Microfibre Lens Cloths & Custom Screen Cleaners

Promotional Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Will Capture the Attention of Your Customers. Microfiber cleaning cloths are a fantastic promotional item to give away, because your customers will enjoy having the cloth available to wipe down their electronics or eye glasses. Any item that has glass or a screen will gather dust, and it can be obnoxious to try to get rid of the dust without the right tool. Small, handheld microfiber cloths are the perfect way to attract the dust and get rid of it, and your customers will be excited about the promotional cloth that they receive from you.


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    Advantages of a Customised Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    One of the main advantages is the fact that these cleaning cloths can be used in a variety of ways, and each time your customer reaches for the cloth they will see your company brand or logo. For example, if you are an optometrist and you choose to hand out the cloths to the customers who purchase glasses from your office, those customers will use the cloth for their glasses... as well as other items. It is very likely that they might pull out the cloth when they need to wipe off the screen on their phone, or get rid of the dust on a tablet or laptop.

    Each time they reach for the cleaning cloth, they will be reminded about your company, keeping the brand forefront in their mind. When they are in need of the products or services that you offer, then that customer will likely come back again, because they will remember the good service that they received last time they worked with you.

    Uses for Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

    There are a variety of business who can benefit by using custom printed microfiber clothes. These promotional items are great for optometrists, any type of business that sells glasses or sunglasses, electronics stores, phone repair shops, cell phone sales, or any other industry with a product that can be wiped down with a small hand cloth.
    Even if you aren't selling a related product, you might consider giving these cloths away at a trade show or a convention. Each person that you come in contact with can benefit from the cloth, because they have a phone or other objects that can be cleaned with the cloth. So, you can hand them out as a free giveaway to spread information about your company. You can even have the contact information for your company printed directly on the cloth, such as your website and phone number.

    Customised Printing Options

    If you are interested in using microfiber cloths for your business, you can choose the colour that matches your brand and logo. Here at Dynamic Gift, we offer complimentary design services, and our graphic designers can help you to put together a high quality message or image to print directly onto the cloth.

    These lens cloths and screen cleaners can be printed, and then shipped to a variety of places around Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. If you want to learn more about the options that are available, we invite you to contact us and we will help you with your order!