Custom Printed Mousepads & Mats Delivered Fast

Your brand and company details right on your clients desks! You can't get better exposure than that. Print your message in full colour digital. Think about it for a moment, people at desks are generally business people and those are the type of clients you want! Talk to us today about creating the perfect mouse mat to promote your company. We offer a 100% free design service along with Australia's lowest price guaranteed.


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    Walking down the street, it can seem like every other person is either wearing or carrying some kind of promotional clothing or product. The original idea behind promotional t-shirts, hats, and other clothing items was to reach new customers and clients through advertising via unexpected media. Today, though, brightly coloured branded shirts hardly make an impression at all, they are so common.

    That's why it's time for business owners to branch out and find new ways to reach their target audiences. Promotional mouse pads do just that.

    Printed Mouse Mats Are Practical and Durable

    Unlike some traditional promotional goods or business cards, mouse pads are both practical and durable. These qualities are essential in any branded product, as any product that does not have an explicit use is likely to be thrown out before it has the intended impact.

    In comparison to a more traditional keychain mini-flashlight or branded cap, mouse pads are also much more likely to withstand the test of time. This makes them especially useful for promotional branding in the office environment where other office workers and visitors are likely to see them each day.

    An Original Idea

    It can be hard to come up with original gifts for corporate parties, fundraisers, or promotional event. Gifts that specifically target one group of people tend to exclude others, while many more general items like pens, stationary, and ball caps have become cliché and overdone. Just about everyone these days has at least one computer, though, and most companies have not yet expanded their promotional advertising efforts to include mouse pads.

    Plenty of Choices

    Promo mouse pads come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Plus, unlike smaller items, which can really only be customised using a fairly simple logo, mouse pads can feature photo-quality prints. It's easy to create an eye-catching and original design that will attract plenty of attention. Since business owners don't have to be restricted to just a few colours, the possibilities for creating innovative and eye-catching designs are nearly endless.

    Easy to Incorporate into Welcome Packages

    Printed mouse mats make a thoughtful gift for new clients or employees and, since they're flat, they can be included in welcome packets, catalogues of services, or other forms of company literature. Some models can even be sent through the mail without incurring large shipping costs. These features make them practical for a wide variety of uses.

    A Reasonable Price

    Arguably the best thing about mouse pads is that they are inexpensive to produce. That means they can be a very cost-effective means of marketing even at trade shows and business conventions where thousands of potential clients and customers are readily accessible. The competition at these sorts of events is often steep, so it's best to take any opportunity to get ahead. In those kinds of circumstances, having a more useful and original gift than others with competing products or services can certainly help a company stand out from the crowd.

    Custom Mouse Pads Store Easily

    One of the most commonly overlooked, and also most frustrating, factors when it comes to choosing promotional products is storing them until they can be distributed. Mouse pads are small, flat, and virtually unbreakable. That means there's no chance of investing in a line of promotional products only to find some of them break over the course of transporting them. It also means no one has to worry about coming up with extra storage space in the event not all of them are distributed at once.

    Order From a Trusted Company

    In addition to affordable prices and incredible versatility, choosing a trusted provider of promotional goods means customers can expect prompt delivery of mouse pads and other products. Get a quote today, or get in contact with any questions. After all, new customers and clients are out there. All that's left is to reach them.