Custom Promotional Drawstring Bags & Knapsacks

Looking for a great giveaway for gyms, fitness organisations and health clubs! Waterproof and washable makes them ideal for gym clothes to be tossed in and football shoes etc. Don't delay in making your enquiry, we have Australia's lowest price guarantee, free mockup service and rapid turnaround times where we will actually tailor the order to meet your event deadline if required. If you're looking for a more all rounded option try our range of printed tote bags or for more corporate and higher end clients why not give them a corporate brief case or satchel


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    Promotional products are the most cost-effective methods to get exposure. Whether the company sells them or gives them away to customers, every time a customer uses or wears the product in public, the company gets publicity. There are a wide variety of promotional items that make great gifts and allow customers to display their loyalty to the brand. One of the best items that can be used by adults, as well as children, is Printed drawstring bags.

    Extremely versatile and affordable

    These bags are among the most versatile promotional products. They come in different colours so just about every business can get them in the brand's colours. Unlike other products that companies give away, drawstring bags have a large surface area. This means the company logo can be prominently displayed to the world every time it's worn. In addition to the logo, a company can add the website and other contact information so anyone who wants to get in touch with the company won't have to search for this information.

    Promotional drawstring bags are an affordable option for companies that need to get exposure in the local market. For only a couple of dollars per bag, businesses can put a product on the back of local school children and active adults around Sydney so they can advertise the business throughout their day. Ideally, the people who receive the bags will have enough knowledge about the company to answer questions and direct people who need the company's products or services to the right place to get them. When done correctly, the branding on these bags is unmistakable, and people who see the bags on someone else's back will have no choice but to think about the company's products.

    Get the right bag for your promotion at the right price

    There are a few types of Branded knapsacks available, and choosing the right one can have a huge impact on the results of the marketing campaign. For example, if the target market includes active people, such as bikers or joggers, a reflective bag might be more likely to be used daily and get the maximum amount of attention. This type of bag is going to be used in the early morning and evening hours around Australia when having reflective gear is essential. Because the bags are functional, they are more likely to be worn than sit in a closet with other promotional products a person has received over the years.

    In addition to choosing the right colours and type of bag, savvy marketers also carefully choose the message they display on the bags given to their customers. While a logo might be sufficient for established businesses, new companies might want to add more wording to ensure potential clients know what products or services they offer.

    Why choose us for your knapsacks and drawstring bags?

    It's essential to work with a promotional products company known for its high-quality merchandise. Giving away a bag that tears easily or one that the logo fades after only a few weeks could reflect poorly on the business. Although these bags are very affordable, marketers should avoid companies that only charge pennies per bag.

    Smart marketers have a clear strategy when it comes to distributing promotional products like drawstring bags. Everyone won't use them, and giving them to people who won't put them on to give the company exposure is a waste of money. On the other hand, when a branded bag gets into the hands of someone who will use it daily, the small investment a company makes in ensure the design on the bags attracts the attention of others will surely result in increases in revenue. Some companies offer these as free gifts at trades shows or other marketing events they participate in as a vendor. Others make them available to customers in their retail stores.