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Browse our tools, handyman equipment and accessories for around the home, the garage or workshop. These products while probably overlooked as a promotional item, make brilliant promotional giveaways. Printed with your logo or company information, they will stay with recipients for years to come. Not to mention, most of them are actually handy! Enquire with us now for a 100% FREE mockup and a rapid written quote to your inbox.

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  • Budget Builders iPen Multi Tool-20
    Budget Builders iPen Multi Tool
  • Vari-Beam Torch & Light-20
    Vari-Beam Torch & Light
  • I-Camp Lantern Speaker-20
    I-Camp Lantern Speaker
  • Cairo Non Woven Bag-20
    Cairo Non Woven Bag
  • LED Press Light-20
    LED Press Light
  • Hercules Multi Tool-20
    Hercules Multi Tool
  • Signal Torch-20
    Signal Torch
  • Laser Pointer Keyring-20
    Laser Pointer Keyring
  • Tundra Pocket Knife-20
    Tundra Pocket Knife
  • Orion Torch-20
    Orion Torch
  • Septa 7-in-1 Screwdriver Flashlight-20
    Septa 7-in-1 Screwdriver Flashlight
  • 8-in-1 Spidey Screwdriver/Flashlight-20
    8-in-1 Spidey Screwdriver/Flashlight
  • Combo Tool Set-20
    Combo Tool Set
  • Survival Set-20
    Survival Set
  • Grey Multi-Tool & Torch Set-20
    Grey Multi-Tool & Torch Set
  • Deluxe Multi Tool-20
    Deluxe Multi Tool
  • Mini Screwdriver Kit-20
    Mini Screwdriver Kit
  • Square Level Tape Measure Key Ring-20
    Square Level Tape Measure Key Ring
  • Aluminum Multi-Tool Kit With LED Light-20
    Aluminum Multi-Tool Kit With LED Light
  • 8-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Tool Kit-20
    8-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Tool Kit
  • Tool Pen With Screwdrivers And Light-20
    Tool Pen With Screwdrivers And Light
  • Small Machinery Document Canister-20
    Small Machinery Document Canister
  • Large Machinery Document Canister-20
    Large Machinery Document Canister
  • Dyno 6 Piece Screwdriver Set-20
    Dyno 6 Piece Screwdriver Set
  • Boss Screwdriver Set-20
    Boss Screwdriver Set
  • Compact Key Organiser-20
    Compact Key Organiser
  • 7 Function Screwdriver Light Pen-20
    7 Function Screwdriver Light Pen
  • Screwdriver Set / Flashlight-20
    Screwdriver Set / Flashlight
  • Quick-Release Tape Measure-20
    Quick-Release Tape Measure
  • The Beacon Flashlight-20
    The Beacon Flashlight
  • Gommer Head Lamp-20
    Gommer Head Lamp
  • Screwdriver Set-20
    Screwdriver Set
  • Luxury Meat Knife And Fork Set-20
    Luxury Meat Knife And Fork Set
  • Knife Block Set 6pc-20
    Knife Block Set 6pc
  • Bluetooth Pair Of Gloves-20
    Bluetooth Pair Of Gloves
  • Swiss Peak Flashlight-20
    Swiss Peak Flashlight
  • Chef Tablet Stand-20
    Chef Tablet Stand
  • Tape Measure Key Ring-20
    Tape Measure Key Ring
  • Promotional Sigg Torch-20
    Promotional Sigg Torch
  • Heavy Duty Torch-20
    Heavy Duty Torch
  • Carabiner Torch-20
    Carabiner Torch
  • Mini Lighted Screwdriver Repair Kit-20
    Mini Lighted Screwdriver Repair Kit
  • Home Sweet Home Tool Keychain-20
    Home Sweet Home Tool Keychain
  • The Comet Flashlight-20
    The Comet Flashlight
  • LED Aluminium Torch Keytag-20
    LED Aluminium Torch Keytag
  • Foldable Car Organizer-20
    Foldable Car Organizer
  • Eight Function Pocket Knife-20
    Eight Function Pocket Knife
  • 100% Polyester Micro Mink With Sherpa-20
    100% Polyester Micro Mink With Sherpa
  • Classic Multi Tool-20
    Classic Multi Tool
  • Work Mate Multi Tool-20
    Work Mate Multi Tool
  • Locking Tape Measure-20
    Locking Tape Measure
  • Promo Key Light-20
    Promo Key Light
  • Multi Tool Keyring-20
    Multi Tool Keyring
  • Retro LED Key Light-20
    Retro LED Key Light
  • Rugged Locking Tape Measure-20
    Rugged Locking Tape Measure
  • Custom Book Light-20
    Custom Book Light
  • Round Reflector Light-20
    Round Reflector Light
  • Flexible PVC Key Topper-20
    Flexible PVC Key Topper
  • Flexi Computer Light /USB Connector-20
    Flexi Computer Light /USB Connector
  • 3pc Pocket Knife-20
    3pc Pocket Knife
  • Stylus/Screen Cleaner-20
    Stylus/Screen Cleaner
  • Combo Tape Measure-20
    Combo Tape Measure
  • The Estimator Measuring Kit-20
    The Estimator Measuring Kit
  • Car Boot Organiser-20
    Car Boot Organiser
  • Corporate Torch Set-20
    Corporate Torch Set
  • Promo Tyre Gauge Keyring-20
    Promo Tyre Gauge Keyring
  • Promotional Multi Tool-20
    Promotional Multi Tool
  • Multi-Function Pliers / Flashlight-20
    Multi-Function Pliers / Flashlight
  • Locking Tape Measure-20
    Locking Tape Measure
  • Corona Flashlight-20
    Corona Flashlight
  • Metal Light with Carabiner-20
    Metal Light with Carabiner
  • Self Powered Torch-20
    Self Powered Torch
  • Apple Splitter-20
    Apple Splitter
  • Promotional Safety Jacket For Children-20
    Promotional Safety Jacket For Children
  • Mini Portable Barbecue-20
    Mini Portable Barbecue
  • PVC Flexi Flashlight-20
    PVC Flexi Flashlight
  • Swiss Peak Multi Tool-20
    Swiss Peak Multi Tool
  • Round Tape Measure-20
    Round Tape Measure
  • Tape Measure Torch Keyring-20
    Tape Measure Torch Keyring
  • Hand Powered Flashlight-20
    Hand Powered Flashlight
  • Swivel Screwdriver/Keylight-20
    Swivel Screwdriver/Keylight
  • Level with Screwdriver-20
    Level with Screwdriver
  • The Galaxy Key-Light-20
    The Galaxy Key-Light
  • Led Touch Torch Light-20
    Led Touch Torch Light
  • Set Multi Function Silver Torch & Plier-20
    Set Multi Function Silver Torch & Plier
  • 11 Litre Foldable Barrel Bag-20
    11 Litre Foldable Barrel Bag
  • Solar Flower-20
    Solar Flower
  • Emergency Assist Hammer-20
    Emergency Assist Hammer
  • Alpine Multi Tool-20
    Alpine Multi Tool
  • Bottle Opener Keyring Torch-20
    Bottle Opener Keyring Torch
  • 5 Metre Tape Measure-20
    5 Metre Tape Measure
  • Custom Air Fresheners-20
    Custom Air Fresheners
  • Corporate Mini Toolkit-20
    Corporate Mini Toolkit
  • Pinto 3-in-1 Pocket Knife-20
    Pinto 3-in-1 Pocket Knife
  • Screwdriver Set with Tape Measure-20
    Screwdriver Set with Tape Measure
  • The Bumble Mini Torch Key-20
    The Bumble Mini Torch Key
  • Delta Wind-Up Key-Light-20
    Delta Wind-Up Key-Light
  • Custom Printed Car Chamois-20
    Custom Printed Car Chamois
  • Set Multi Functional Plier-20
    Set Multi Functional Plier
  • Three Piece Car Wash Set-20
    Three Piece Car Wash Set
  • Fridge Magnet Torch-20
    Fridge Magnet Torch
  • 13 Function Multi Tool-20
    13 Function Multi Tool
  • 3 Inch Cow Bell-20
    3 Inch Cow Bell
  • Fix It Screwdriver Set-20
    Fix It Screwdriver Set
  • Light and Tight Screwdriver Set-20
    Light and Tight Screwdriver Set
  • Skoda 12 Function Pocket Knife-20
    Skoda 12 Function Pocket Knife
  • The Pluto Flashlight-20
    The Pluto Flashlight
  • Thumbs Up! Key-Light-20
    Thumbs Up! Key-Light
  • Keychain With Keyshaped Hanger-20
    Keychain With Keyshaped Hanger
  • Pocket Knife-20
    Pocket Knife
  • Car Emergency First Aid Kit-20
    Car Emergency First Aid Kit
  • Salad Shaker With Cup And Fork-20
    Salad Shaker With Cup And Fork
  • The Screen Mate-20
    The Screen Mate
  • Compact Aluminium Torch-20
    Compact Aluminium Torch
  • Presto Tape Measure-20
    Presto Tape Measure
  • Carabiner Multi Tool-20
    Carabiner Multi Tool
  • LED Hang Torch-20
    LED Hang Torch
  • The Bullet Light-20
    The Bullet Light
  • 13-Function Steel Pliers-20
    13-Function Steel Pliers
  • The Locksmith Key-Light-20
    The Locksmith Key-Light
  • The Flipster Flashlight-20
    The Flipster Flashlight
  • Custom Light Bulb Keyring-20
    Custom Light Bulb Keyring
  • 26pcs Tool Set-20
    26pcs Tool Set
  • USB Desk Fan-20
    USB Desk Fan
  • Flashlight / Emergency Tool-20
    Flashlight / Emergency Tool
  • 7 Function Pocket Knife-20
    7 Function Pocket Knife
  • Trekk Multi Tool-20
    Trekk Multi Tool
  • 3 Piece Cheese Set-20
    3 Piece Cheese Set
  • Zephyr Tool Kit-20
    Zephyr Tool Kit
  • Premium Builders iPen Multi Tool-20
    Premium Builders iPen Multi Tool
  • Pocket Multi Tool-20
    Pocket Multi Tool

Set Descending Direction

131 Item(s)

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