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  • 60ml Hand Sanitiser Tube-20
    60ml Hand Sanitiser Tube Price from $3.29 each
  • Disposable Face Masks-20
    Disposable Face Masks Price from $1.53 each
  • 236ml Pump Hand Sanitiser-20
    236ml Pump Hand Sanitiser Price from $10.71 each
  • KN95 Style Face Masks-20
    KN95 Style Face Masks Price from $3.64 each
  • Australian Made Hand Sanitiser-20
    Australian Made Hand Sanitiser Price from $21.95 each
  • Disposable Gloves-20
    Disposable Gloves Price from $27.43 each
  • 250ml Pump Hand Sanitiser-20
    250ml Pump Hand Sanitiser Price from $10.71 each
  • Infrared Thermometer-20
    Infrared Thermometer Price from $99 each
  • 500ml Pump Hand Sanitiser-20
    500ml Pump Hand Sanitiser Price from $21.95 each
  • Sterilised Wet Wipes-20
    Sterilised Wet Wipes Price from $1.95 each
  • Mini Pocket Pack Tissue-20
    Mini Pocket Pack Tissue
  • Dye Sub Face Masks-20
    Dye Sub Face Masks Price from 1.48 each
  • Antibacterial Wipes-20
    Antibacterial Wipes
  • Foam Disinfectant-20
    Foam Disinfectant
  • 30ml Hand Sanitiser-20
    30ml Hand Sanitiser
  • Disinfection Spray-20
    Disinfection Spray
  • 100ml Hand Sanitiser-20
    100ml Hand Sanitiser
  • Disinfection Gel-20
    Disinfection Gel
  • 500ml Hand Sanitiser-20
    500ml Hand Sanitiser
  • N95 Style Face Masks-20
    N95 Style Face Masks
  • 60ml Hand Sanitiser Gel w/ Cara-20
    60ml Hand Sanitiser Gel w/ Cara Price from $3.30 each
  • W1 Hi-Vis Safety Vest-20
    W1 Hi-Vis Safety Vest
  • Full Colour Lip Balms-20
    Full Colour Lip Balms
  • 1 Litre Pump Hand Sanitiser-20
    1 Litre Pump Hand Sanitiser Price from $23.87 each
  • Round Dye Sub Masks-20
    Round Dye Sub Masks Price from $3.36 each
  • 5 Pack Disposable Face Masks-20
    5 Pack Disposable Face Masks Price from $13.56 each
  • 60ml Hand Sanitiser Gel-20
    60ml Hand Sanitiser Gel Price from $3.10 each
  • Rectangular 6 Compartment Pill Box-20
    Rectangular 6 Compartment Pill Box
  • 10 Pack Pocket Tissues-20
    10 Pack Pocket Tissues
  • 10ml Sunscreen SPF 50+-20
    10ml Sunscreen SPF 50+
  • High Viz Safety Vests-20
    High Viz Safety Vests
  • Hand Sanitiser Tube-20
    Hand Sanitiser Tube
  • Hand Sanitiser Tube-20
    Hand Sanitiser Tube
  • Bamboo Toothbrush-20
    Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Lip Balm Ball-20
    Lip Balm Ball
  • Mini Hand Sanitiser Keyring-20
    Mini Hand Sanitiser Keyring
  • Hand Sanitiser Stick-20
    Hand Sanitiser Stick
  • Lip Balm Cube-20
    Lip Balm Cube
  • Promo Lip Balm Stick-20
    Promo Lip Balm Stick
  • Zen Yoga Mat-20
    Zen Yoga Mat
  • 25ml 50+ Sunscreen Bottle w/ Carabineer-20
    25ml 50+ Sunscreen Bottle w/ Carabineer
  • 60ml 50+ Sunscreen Bottle w/ Carabineer-20
    60ml 50+ Sunscreen Bottle w/ Carabineer
  • Travel Eye Mask-20
    Travel Eye Mask
  • Custom Multi-Functional Bandana-20
    Custom Multi-Functional Bandana
  • Plush Gel Hot/Cold Eye Mask-20
    Plush Gel Hot/Cold Eye Mask
  • Vivace Bandage Dispenser-20
    Vivace Bandage Dispenser
  • 30ml Hand Sanitiser Gel-20
    30ml Hand Sanitiser Gel Price from $2.07 each
  • Translucent Mint Jar-20
    Translucent Mint Jar
  • Nail File-20
    Nail File
  • First Aid Travel Kit 13 Piece-20
    First Aid Travel Kit 13 Piece
  • Remo Compact Mirror-20
    Remo Compact Mirror
  • Satin Eye Mask-20
    Satin Eye Mask
  • Lycra Fitness Belt-20
    Lycra Fitness Belt
  • Toothbrush Holder-20
    Toothbrush Holder
  • 30ml Hand Sanitiser Gel w/ Cara-20
    30ml Hand Sanitiser Gel w/ Cara Price from $2.38 each
  • Golf Ball Lip Balm-20
    Golf Ball Lip Balm
  • Paris Nail File-20
    Paris Nail File
  • Toothbrush-20
  • Stamina Resistance Bands-20
    Stamina Resistance Bands
  • Lip Balm Stick-20
    Lip Balm Stick
  • Unscented Votive Candle-20
    Unscented Votive Candle
  • Scented Medium Candle Tin-20
    Scented Medium Candle Tin
  • Wooden Nail Brush-20
    Wooden Nail Brush
  • Scented Pocket Candle Tin-20
    Scented Pocket Candle Tin
  • Scented Large Candle Tin-20
    Scented Large Candle Tin
  • Scented Votive Candle-20
    Scented Votive Candle
  • Unscented Pocket Tin Candle-20
    Unscented Pocket Tin Candle
  • Insect Spray-20
    Insect Spray
  • Wooden Hairbrush-20
    Wooden Hairbrush
  • Nail File Booklet-20
    Nail File Booklet
  • Dental Floss-20
    Dental Floss
  • Insect Pocket Spray-20
    Insect Pocket Spray
  • Aloe Body Wash-20
    Aloe Body Wash
  • Travel Citronella Candle-20
    Travel Citronella Candle
  • Glass Nail File-20
    Glass Nail File
  • White Toothbrush-20
    White Toothbrush
  • Full Colour Nail File-20
    Full Colour Nail File
  • Deluxe Bandage Dispenser-20
    Deluxe Bandage Dispenser
  • Clip On Care Case-20
    Clip On Care Case
  • Heart Pill Case-20
    Heart Pill Case
  • Mini Care Case-20
    Mini Care Case
  • Promo Bandaids-20
    Promo Bandaids
  • Promotional Condoms-20
    Promotional Condoms
  • Custom Shaped Hot / Cold Pack-20
    Custom Shaped Hot / Cold Pack
  • Pocket Care Case-20
    Pocket Care Case
  • Compartment Pill Box-20
    Compartment Pill Box
  • Condom Sleeve-20
    Condom Sleeve
  • Glossy Lip Balm-20
    Glossy Lip Balm
  • White Tea Bag Envelope-20
    White Tea Bag Envelope
  • Large Lip Balm Tubes-20
    Large Lip Balm Tubes
  • Promo Tea Bag-20
    Promo Tea Bag
  • Promo Tea Bag Card-20
    Promo Tea Bag Card
  • 35ml 50+ Sunscreen Tube-20
    35ml 50+ Sunscreen Tube
  • Inflatable Lazy Bed-20
    Inflatable Lazy Bed
  • Yoga Stretch Band-20
    Yoga Stretch Band
  • Small Round Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack-20
    Small Round Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack
  • Manicure Set On Keychain-20
    Manicure Set On Keychain
  • Exercise Band-20
    Exercise Band
  • 4-in-1 Mini Nail File-20
    4-in-1 Mini Nail File
  • Easy Grip Nail Clipper-20
    Easy Grip Nail Clipper
  • Budget Skipping Rope-20
    Budget Skipping Rope
  • Manicure Set In Gift Tube-20
    Manicure Set In Gift Tube
  • Compact Mirror With Dual Magnification-20
    Compact Mirror With Dual Magnification
  • Electric Mini Massager-20
    Electric Mini Massager
  • Pocket Massager-20
    Pocket Massager
  • Dental Floss Dispenser With Mirror-20
    Dental Floss Dispenser With Mirror
  • Yoga Gel Bead Hot & Cold Pack-20
    Yoga Gel Bead Hot & Cold Pack
  • Panama Leisure Mat-20
    Panama Leisure Mat
  • Deluxe First Aid Kit-20
    Deluxe First Aid Kit
  • StaySafe Mini First Aid Kit-20
    StaySafe Mini First Aid Kit
  • Stress Beach Ball-20
    Stress Beach Ball
  • Purse Size First Aid Kit-20
    Purse Size First Aid Kit
  • Zippered First Aid Pouch-20
    Zippered First Aid Pouch
  • Stay Safe Portable First Aid Kit-20
    Stay Safe Portable First Aid Kit
  • On The Go Red First Aid Kit-20
    On The Go Red First Aid Kit
  • In The Clear First Aid Pack-20
    In The Clear First Aid Pack
  • Dye Sublimation Cooling Towels-20
    Dye Sublimation Cooling Towels
  • 30ml SPF Rated Sunscreen-20
    30ml SPF Rated Sunscreen
  • Head Massager-20
    Head Massager
  • Toothpick Dispenser-20
    Toothpick Dispenser
  • Transparent Massager-20
    Transparent Massager
  • Clip on First Aid Kit-20
    Clip on First Aid Kit
  • The Tweet Pedometer-20
    The Tweet Pedometer
  • Promo Pedi-Paddle Pro-20
    Promo Pedi-Paddle Pro
  • Journey Pill/Bandage Case-20
    Journey Pill/Bandage Case
  • Promotional Lipbalm Tube-20
    Promotional Lipbalm Tube
  • Card Hand Sanitiser-20
    Card Hand Sanitiser
  • Chill Cooling Towel in Pouch-20
    Chill Cooling Towel in Pouch
  • PVC Universal Sink Plug-20
    PVC Universal Sink Plug
  • Promo Cotton Eye Mask-20
    Promo Cotton Eye Mask
  • Aloe Vera Bottle-20
    Aloe Vera Bottle
  • 125ml Bodywash Bottle-20
    125ml Bodywash Bottle
  • Promo First Aid Kit-20
    Promo First Aid Kit
  • Ceramic Oil Burner-20
    Ceramic Oil Burner
  • Specs Cleaning Cloth-20
    Specs Cleaning Cloth
  • Zippered First Aid Kit-20
    Zippered First Aid Kit
  • Promo Nail File-20
    Promo Nail File
  • Emergency Assist Hammer-20
    Emergency Assist Hammer
  • 500ml Anti Bacterial Pump-20
    500ml Anti Bacterial Pump
  • Manicure Set-20
    Manicure Set
  • Promo Mini Mirror-20
    Promo Mini Mirror
  • 100g Custom Gift Soap-20
    100g Custom Gift Soap
  • The Pingster Pedometer Clear-20
    The Pingster Pedometer Clear
  • Ooze Timer-20
    Ooze Timer
  • Carry-On Kit-20
    Carry-On Kit
  • Sunscreen SPF 50+ Tube-20
    Sunscreen SPF 50+ Tube
  • Gift Card Sunscreen-20
    Gift Card Sunscreen
  • 30ml Pump Action Sunscreen-20
    30ml Pump Action Sunscreen
  • MyFit Band Heart Monitor-20
    MyFit Band Heart Monitor
  • Pocket First Aid Kit-20
    Pocket First Aid Kit
  • Custom Air Fresheners-20
    Custom Air Fresheners
  • 50ml Body Wash Tube-20
    50ml Body Wash Tube
  • Aromatherapy Body Lotion 50ml-20
    Aromatherapy Body Lotion 50ml
  • Clip On Care Pack-20
    Clip On Care Pack
  • In Shape Pedometer-20
    In Shape Pedometer
  • Pill Case Keyring-20
    Pill Case Keyring
  • 50ml Sunscreen Tube-20
    50ml Sunscreen Tube
  • Silicone Key Pouch-20
    Silicone Key Pouch
  • Sunscreen Sachet-20
    Sunscreen Sachet
  • 60ml Hand Sanitiser Tube-20
    60ml Hand Sanitiser Tube
  • Promotional Sunscreen Tube-20
    Promotional Sunscreen Tube
  • Small Bath Bead Jar-20
    Small Bath Bead Jar
  • Clear Toiletry Bag-20
    Clear Toiletry Bag
  • 5g Lipbalm Tub-20
    5g Lipbalm Tub
  • Body Wash 50ml Pump-20
    Body Wash 50ml Pump
  • Quattro Pill Box-20
    Quattro Pill Box
  • 7 Day Pill Box-20
    7 Day Pill Box
  • Cosmetic Bag-20
    Cosmetic Bag
  • Mini Hair Comb-20
    Mini Hair Comb
  • Spray Pump Hand Sanitiser-20
    Spray Pump Hand Sanitiser
  • Manicure Gift Set-20
    Manicure Gift Set
  • Promo Bandage Pack-20
    Promo Bandage Pack
  • Air Freshener Quick Spray-20
    Air Freshener Quick Spray
  • Solar-Powered Pedometer White-20
    Solar-Powered Pedometer White
  • Mirror & Nail File-20
    Mirror & Nail File
  • E-Z Comfort Set-20
    E-Z Comfort Set
  • Sunscreen 50ml w/Carabiner-20
    Sunscreen 50ml w/Carabiner
  • 15ml Sanitiser in Neoprene Carrier-20
    15ml Sanitiser in Neoprene Carrier
  • Clip On Sunscreen-20
    Clip On Sunscreen
  • Sleep Mask Gel Hot / Cold Pack Eye Mask-20
    Sleep Mask Gel Hot / Cold Pack Eye Mask
  • Traveller First Aid Kit-20
    Traveller First Aid Kit
  • Promotional Back Massager-20
    Promotional Back Massager
  • Aloe Vera Tube-20
    Aloe Vera Tube
  • Aloe Vera Pleated Promo Soaps-20
    Aloe Vera Pleated Promo Soaps
  • LCD Pedometer 2-20
    LCD Pedometer 2
  • Foldable Brush with Mirror-20
    Foldable Brush with Mirror
  • Pocket Travel Pouch-20
    Pocket Travel Pouch
  • 30ml Hand Sanitiser & Carabiner-20
    30ml Hand Sanitiser & Carabiner
  • 65ml Everyday 50+ Sunscreen Tube-20
    65ml Everyday 50+ Sunscreen Tube
  • 60ml Anti Bacterial Gel-20
    60ml Anti Bacterial Gel
  • 10 Day Pill Box-20
    10 Day Pill Box
  • First Aid Kit-20
    First Aid Kit
  • 3 Compartment Pill Box-20
    3 Compartment Pill Box
  • Bespoke Lipbalms-20
    Bespoke Lipbalms
  • Compact Travel Mirror-20
    Compact Travel Mirror
  • Sports Facepaint-20
    Sports Facepaint
  • Clear Foot Phile-20
    Clear Foot Phile
  • Vinyl Manicure Set-20
    Vinyl Manicure Set
  • Quick-Release Tape Measure-20
    Quick-Release Tape Measure
  • 10ml SPF50+ Sunscreen Sachet-20
    10ml SPF50+ Sunscreen Sachet
  • Body Tape Measure-20
    Body Tape Measure
  • Promotional Earplug Pack-20
    Promotional Earplug Pack
  • Tooth Keyring Floss Pack-20
    Tooth Keyring Floss Pack
  • Aromatherapy Bath Salts-20
    Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Set Descending Direction

204 Item(s)

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The key to making sure any promotional items you provide your customers with are actually used is to give them something useful; something they would have happily otherwise paid for, and will therefore use on a daily basis for the lifetime of the product.

This is made much easier when you know your audience; their likes and dislikes, and the general demographic they they fit into. If your customer demographic consists largely of women, for example, you should think about providing them with corporate branded beauty products and health kits, as you can be fairly certain these are items they will use every day and, therefore, they will see your company name and logo every day.

Wholesale Solutions

Of course, to buy these products all individually to hand out to current (and potential) customers wouldn’t be a cheap affair; when you order with Dynamic Gift, however, our bulk ordering system allows you to reduce your per-item price depending on the quantity you’re looking to purchase; the more you buy, the less each piece will cost you.

Better still, like all of our promo items here at Dynamic Gift, we offer a free artwork design service (with unlimited revisions) in which our professional designers will work with you to make sure your company logo, name, and contact details transfer across to your health and beauty items perfectly. What are these products you ask? You’ll have to scout your eyes around this page for our full product range, but some of our customers’ favourites include the:

  • Skin care gift pack: with a large print area on the front and back of the pack, our skin care gift pack contains a small bottle of body lotion and body wash, as well as a pastel net sponge.
  • Promo first aid kit: an essential item, our kit comes fully stocked, including (among other things) various sized bandages, bandaids, rubber gloves, and scissors.
  • Foldable brush with mirror: coming in nine colours, and allowing your company details to be printed front and back, our foldable brush with mirror is the ideal promotional item for those selling to a largely female demographic, as it’s likely to be kept with your potential customer throughout the day.
  • Earplug packs: ideal as an item that will be placed on your customer’s nightstand (or in her daytime bag), our custom printed earplug packs allow you to place your company name and logo onto the front.

The wide variety of beauty, cosmetic, and miscellaneous health products available may make it difficult for you to decide upon just one. To ease your decision fatigue, we’ll be happy to manufacture one-off samples of each product of your choice, so you can view each one before making a larger, bulk order (we charge a small fee for this service).

Custom Order

Send us your order as soon as possible by placing your details into the righthand form, being sure to detail any specific notes or requirements alongside your possible order quantity.

Remember: our price beat guarantee ensures if you receive a quote for a lower price on a like-for-like product order elsewhere in Australia, we will come back to you with an even lower price (terms and conditions apply).