Document Canisters For Tractors, Machinery & Commercial Vehicles

A promotional custom branded document carrier is a brilliant way to keep your dealership or company branding on any vehicle or piece of machinery sold or serviced. Anyone who knows their stuff will keep log books, workshop manuals and other documentation with their precious equipment. And our promotional document canisters enable them to do so while displaying and being reminded of your company. Talk to us today for a quote and a mockup of these brilliant little promotional beacons.


    Loyalty is important in any business. In an era where it costs 5 times more to attract new customers than it does to retain an existing customer, enterprises of all shapes and sizes should be thinking long and hard about their retention strategies. For vehicle dealerships and manufacturers of bespoke machinery, the issue takes on a whole new level of importance. Whether your customers are buying cars, tractors or farming equipment from you, it’s imperative that your name is never far from their minds, while your sterling reputation is always helping to engender trust in your brand.

    For businesses such as yours, selling the vehicle or machine is only half the battle. You also need to ensure that they think of you when the time comes for repairs, servicing and maintenance as well as when they inevitably need to upgrade. It’s of paramount importance that yours is the only name they’ll consider. Relax your grip on them and they’ll drive right into the arms of your competitors. So, how do you keep your customer's loyal while also ensuring that your brand is never far from their thoughts? Sounds like you need...

    Branded Materials With Purpose

    Many vehicle dealerships use branded materials. Few use them to their full efficacy. Think about it! If you give your customer a pen with your logo on it, or perhaps a branded mug. What happens to it? It will be accepted with gratitude for sure, but after a while, we all know what it’s inevitable fate will be. The mug will sit chipped, cracked and forgotten at the back of your customer’s break room cupboard. The pen will run out of ink and be consigned to the rubbish bin. The trouble with these branded materials is that while they may have functions, they do not have a purpose. That’s where our custom branded machinery canisters come in.

    Imagine Your Logo On Machinery Canisters All Over Australia!

    All tractors, industrial vehicles and farming equipment have important paperwork including warranty documentation and manuals. Unlike cars or heavy goods vehicles, these machines do not have glove compartments. So, what happens to the paperwork? It could sit neglected in your customer’s kitchen drawer, or it could remain where it needs to be in a custom branded machinery canister which proudly sports your name and contact details.

    With these handy canisters all over Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond, your brand will never be far from the minds of your customers all over Australia. Thanks to these helpful devices, they’ll be sure to think of you every time they;

    • Need to get the vehicle or machinery serviced
    • Need to book in for repairs
    • Decide to purchase accessories
    • Think it might be time to trade-in or upgrade

    As you can imagine, this can be a colossal boon for customer retention and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between your brand and your customers.

    Creating Positive Associations With Your Brand, Mile After Mile!

    The great thing about all kinds of branded materials, provided that they are well considered, useful and of good quality, is that they can help to create positive associations with your brand. When a branded material has a helpful or useful purpose, a positive association with your brand is made every time it is used.

    The very act of keeping their warranty and manual documents in our impenetrable waterproof canisters can help to create associations of safety, reliability and strength. Just as the canister protects their documents, so too will your brand protect their interests. Plus, wherever they go, your brand will always be with them… And that’s pretty special!

    Why Choose Dynamic Gift?

    We’re an Australian owned and operated family business. Ever since we first opened our doors in 2005 we’ve been obsessed with bringing the very highest quality branded materials to businesses of all kinds all over Australia.

    Over the years our methods have become more refined and our processes have become more streamlined. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve ever lost sight of the values and ideas that keep our customers coming back year after year. Thanks to our streamlined processes, you can enjoy fast turnaround and lead times that our competitors simply can’t match. Our canisters can be delivered to you using our rush service within just 10 days (minimum orders of 25 units apply).

    We’ll stop at nothing short of bringing you the very best quality in design and manufacture at a price to suit your budget. If you find a lower price anywhere in Australia for a stocked product, we’ll even guarantee that we’ll beat it! Get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation quote. We can’t wait to help your brand to reach new heights!