Travel Wallets & Passport Holders At The LOWEST Prices

Corporate travel wallets are a great giveaway gift not just for clients but also as a little incentive for staff and contractors. We can emboss your logo onto any of our travel wallets and passport holders or print up to 4 colours using the pad print method. We also offer other customisation methods on large volume orders such as metal badges bonded to the front of the wallet. Contact us for a fast written quote and a free virtual sample of your design.


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    As in other areas of life, in customer relations, it’s often “out of sight, out of mind”. We’ve all been given something with a company’s logo on it, and many of us use these items every day. Despite the broad reach of these items, it’s hard for companies to keep their brands fresh in customers’ minds. Below, we’ll list a few reasons to include our corporate branded passport holders and wallets in your promotional campaigns.

    Building Enduring Brand Awareness

    According to the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), more than 62% of people remember the name of the company from which they got a promotional item. Passport holders make great promo items, and every time a recipient goes on a trip, they’ll be reminded of your company. By including your company’s contact information on these products, you’ll always be within your customers’ reach.

    Gaining Access to Valuable Ad Space

    Most people have at least an eight-hour workday, during which they’re typically stuck behind a desk. If your potential and current clients use their branded passport holders on business trips, you’re securing important ad space. As these items are used quite frequently during travel, they serve as a permanent billboard of your message and your brand.

    Adding Value to Your Marketing Messages

    Part of being a successful marketer is knowing what makes your customers tick. If you have this information, it’s easier to craft a meaningful, relevant message. With our corporate branded wallets and passport holders, you can increase the perceived desirability and value of your company’s products and services. For instance, if you’re running a travel agency, you’ll find that our products will soon become indispensable to your customers. This leads to increased brand awareness for the customer and everyone with whom they come into contact.

    Offering Your Employees a Great Incentive

    Our passport holders aren’t just good for customers; you can also give them to employees as a reward or incentive. Consider starting a rewards program that suits your workers, goals, and corporate culture. Although our bulk items come at a relatively low cost, they’ll have a high perceived value to your employees and colleagues. When our promo items are used as an incentive, they’ll create powerful positive energy in your workplace.

    Turning Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

    Whenever your customers use one of our branded wallets, passport holders, lanyards, or other travel-related items, they’ll become a mobile billboard for your brand. Our items are so practical that they’ll quickly become a part of your customers’ and employees’ everyday lives, and they’ll inadvertently help you spread your marketing message wherever they go.

    Tactile Advertising

    Today’s world is largely digital, and many corporate giveaways come in the form of email links and coupon codes. Despite the advantages technology provides, people haven’t changed much over the years, and they still want things they can feel, touch, and hold in their hands. Receiving one of our wallets gives people the tactile sensations they’re looking for, and these products are more meaningful than any digital giveaway.

    In Closing

    A creative, useful, and thoughtful gift makes a person happy and leaves them with a favourable impression of your brand. With our passport holders, wallets, and other items, we’ll help you find the best ways to remind your customers of the value your company provides.