7 College Promo Items That Help With Campus Recruitment
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7 College Promo Items That Help With Campus Recruitment

Are you wondering about the effectiveness of promotional products for college campus recruitment?

You might be surprised to know that studies show that most people keep promotional products with them for eight months on average!

In order to use college promotional items as a way to boost campus recruitment, you'll need to get creative.

Read on for a list of 7 college promo items that will help you bolster campus recruitment and keep your school top of mind!


1. PopSockets

PopSockets became an internet phenomenon when they were showcased on the social media channels of celebrities and influencers.

A PopSocket attaches to the back of a smartphone or tablet with adhesive and works as a simple grip or media stand.

The handle of the grip can easily be decorated with your school's logo, colors, or a variety of unique designs.


2. Mugs!

What college student doesn't drink coffee during late study nights or on Sunday afternoons as they prepare for the week?

A coffee mug with the college's name, logo, and colors will be sure to make its way home and find its way into the dorm room when students move in for their first semester!


3. USB Hubs

Students that are transitioning from high school to college are always on the go and tech items are perfect for college giveaways!

A USB hub with the school's logo can power students' smartphones, flash drives, and more with one simple laptop connection.

Since students are always on the move, this college promo item will make its way from the classroom to the coffee shop!


4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a simple, yet effective promotional product for any business and colleges are no exception!

You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and finishes that will match the style of even the pickiest students.


5. Coasters

Coasters engraved with your college's coat of arms are a classy college promotional item that students can use before, during, and after their time in school.

Families will hold on to coasters after their first visit to the school, students will use them for on-campus parties, and alumni will take them along as they move into the working world.

Coasters also make for great gifts as students will likely pass them on to friends and family who will use them. This is brand awareness at its finest!


6. Frisbees

Frisbee is a classic college activity.

Having frisbees printed in your school's college with the logo or mascot is a great way to build brand awareness and catch the attention of prospective students.

Don't neglect to give this out at high school visitations, as many high schools have ultimate frisbee teams!


7. Phone Lanyard

Branded lanyards are great college promo items for prospective student tours, freshman orientation, and campus events.

Go with a smartphone lanyard as a trendy smartphone accessory that promotes your institution!


Which College Promo Items Are Right For You?

These 7 college promo items are great starting points to help with campus recruitment and are just a starting point for promoting your school!

Keep in mind that it's important to choose promotional items for college students that are both functional and trendy!

If you need more ideas for promoting your school, check out our blog for giveaway ideas and more!

6 August 2018