Custom Branded Phone Covers & Tablet Cases

Browse a carefully selected range of smartphone cases and covers with your logo. A great promotional gift is one that stays with the user for a long time, and is seen as much as possible not only by the recipient but people they come into contact with, and a phone cover or a tablet case is the perfect solution for this. Get your brand seen in homes, around the office and while the carrier is out and about. All of our custom phone and tablet covers are available branded with your logo, talk to us for a no obligation quote and artwork proof.


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    You only have to take a quick look around you on the bus or train to see just how popular mobile phones have become. Did you know that 5 billion people now have access to mobile networks? If you’re looking to showcase your brand and spread your message, there’s no better promotional product than branded phone cases.

    We supply a vast range of custom-made phone covers, tablet wallets and phone accessories, such as battery covers and socks. Our range caters for every budget, and we have all kinds of styles, colours, materials and designs on offer. We can add logos, brand names and full-colour images, and we have everything from basic fabric socks and moulded PVC covers to felt and pleather cases. We can provide you with high-quality, affordable soft or hard covers to suit your budget, your brand, and your target market.

    Once you’ve chosen the type of phone or tablet cover you want, you can use our hassle-free customisation service to personalise the product. If you already know exactly what you want, all you have to do is add your design and click to order. Alternatively, if you’d like advice or design inspiration, we have an expert team on hand to go through ideas and come up with suggestions that will really make an impact.

    The advantages of using branded phone cases to showcase your business

    The vast majority of people now own a mobile phone, and most of us are guilty of spending too much time glued to the screen. If you’re a business owner looking to promote your brand and get your name out there, promotional phone covers are a great investment for trade shows, client giveaways and raffles and fundraisers.

    If you’ve got phone covers to give away or auction off, you’re providing potential clients with a useful product that is going to be mutually beneficial. Your customer has a new phone case, and you have the opportunity for people to see your brand name and logo wherever that client takes their phone. If you think about the number of phones you see on a daily basis, and how far people travel for work or pleasure, there’s scope for this to be a really powerful branding exercise.

    As a business owner, you can choose to give away phone cases as a perk for those who visit your stall at a trade show or an expo, for example, or you can use them as a bargaining tool to increase your chances of securing sales on other products. If you’re offering a free branded phone case with a laptop bag, a rucksack or a water bottle, for example, a customer may opt for your product over a rival because they’re getting a phone case thrown in. Likewise, if you’ve got a stand at an event, and you’re vying for attention and trying to beat the competition, the lure of a promotional phone cover may just sway that customer towards you.

    Building your brand with promotional phone covers

    Most of us have at least one phone on us at all times. When you’re reliant on your phone for business or to maintain contact with friends and family, the last thing you want is to damage your phone. Phone covers are an essential investment for most users. If you can get a free branded cover, why would you spend a fortune on items advertised in technology stores? Providing promotional covers enables you to offer people a product that they will actually use, and you can also take advantage of the fact that your client will take their phone almost everywhere they go. If you are considering using customised covers to market your business, tailor the design to your brand, and think about what your target market would look for in a product if they were shopping for a cover.

    Phone covers can be hugely effective for all kinds of businesses, from retailers and fashion companies to travel agents and technology firms. Ideally, you want the logo to remind your customer about your brand, but you also want to aim to attract the attention of others so that they have a desire to find out more about your business.

    Are you on the hunt for a promotional product that will help you spread the message and get your brand name up in lights? If so, why not check out our range of custom phone covers? Billions of people in the world use mobile phones, and a branded cover could help your business achieve the attention it deserves.