Custom Branded & Promo Backpacks For Teams & Schools

We have a great range of promotional backpacks and rucksacks. All available printed or embroidered with your message or branding. Most business owners and managers today understand their most prized possession is their company's brand. They know this because they know clients the world over aren't as loyal to products as they are to the brands themselves and to what those brands represent. If your looking for an economy option for a backpack try our printed drawstring bags or even our range of tote bags.


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    The products a business sells are often quite useful when it comes to promoting one's brand, as is the case with Branded backpacks. It's frequently the younger generations that establish trends and bring attention to particular brands. One easy way for organisations in Australia to elicit the attention they desire is to use Branded school bags as a vehicle for their logos.

    You've come to the right place

    That's where we come onto the scene. We offer a sturdy, triple-stitched, and well-crafted Promotional back pack that's just right for carrying your company's brand. Like other popular promo items such as ball caps and tee shirts, backpacks and bags have historically been a business favourite for promotional use. Our backpack choices are many and varied. Your company's logo can be screen printed, pad printed, or embroidered as desired. Today, backpacks have evolved to be an all but ubiquitous part of most people's public going landscape, accompanying them from preschool to college, and sometimes further.

    Today's backpacks have been customised to carry the necessities one needs no matter their age or status in life. For example, packs intended for preschoolers have compartments for nappies and bottles. Others provide protected compartments for laptops and easy-to-reach outer pockets for cell phones and water bottles for those who are a bit further along on their educational and social paths. Our backpacks come in a nice variety of styles, too. Options include executive models, packs with wheels (for those making treks from commuter lots and across large campuses), and cost-effective sling and drawstring models that are lightweight as well as strong. Some backpacks even carry babies!

    3x more effective than stationery signs and billboards

    When a stationary object, such as a sign, displays your company's logo, people must pass the sign before they recall your brand. When it is featured prominently on an item like a backpack, an item that typically sees daily use, it travels. Instead of having your logo featured prominently in just one location, you have dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of instances of it floating about your given geographic area, regularly catching the attention of different people, subtly infusing the consciousness of a variety of individuals from all walks of life. This is how to establish real brand awareness.

    If you're trying to determine the best way to personalise packs for customers, consider these points. If the surface is large, give screen printing your attention, especially if your brand serves people across a variety of income levels. If your brand is about quality and exclusiveness, then consider embroidering your logo, especially for packs made from premium materials to fill the needs of a more discriminating client base. With high-demand, personalised products like these, it won't be long before your brand is the one people trust.

    Choose us for your promotional backpacks

    While there are numerous types of promotional products that are readily personalised and able to convey your company's brand to the masses, not many will work as hard or be as versatile as a backpack. Neither will they spend as much time in the public eye. Check out our offerings to see if there is something currently available to suit your needs. We think you'll find something you'll like. Our backpacks are rated to carry significant weights and last for years. We have free shipping available and a free rush service for particular items. Give our backpacks the opportunity to communicate your brand and see the results for yourself.