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Custom metal keyrings and metal keychains make an impression with their quality, substance, and durability. Where products of more common kinds might fail to attract notice, our engraved keyrings naturally garner attention with their heft, luxuriousness, and undeniable quality. We can bespoke mould a custom keychain to suit your branding or special requirements. Nobody can beat our turnaround time, quality or pricing so give us a try today! Simply browse our in stock shapes below or check out our bespoke and complete the form to the right for a fast written quote, right to your inbox in minutes.

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  • Shield 2 Metal Keyring-20
    Shield 2 Metal Keyring
  • Circular Metal Spinner Keyring-20
    Circular Metal Spinner Keyring
  • Multi-function Metal Key Ring-20
    Multi-function Metal Key Ring
  • Wave Metal Key Ring-20
    Wave Metal Key Ring
  • Spinning Metal Key Ring-20
    Spinning Metal Key Ring
  • Baron Round Leather Key Ring-20
    Baron Round Leather Key Ring
  • Capital House Key Ring-20
    Capital House Key Ring
  • Toronto Bottle Opener Key Ring-20
    Toronto Bottle Opener Key Ring
  • Pill Case Keyring-20
    Pill Case Keyring
  • Square Leather Keyring-20
    Square Leather Keyring
  • Brio Bottle Opener Key Ring-20
    Brio Bottle Opener Key Ring
  • Spinning House Metal Key Ring-20
    Spinning House Metal Key Ring
  • USB Dog Tags-20
    USB Dog Tags
  • Caprice Key Ring-20
    Caprice Key Ring
  • Chevron Bottle Opener Key Ring-20
    Chevron Bottle Opener Key Ring
  • Drop Metal Key Ring-20
    Drop Metal Key Ring
  • Rectangular Metal Key Ring-20
    Rectangular Metal Key Ring
  • Custom Dog Tags-20
    Custom Dog Tags
  • Baron Square Leather Key Ring-20
    Baron Square Leather Key Ring
  • Taurus Key Ring-20
    Taurus Key Ring
  • Surf Key Ring-20
    Surf Key Ring
  • Rectangle Metal Spinner Keyring-20
    Rectangle Metal Spinner Keyring
  • Altos Key Ring Square-20
    Altos Key Ring Square
  • Laser Etch Metal Key Ring-20
    Laser Etch Metal Key Ring
  • Custom Circle Metal Spinner Keyring-20
    Custom Circle Metal Spinner Keyring
  • Cerato Key Ring-20
    Cerato Key Ring
  • Lotus Key Ring-20
    Lotus Key Ring
  • House Metal Key Ring-20
    House Metal Key Ring
  • Baron Rectangular Leather Key Ring-20
    Baron Rectangular Leather Key Ring
  • Astina Key Ring-20
    Astina Key Ring
  • Oval Metal Key Ring-20
    Oval Metal Key Ring
  • Imitation Cloisonné Keyrings-20
    Imitation Cloisonné Keyrings
  • Digital Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings-20
    Digital Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings
  • Screen Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings-20
    Screen Print Epoxy Dome Keyrings
  • Hard Enamel Keyrings-20
    Hard Enamel Keyrings
  • Die Struck (No Inkfill) Keyrings-20
    Die Struck (No Inkfill) Keyrings
  • Compact Key Organiser-20
    Compact Key Organiser
  • Coloured Carabiner-20
    Coloured Carabiner
  • Prestige Leather Keyring-20
    Prestige Leather Keyring
  • Microfibre Cloth Keyring-20
    Microfibre Cloth Keyring
  • Bottle Opener Keytag / Light-20
    Bottle Opener Keytag / Light
  • Bottle Opener Torch-20
    Bottle Opener Torch
  • Metal House Keyring-20
    Metal House Keyring
  • CMYK Photo Print Opener-20
    CMYK Photo Print Opener
  • Bottle Opener Dog Tag-20
    Bottle Opener Dog Tag
  • Promotional Sigg Torch-20
    Promotional Sigg Torch
  • Carabiner Multi Tool-20
    Carabiner Multi Tool
  • Footprint Opener-20
    Footprint Opener
  • Carabiner Torch-20
    Carabiner Torch
  • Shield Metal Keyring-20
    Shield Metal Keyring
  • Promotional Trucky Keyring-20
    Promotional Trucky Keyring
  • Belmont Zync Keyring-20
    Belmont Zync Keyring
  • Custom Light Bulb Keyring-20
    Custom Light Bulb Keyring
  • Classic Bottle Opener-20
    Classic Bottle Opener
  • Tear Drop Keyring-20
    Tear Drop Keyring
  • Compass Carabiner-20
    Compass Carabiner
  • Promo Curve Bottle Opener-20
    Promo Curve Bottle Opener
  • Round Opener Style-20
    Round Opener Style
  • Fish Bottle Opener-20
    Fish Bottle Opener
  • LED Aluminium Torch Keytag-20
    LED Aluminium Torch Keytag
  • Soft Enamel Ink Filled Keyrings-20
    Soft Enamel Ink Filled Keyrings
  • Accent Leather Keyring-20
    Accent Leather Keyring
  • Multi Metal Keyring-20
    Multi Metal Keyring
  • Cheers Style Opener-20
    Cheers Style Opener
  • Cloth In Metal Tin Pack-20
    Cloth In Metal Tin Pack
  • Droplet Metal Keyring-20
    Droplet Metal Keyring
  • Tape Measure Torch Keyring-20
    Tape Measure Torch Keyring
  • Standard Carabiner Strap-20
    Standard Carabiner Strap

Set Descending Direction

68 Item(s)

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Made to order and to your exact specifications, our stainless-steel keychains are perfect for a wide range of businesses and purposes, from sending new vehicle owners away with high-quality personalised gifts they'll remember, to massive giveaways to celebrate the launch of a new product, these personalized keychains impress recipients and hold up through many years of regular use.

A Range of Manufacturing and Imprinting Methods and Styles

These rings are not all created alike, and that is even more the case with our metal ones. We offer promotional products of a variety of different kinds, each with its own unique character and advantages, so you can pick the perfect set of options for your own situation and goals:

Die Struck: Sometimes called hand stamped, die struck keyrings are first formed from solid, strong pieces of metal and then stamped with whatever logo or other customisation you prefer, producing permanent, especially attractive branding. For added effect, the stamped area can be filled with ink for greater contrast, visual interest, and colour.

Custom Moulding: Moulded metal key chains can be customised even with regard to shape, allowing for still more personalisation and uniqueness. Coupled with the inherent appeal of solid, attractive metal, this can make for especially distinctive products for marketing.

Photo-Chemical Etching: Etched metal has a special draw of its own, and our photo-etched key rings often stand out as some of the most beautiful and striking of all.

Laser Etching: Lasers can be used to etch fine, permanent details with impeccable precision, allowing for even the most complex logos and other images to inscribed.

Epoxy-Protected Photographic Imagery: We can bind full-colour photographic imagery to metal and apply a crystal-clear layer of epoxy that keeps everything looking great for years.

And Others: We are always seeking exciting new options for our customers. Contact us for a free quote and to learn about the latest additions to our catalogue.

Dozens of Beautiful, Striking Finishes That Last

A range of available finishes make it easy to merge with the character of your brand, your audience, and your goals.

  • Shiny key rings stand out with a polished, light-reflecting look.

  • A Misty finish adds a subdued, refined feel of any kind.

  • Antique key rings have an aged, appealing look that only improves with time.

And More. With many more options to choose from, picking the perfect finish for your own metal key ring will never be out of reach.

These finishes and others can be selected in hues like gold, silver, black, nickel, or zinc, making for dozens of appealing options.

Not just for mechanics and automotive dealers

Any company can throw a keyring to their clients. They make a great reminder of your company information or brand name, and they are not just for mechanic or automotive related businesses either. Some organisation types that use them include but are not limited too:

  1. Hotels and motels.

  2. Takeaway restaurants.

  3. Contractors and tradesman.

  4. Appliance repairers.

  5. Tourism industry and travel agents.

  6. Retail stores, clothing and accessories.

Literally any business could give these promo items with their information presented. They serve as a reminder and will definitely help bring clients back to your shop.

Members only

If you are running a loyalty program then it isn’t easy to keep track of who’s in your inner circle, and this is even harder if you run a business that has hundreds of people in the VIP special offers or rewards club. A simple keyring presented at the time of purchase can garner people with a discount, or a free item during purchase. This is often in the form of plastic membership tags however a metal keyring can be used in more premium or corporate style groups.

Fast, Fully Customised Results

Leveraging the permanence and substance of metal doesn't need to mean waiting around, either. We can deliver fully customised metal keychains in as few as ten days on rush orders, with even standard projects arriving quickly.

Our industry-leading price beat guarantee and free design services ensure that every order will be cost-effective and affordable, as well. With minimum order quantities as low as 100 units, our promotional things make for unforgettable gifts, promotional items, awards, or special incentives. Contact us now for a free, no obligation quote regarding your own goals and options.

Extremely comprehensive service.

We offer a 100% free artwork and design service; we mock a virtual preview of your products up and our sales team email you for a final approval prior to product. On larger orders we can offer free shipping and certain products are even available on a 5-7-day rush turnaround. Considering we have to mould your key rings, brand with your chosen decoration method and then organise couriers to deliver to your door. 5-7 days is extremely fast compared to other competitors.

Take up our offer of a free virtual sample and a no obligation quote using our quick quote form to the right, our team will respond within minutes. Or if you prefer, give us a call and chat about your requirements our team will be more than happy to recommend some options for your next promotion.