Custom Branded Sunglasses Delivered Fast

Do you want to improve your marketing campaign and promote your company in a new and unique way? Then why not invest into this brilliant customised product that you can give to staff and clients? You could choose things like promotional mugs, lanyards or keyrings but what about trying something different? promotional sunglasses are becoming a highly popular choice as they are easy to customise with your company logo on the arm of the glasses themselves or onto the pouch that they come in. And with Australia's gorgeous weather they make the ultimate wearable promotional item for your customers.


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    As a company owner, it is important to make sure that you are always doing everything you can to promote your business and this should involve you giving away promotional products from time to time. You will need to source products that are affordable and easy to customise and it is important to make sure you give away items that will be used by the recipients. For example, you can get your company logo printed onto the arms of 100 sunspecs and hand them out at a specialist networking event as shades will appeal to a wide audience, which is important as you want people to wear them to promote your brand.

    Setting up a Networking Event

    A networking event is the perfect place to promote your brand and you can buy personalised sunglasses in bulk if you are expecting to give away a lot, or you can experiment and buy a smaller amount to see how popular they are. People love to receive free things and all you need to do is set up a stand or a stall, provide people with information about what you are offering and give them something to take away with them to remember you by. If you want to go all out, then you can also give away personalised glasses cases to go with the glasses or attach customised straps to the arms. One of the most important aspects of marketing a brand is making sure people recognise it quickly and easily, and here at Dynamic Gifts we offer you the chance to buy a wide range of promotional products that are simple and cheap to customise.

    Freebies & Profitable Products

    When you attend a promotional event, you will need to decide which products you want to give away for free and which ones you want to sell. You can give sunnies away or sell them for a profit but there is another option that people don’t always think of, which is to sell them to break even. This means that you don’t need to sell them for a high amount of money as this might mean people don’t want to buy them but it also means that you don’t lose money by giving them away for free. However, many business owners will prefer to give away some freebies at a promotional event as a way to drum up more attention to their brand.

    Our Promotional Sunglasses Build Brands in Functional and Stylish Fashion

    Australians enjoy the best weather in the world, with many cities across the country boasting two hundred days or more of sunshine in the average year. Getting out and making the most of those sunny days is a top priority for many, and a good pair of sunglasses can make life even more pleasant. Promotional sunglasses often end up being some of the best ways of all to build brand awareness. Useful and invariably associated with good times, branded sunglasses can deliver outstanding return on investment.

    From affordable accessories for giving away in bulk to highly stylish shades ready for presenting to clients, customised sunglasses and related products have a way of making a real impression. Thanks to our wide selection of high-quality options, industry-leading customer service, and low prices, finding the perfect customisable sunglasses or accessories for any organisation has never been easier.

    A Full Range of Features to Support Safety, Performance, and Comfort

    Custom logo sunglasses we offer run the whole spectrum of available features and options. Whether with basic models that emphasise low cost or sunglasses that incorporate high-end technology and bulletproof construction, we have something for every brand. Some of the more popular features and options to be found in our collections include:

    • UV 400 Protection.: All sunglasses block visible light, but ultraviolet radiation can take a toll, as well. In fact, eyes that adjust to lower levels of visible light become more susceptible to harm from the UV spectrum that cannot even be seen. Our sunglasses with CE-certified UV 400 blocking protect the eyes of wearers in every way possible.
    • Folding Frames. Standard sunglasses can be bulkier than some would like, but our folding frame products collapse to half size. That can make it much easier to slip a pair of glasses into a pocket, purse, or other small space, keeping them ready to wear and display your branding at all times.
    • Sports-Oriented Coverage and Durability.: Athletes appreciate sunglasses that can handle the rigours of their chosen sports, and our sports-style glasses deliver impressive performance. With wider lenses that enhance peripheral vision, sunglasses like these have strong frames that keep them in place during intense activity. They also offer up a lot of highly visible space for customised branding to make a statement.
    • Polarised Lenses.: Many Australians enjoy getting out on the water, and glasses with polarised lenses can cut the glare and greatly improve visibility. By filtering especially intense reflected light, sunglasses with polarised lenses can help boaters, kayaking enthusiasts, and others see what lies below the surface of the water.
    • Useful, Affordable Accessories.: Our branded pouches, straps, cases, and other accessories for sunglasses help complete the picture. Providing useful protection and enhanced confidence, they can display a logo or other customisation just as well as the glasses they contain or secure. They also tend to be especially affordable, making it easy to round out a branding campaign, even when on a budget.

    A Wide Selection of Funky Styles Help Your Brand Stand Out

    Our sunglasses also cover the full range of styles, so you can easily target an audience of any kind. Classics like aviator, round-framed, and pilot-style sunglasses often appeal to older recipients just as much as young ones.

    Rock-, hip-hop-, and fashion-influenced sunglasses can help ambitious brands seem even fresher and more in tune with their audiences. Logo-printed sunglasses of many different kinds can reflect and reinforce brand identities while creating positive feelings among those who receive them.

    Thanks to our price beat guarantee, lightning-fast turnaround and delivery, and free design services, there is no better source for sunglasses that can help achieve your own promotional goals. Make the most of Australia's sunny weather for your own organisation with some of the most fun and successful promotional products of all.