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  • Spalding High Bounce Balls-20
    Spalding High Bounce Balls
  • Opal Desk Fan-20
    Opal Desk Fan
  • Custom Printed Yoga Ball-20
    Custom Printed Yoga Ball
  • Branded Promotional Yo Yo-20
    Branded Promotional Yo Yo
  • Printed Silicone Swim Caps-20
    Printed Silicone Swim Caps
  • Promotional Beach Balls-20
    Promotional Beach Balls
  • High Bounce Balls-20
    High Bounce Balls
  • Hacky Sacks-20
    Hacky Sacks
  • Rugby Kicking Tee-20
    Rugby Kicking Tee
  • Printed Latex Swim Caps-20
    Printed Latex Swim Caps
  • Promotional Printed Slinkies-20
    Promotional Printed Slinkies
  • Promotional Wavey Fan-20
    Promotional Wavey Fan
  • Skipping Rope w/Counter-20
    Skipping Rope w/Counter
  • Inflatable Boxing Gloves-20
    Inflatable Boxing Gloves
  • Inflatable Wavey Hand-20
    Inflatable Wavey Hand
  • Casino Quality Poker Chips-20
    Casino Quality Poker Chips
  • Printed Cycle Seat Covers-20
    Printed Cycle Seat Covers
  • Custom Printed Boomerangs-20
    Custom Printed Boomerangs
  • Stamina Resistance Bands-20
    Stamina Resistance Bands
  • Silicone Frisbee-20
    Silicone Frisbee
  • Custom Poker Chips-20
    Custom Poker Chips
  • Diamond Novelty Ball-20
    Diamond Novelty Ball
  • Clip-On Koalas-20
    Clip-On Koalas
  • Printed Silicone Swim Caps w/ Fins-20
    Printed Silicone Swim Caps w/ Fins
  • Foldable Stadium Cushion-20
    Foldable Stadium Cushion
  • Infrared RC Bike Light-20
    Infrared RC Bike Light
  • Cardboard Balloon Holder-20
    Cardboard Balloon Holder
  • Champion Duffle Bag-20
    Champion Duffle Bag
  • Promo Basketball Keyrings-20
    Promo Basketball Keyrings
  • Creative Sketch Set-20
    Creative Sketch Set
  • Whistle w/ Coiled Wrist Band-20
    Whistle w/ Coiled Wrist Band
  • 500ml Printed Protein Shaker-20
    500ml Printed Protein Shaker
  • Custom Shaped Hand Held Fan-20
    Custom Shaped Hand Held Fan
  • Travelling Exercise System-20
    Travelling Exercise System
  • Arena Duffle Bag-20
    Arena Duffle Bag
  • Rugby Ball Keyring-20
    Rugby Ball Keyring
  • Foldable Fans-20
    Foldable Fans
  • Hand Grippers-20
    Hand Grippers
  • Safety Blinking Round Light w/ Back Clip-20
    Safety Blinking Round Light w/ Back Clip
  • Stackable Protein Container-20
    Stackable Protein Container
  • Fidget Stick Power Bank-20
    Fidget Stick Power Bank
  • Branded Tumbling Tower-20
    Branded Tumbling Tower
  • T16 Premium Golf Umbrella-20
    T16 Premium Golf Umbrella
  • Jump Rope-20
    Jump Rope
  • Plastic Poker Chips-20
    Plastic Poker Chips
  • Quest Duffle Bag-20
    Quest Duffle Bag
  • Gripped Rugby Ball Keyring-20
    Gripped Rugby Ball Keyring
  • Frisbee Recycled-20
    Frisbee Recycled
  • Wooden Cube Robot-20
    Wooden Cube Robot
  • Custom Jigsaw Puzzles-20
    Custom Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Gyro Rechargeable Fan-20
    Gyro Rechargeable Fan
  • NRL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card-20
    NRL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card
  • NRL Fixture Card-20
    NRL Fixture Card
  • AFL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card-20
    AFL Fridge Magnets Fixture Card
  • AFL Fixture Card-20
    AFL Fixture Card
  • Custom Printed Kaleidoscope-20
    Custom Printed Kaleidoscope
  • Rally Skipping Rope-20
    Rally Skipping Rope
  • Jive Skipping Rope-20
    Jive Skipping Rope
  • Pace Pedometer Watch-20
    Pace Pedometer Watch
  • Mini Cricket Bat-20
    Mini Cricket Bat
  • Active Cooling Sweat Band-20
    Active Cooling Sweat Band
  • Budget Skipping Rope-20
    Budget Skipping Rope
  • Inflatable Rugby Balls-20
    Inflatable Rugby Balls
  • NAIDOC Plastic Boomerang-20
    NAIDOC Plastic Boomerang
  • Beach Cricket Set-20
    Beach Cricket Set
  • Promo Wood Yo Yo-20
    Promo Wood Yo Yo
  • Solar-Powered Pedometer White-20
    Solar-Powered Pedometer White
  • Promo Safety Dart-20
    Promo Safety Dart
  • Economy Fluro Yo Yo-20
    Economy Fluro Yo Yo
  • Evo Skipping Rope w/Counter-20
    Evo Skipping Rope w/Counter
  • The Big Boy Bottle-20
    The Big Boy Bottle
  • Waterproof Containers-20
    Waterproof Containers
  • Inflatable Can Holder-20
    Inflatable Can Holder
  • 15cm Whoopee Cushion-20
    15cm Whoopee Cushion
  • Click and Catch Game-20
    Click and Catch Game
  • Custom Foil Balloons-20
    Custom Foil Balloons
  • Stopwatch-20
  • Corporate Golf Towel-20
    Corporate Golf Towel
  • Table Tennis Racket-20
    Table Tennis Racket
  • Logo & Message Bugs-20
    Logo & Message Bugs
  • Branded Pick Up Sticks Game-20
    Branded Pick Up Sticks Game
  • 600ml Printed Protein Shakers-20
    600ml Printed Protein Shakers
  • Pocket Zippered Wrist Wallet-20
    Pocket Zippered Wrist Wallet
  • Plastic Whistle-20
    Plastic Whistle
  • Silicone Ion Watch-20
    Silicone Ion Watch
  • The Tweet Pedometer-20
    The Tweet Pedometer
  • 3 Inch Cow Bell-20
    3 Inch Cow Bell
  • Office Basketball Hoop-20
    Office Basketball Hoop
  • Donut Flyers-20
    Donut Flyers
  • Foam Wavey Hands-20
    Foam Wavey Hands
  • Promo Ping Pong Set-20
    Promo Ping Pong Set
  • Golf Divots-20
    Golf Divots
  • 3 Metre Jump Rope-20
    3 Metre Jump Rope
  • Promo Cube Game-20
    Promo Cube Game
  • Inflatable Peace Sign-20
    Inflatable Peace Sign
  • Wireless LED Safety Backpack-20
    Wireless LED Safety Backpack
  • Promo Puzzle Set-20
    Promo Puzzle Set
  • Promotional Light Up Yo Yo-20
    Promotional Light Up Yo Yo
  • The Pingster Pedometer Clear-20
    The Pingster Pedometer Clear
  • Promotional Mista Fan-20
    Promotional Mista Fan
  • Classic Skipping Rope-20
    Classic Skipping Rope
  • MyFit Band Heart Monitor-20
    MyFit Band Heart Monitor
  • Foam Flyer Plane-20
    Foam Flyer Plane
  • Terry Sweatbands-20
    Terry Sweatbands
  • Plush Teddy Bear-20
    Plush Teddy Bear
  • Custom Hand Clappers-20
    Custom Hand Clappers
  • In Shape Pedometer-20
    In Shape Pedometer
  • Snowman Paddleball Game-20
    Snowman Paddleball Game
  • 50mm Kick Ball-20
    50mm Kick Ball
  • Premium Inflatable Number 1 Hand-20
    Premium Inflatable Number 1 Hand
  • Terry Pocket Sweatbands-20
    Terry Pocket Sweatbands
  • Custom Printed Balloons-20
    Custom Printed Balloons
  • Golf Buddy-20
    Golf Buddy
  • 400ml Printed Protein Shakers-20
    400ml Printed Protein Shakers
  • Diving Mask Strap Covers-20
    Diving Mask Strap Covers
  • Instant Cooling Promotional Towel-20
    Instant Cooling Promotional Towel
  • Bio-degradable Balloon Stick & Cup-20
    Bio-degradable Balloon Stick & Cup

Set Descending Direction

117 Item(s)

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Promotional products are a powerful tool for brand-building—especially when you place a carefully targeted product in the right hands. Any competent marketing consultant will stress the fact that giveaways of this sort work best when the product you’re distributing is useful. The more often it is used, the better its chances of staying in the target customer’s periphery. However, this approach is difficult to carry from the drawing board to real-world scenarios.

At Dynamic Gift, we specialise in developing fun accessories and corporate gifts that are both cheap and fun to use. This enables our clients to put together far-reaching marketing campaigns that place free branded gifts in the hands of their target customers. Furthermore, we’ve become experts at developing simple but effective products that your target customers will actually use.

Each of the products that we offer today is the result of intense market research. For example, we’ve found that sport products are ideally suited for free-gift campaigns. The secret is to target hobbies and activities that bring different demographics together.

Athletics and outdoor activities bring groups of people together after school or work—or even during lunch. For example: suppose a group employees from a particular office building down the street regularly meet during their lunch break for a quick 30-minute walk. Can you imagine the potential exposure that your company would receive if you managed to place pedometers in the hands of a few of the most avid walkers? It’s practically a given that many of those people are going to use that pedometer. In fact, some of them will love it!

Boosting Exposure for Your Marketing Message

It’s particularly exciting when you’re able to give target customers a gift that they probably wouldn’t have thought to buy for themselves in the first place. That means that—when the opportunity presents—they’ll be using a gift printed with your company logo. Games are highly effective on this front. Is the summer holiday season approaching? You can bet that families with children will make use of simple toys such as foam gliders, travel packs of jacks and marbles, beach sets and UV sensors.

The fact that they’ll use them doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily rushing out to purchase odds and ends like this. That’s where your business steps in. Coordinate your marketing efforts with Dynamic Gift, and we’ll supply you with custom gifts that are emblazoned with your logo and slogan. You can work with wholesale quantities at steep discounts, or you can narrow the campaign to a few carefully selected targets and supply them with personalised gifts that let them know you were thinking specifically of them.

Something as simple as a well-placed pack of cards will almost inevitably be used in office break rooms, living rooms and lounges all around the country. People value—even appreciate—their leisure time. Furthermore, a person having fun is in an excellent frame of mind to process your marketing messages. Place a bulk order with Dynamic Gift, and we’ll help your company launch one of its most effective campaigns to date.

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