Custom Branded Knives & Multi Tools Delivered Fast

For the ambitious outdoor or automotive company seeking new ways to connect with its target audience, Dynamic Gift has the perfect solution for you. We have a range of custom multi-function gear and toolkits ideal for those who like to work with their hands. As we run our own factory, most of our items are manufactured and printed by our expert team, ensuring you get speed and quality with your order. Whether you want to purchase some branded camp forks or bicycle seat covers, we can deliver a superior product guaranteed to make a positive impression.


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    Superior Items for Satisfied Clients

    When it comes to creating high quality promo goods, we utilise superior standards through every step of the design process. From tailoring our corporate gifts to your specific design and colour schemes to delivering the items you order to your door in rapid time, our team will ensure you are completely satisfied with goods such as our tailor-made knives. We can even create a one-off batch of personalised outdoor equipment if you wish to test the quality of our products before committing to a larger order. This should show you how confident we are about our promo gifts

    Expanding Your Marketing Potential

    The main benefit you will get from our durable, multi-function gear is they deliver your brand name to areas you may not have had access to. For example, engrave your business name and logo on the side of some camping tools and give these to your VIP clients. They will then show off your company details whenever they take out these items in the great outdoors. When you buy our promo goods, you are given a better chance to reach the general public especially as we offer wholesale rates that are more affordable than those associated with more traditional advertising means.

    A Wide Range at Your Fingertips

    We have a vast selection of products here on our site and are guaranteed to have a product or two that your target audience will love. If you are catering to those who enjoy practical gifts, one of our multi tools will be an excellent idea. Whether they are hiking through the wilderness or repairing their vehicles, these promotional gifts are useful enough to be thought of time and time again. Let Dynamic Gift boost client satisfaction and increase your advertising exposure in the one simple move.

    A Complete Tailor-made Solution

    If you don’t see something you like in our range of outdoor goods, please contact our team and ask us about the specific design or item you require. Even with these tailored products, rates are cheap and quality is high. There is a reason why we are one of the top suppliers of promo goods in Australia after all! So come and make a purchase from our store today. Thanks to our bulk rates, you can improve overall client satisfaction and expand your marketing potential without having to spend a fortune on our range of high quality, multi-functional goods.