Leather Compendiums At Competitive Prices & Turnaround Times

We offer a range of genuine leather compendiums and portfolios branded with your corporate logo or emblem. We can emboss or stamp your logo into the compendium or screen print in up to 4 colours. We even offer a bespoke metal badge designed specifically to your size or shape requirements which is then bonded to the portfolio. There really is no limits with our custom leather portfolios. Enquire now for a fully written quote and further information from our sales team.


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    We know there is no substitute for the look and feel of leather. Our genuine leather compendiums have the look, feel and smell you would expect from a premium leather product. Whether it’s for your employees, a gift for your clients or a way to keep your essential documents in order at your next conference or trade show, our promotional leather compendiums have proven over the years to be one of the most popular promotional items available. We offer a large assortment of compendiums custom branded with your business name and logo.

    The Perfect Corporate Gift

    Leather compendiums are stylish corporate gifts and are always well received by employees, clients and business professionals, particularly when they are customised with an embossed logo. Businesses and organisations opt for leather compendiums and portfolios because of their professional and stylish aesthetic. Each one of our premium leather compendiums are expertly finished and stitched to the highest quality standards. They retain their image and actually look better with age. Compendiums have multiple advertising opportunities to enhance the marketing and visibility of your business. They are the most practical, efficient and affordable way to get your business name and logo seen by a greater audience. Most importantly, executives find it the most orderly and logical way to carry important documents and keep their paperwork in order.

    Business owners commonly order premium leather compendiums as attendee gifts for conferences and events. With quality custom branding, these gifts encourage people to recall the conference, the networking in which they engaged and increases the likelihood of future attendance. The leather compendium they carry is a reminder of useful experiences and a prompt to future action. When handed out to clients and prospective business partners, a leather compendium is an item that will likely retain a prominent position in an office and will never be thrown away.

    As a gift to employees, compendiums are not only a great way to say ‘thank you’ or to reward their performance, they will enable them to work more productively by keeping their paperwork and important documents in order. A small investment in supplying your staff with professional leather compendiums may result in increased productivity and worker satisfaction. If you’re interested in purchasing our leather compendiums and portfolios, get in touch with us to request your free quote.