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Show Customers You Care With High-Quality Promotional Sunscreen. Letting your clients know that your business cares is one of the hardest challenges of all. Get it right, though, and the feelings of being valued will translate into profit before you know it. Our custom branded sunscreens could be the ideal weapon for your arsenal – especially when you’re based in Australia.


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    Dynamic Gift is the home of various promotional sunscreen products. Help be sun smart; it could be the smartest addition to your marketing strategy too!

    The Perfect Promotional Tool For Outdoor Events

    Outside promotional events are the perfect way to get your brand name out there while connecting with your clients in an engaging fashion. But while the fun and games are sure to create a great impression, you cannot afford to let anything tarnish those memories of the day. That includes the sun.

    Every business owner will pray for sun on their special promotion day, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the potential dangers. From minor burns to life-changing conditions, extended exposure can be dangerous for clients and staff members alike. That no longer needs to be a concern with your own branded sunscreen products.

    Sunscreen is an essential item that many people forget. Providing guests with the products needed to provide ample protection against those dangerous rays can help enhance their experiences, which can only encourage a better relationship with the brand too. Better still, it’s a type of product that can be used by anybody, irrespective of age or background.

    Embracing the idea of custom sunscreens could not be easier. The company logo or visual materials are printed with vibrant colours onto a sticker that is then applied to the bottle of high-quality sunscreen. Voila, you have your own brand of premium grade sunscreen that’s able to protect clients for hours at a time.

    We can even offer a free artwork service to ensure that your brand logo is displayed in the most effective way while key product information, such as SPF value and ingredients, are clear for the consumer to see too.

    Whether it’s a promotional BBQ, sports event, or pop-up event doesn't matter. Custom sunscreen protection is a truly excellent addition – and Dynamic Gift makes the process of design and ordering easier than you ever thought possible.

    Comprehensive Coverage Against The Sun

    At Dynamic Gift, we don’t just help you provide clients with the standard sunscreen protection. In fact, our custom branded sunscreens are available in a wide range of products, including;

    • Sunscreen tube
    • Sunscreen stick
    • Lipbalm stick
    • Lipbalm tube
    • Pocket after sun spray
    • Sunscreen sachets
    • Pump action sunscreen
    • And others.

    Furthermore, the custom branded sunscreens are available in various SPF values. This versatility allows you to make the smartest choices based on the location and time of year. In turn, you’ll have greater control than you ever thought possible, which ultimately translates into a better service for the clients.

    Promoting Your Brand In A Positive Light

    Sunscreen protection products are certainly a great choice as far as safeguarding the clients is concerned. Nonetheless, any purchase that impacts the marketing budget needs to make a lasting impression. In truth, this is another aspect where the custom branded sunscreen stands out.

    Very few companies will provide sunscreen at their promotional events, which makes it an item that instantly makes the business more memorable too. Aside from the promotional benefits, it’s always nice to know that you’ve taken social responsibility. The fact that they are small, lightweight, and competitively priced make them an even more attractive prospect.

    Custom sunscreen protection products are rarely thrown away after one use either, and can actively enhance future days out. This ensures that the brand name stays fresh in the consumer’s mind, which can have a huge influence on their future shopping decisions. By extending the impact, you’ll be getting far greater value for money too.

    When hosting an outside promotional event, there is a long list of items that you’ll need to consider. That checklist will include using teardrop banners, promotional flags, and other branding materials to grab the attention of passersby. Likewise, you’ll need to think about the temporary store or stall while also ensuring that products are safe and secure.

    Make promotional sunscreens another essential product, and success is assured.

    Order Your Custom Sunscreens Today

    If you have an outdoor event coming up in the near future, now is the perfect time to prepare for the big day by ordering your promotional sunscreen products. Whether you know exactly what’s required or need a little support with supply choices or design aspects, give us a call on 02 6555 4001.