Custom Branded Massagers At The Best Prices & Fastest Turnaround Time

Everyone loves getting free stuff, and our massagers will help your customers unwind while keeping your company’s name fresh in their minds. Here, you’ll learn why our custom printed massagers should become a part of your overall merchandise arsenal.


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    Radio and newspaper ads go out to very wide audiences, not all of whom may be looking for the products and services you sell. With our massagers and other items, you’re in control of distribution, which increases the power of your marketing effort and provides a higher return on investment.

    They Are Customizable

    Our massagers are available in a range of styles and prices to suit any marketing goal, theme, and budget. You’ll get to choose your audience, colors, message, and more. With a low minimum order of just 50 units, it’s easy to get started.

    Your Customers Will Keep Them Around

    According to industry research, 60% of consumers keep promotional items for two years or more. Of that number, over half say that they use these items more than once per week. By comparison, billboards and print ads may only receive a passing glance here and there. Our custom printed massagers are a tactile way to remind your customers of your company’s marketing message.


    Our massagers can be used in a range of ways, including customer loyalty bonuses, thank you gifts, convention and trade show giveaways, employee incentives, traffic drivers, direct mailers, and sales meeting gifts, just to name a few.


    In a recent study, 88% of respondents could remember the company name on a promo item they’d been given within the past year. By contrast, 71% recalled advertisers in magazines or newspapers from just a week earlier. When respondents are asked about the messages, advertisers, and products these items promote, just over 75% can remember all three.

    Creation of Goodwill

    Prospects, employees, and customers all like getting gifts. Our fun, useful massagers are an easy and inexpensive way to generate goodwill and create positive, lasting impressions of your company.

    Increasing Sales

    50% of consumers in a recent study had interacted with an advertiser before receiving a promotional item. After getting the product, 85% made a purchase. Call us today to find out how we can help you reinforce your marketing message and bring in more customers.

    Building Brand Awareness

    Whether your customers keep our massagers or they pass them to someone else, each time they’re used, your company’s name is on display. When others see your business’ logo and name, they’ll think of you the next time they’re looking for what you’re selling. Giving away useful items like our sports massagers will turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

    Why Wait? Get Started Now

    People love giveaways, and our massagers are no exception. Everyone likes getting gifts, and 83% of survey respondents said they liked receiving promo items with advertising messages. Give your customers what they want by distributing our products more often. Visit our site for more details or call today to start the ordering process.