food Scoop
  • Fire Hydrant Baggie Dispenser-20
    Fire Hydrant Baggie Dispenser
  • Double Strength Padded Collar-20
    Double Strength Padded Collar
  • Spalding High Bounce Balls-20
    Spalding High Bounce Balls
  • Woven Dog Leads-20
    Woven Dog Leads
  • 600ml Doggy Drink Mug-20
    600ml Doggy Drink Mug
  • Training Treat Pouch-20
    Training Treat Pouch
  • Retractable Dog Lead-20
    Retractable Dog Lead
  • Strap Up Pet Bag Dispenser-20
    Strap Up Pet Bag Dispenser
  • Dog Backpack Harness-20
    Dog Backpack Harness
  • Multi-Pocket Dog Treat Bag-20
    Multi-Pocket Dog Treat Bag
  • Slow Feeding Dog Bowl-20
    Slow Feeding Dog Bowl
  • Doggy Drink Bottle-20
    Doggy Drink Bottle
  • Plastic Clip Dog Collars-20
    Plastic Clip Dog Collars
  • Promo Fetch Ball-20
    Promo Fetch Ball
  • The Pro Pet Harness-20
    The Pro Pet Harness
  • Ball Thrower-20
    Ball Thrower
  • Classic Buckle Dog Collars-20
    Classic Buckle Dog Collars
  • Dog Bag Dispenser With Flashlight-20
    Dog Bag Dispenser With Flashlight
  • Dog Bowl-20
    Dog Bowl
  • Bone Shaped Dispenser-20
    Bone Shaped Dispenser
  • The Tactic Lead-20
    The Tactic Lead
  • The No Tangle Lead-20
    The No Tangle Lead
  • Stress Dog Paw-20
    Stress Dog Paw
  • Pet Litter Bag Sealer-20
    Pet Litter Bag Sealer
  • Collapsible Water Bowl-20
    Collapsible Water Bowl
  • High Bounce Balls-20
    High Bounce Balls
  • Pet Training Collars-20
    Pet Training Collars
  • Leather Collars-20
    Leather Collars
  • Padded Handle Dog Leads-20
    Padded Handle Dog Leads
  • Bag Dispenser Dog Leads-20
    Bag Dispenser Dog Leads
  • High Vis Safety Dog Leads-20
    High Vis Safety Dog Leads
  • The Secura Collar-20
    The Secura Collar

Set Descending Direction

43 Item(s)

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If you’re looking for an affordable way to reach your core customer base with your company logo and branding, look no further than our promotional dog leads, pet collars, toys, and accessories available from us here at Dynamic Gift.

Ideal for giving away to potential customers at a company fundraiser or function, our branded pet accessories are made from the highest quality materials, meaning whoever gets ahold of them will be seeing your promotional product (along with your company name and logo) day in, day out, for many years to come.

Wholesale Purchase

Pet accessories of this quality would usually retail at the upper end of the price comparison chart due to the quality of materials they’re created from, and the general care and attention that has been put into the manufacturing process to create them.

When you buy your custom pet toys and accessories in bulk from us here at Dynamic Gift, however, you can secure a great per-piece price due to our heavy discounts on bulk orders, while at the same time receiving the same quality you’ve come to expect when ordering from Australia’s top online supplier of promo gifts to be used in a corporate setting.

Current Collection

Our collection of promotional pet gifts and accessories is continually growing, but we do have a number of items in particular that remain in favour with our customers regardless of the occasion, some of which we’ve written more details on below.

Keep in mind, if you're not one hundred percent sure which item will be best for your upcoming fundraiser or function, we provide you with the ability to order one-off samples of each gift you’re interested in (along with your printed artwork on each) so you can give each item a physical look-over before committing to a larger bulk order.

Our customer’s current favourites are the:

  • Printed dog and pet leads: our 1,200mm leads come in widths of 15, 20, or 25mm.
  • Promo tugga rope toy: with dimensions of 100 x 100mm, our tugga rope toy has a minimum order quantity of 100 units.
  • Promo puppy bandana: sized at 450 x 250mm, our puppy bandana is sure to be a customer favourite.
  • Promo fetch ball: favourite among our animal toys, our tennis-ball sized fetch ball comes in a variety of colours.
  • Printed dog bag dispenser: our branded pet-waste carrier.
  • Custom pet collars: comes with options for weaving, satin applique, and full photographic printing.
  • Fold out pet bowls: our non-woven fold out bowls will be a hit among your pet-loving customers.

Personalised Pet Supplies

If you’ve ordered from us before you’ll know that whenever you purchase a promo gift from us we’ll provide you with a free personalisation service, in the form of a number of experienced artwork designers, to have your company name, logo, and details printed onto your item.

For a complimentary quote on a quantity order, type your details (and any special requirements) into the form on the right, or take advantage of our free call-back service.