Canvas Compendiums At The Best Prices & Fastest Turnaround Time

Custom compendiums and portfolios are a great way to keep your team organised. Give them to your staff or your students. We have compendiums ranging from simple a5 folios to full featured a4 size which include USB slots, pen holders, business card holders, tech traps for iPads and many other devices. You wouldn't think that a trust old portfolio could have so much function but we make it happen and we offer a host of custom branding options on all of our canvas portfolios and compendiums. Browse styles below and talk to us for a quote and virtual sample.


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    Canvas Compendiums And Portfolios For Professionals & Students

    Any serious professional, entrepreneur or even student should have a personalised compendium of their own. Our line of canvas compendiums is the ideal solution for anyone looking to organise their day-to-day life and stay on top of all the important things. It’s so easy to lose control of a busy schedule if you’re not careful, but with one of these canvas compendiums, you won’t ever find yourself having to worry about this again. As well as being perfect for individuals wanting to manage their own working lives, they also make perfect corporate gifts.

    An Affordable Branded Corporate Gift

    The low prices we offer make them ideal for business owners wanting to hand out gifts to staff. Not only will staff members appreciate the gift and the chance to make use of a product that will make their lives easier, but they’ll also benefit the business because everyone will be more organised. That’s got to be a good thing for the whole workplace. They’re made from strong canvas material, meaning they’re made to last and are not in any way disposable.

    As well as offering these canvas compendiums to all kinds of professionals, we also have a range of printed portfolios. For anyone who’s ever wanted to impress at a meeting or presentation, these portfolios are essential. It’s not just about impressing and looking great though; from a functional perspective, they do exactly what you would want them to do. They keep important work safe, meaning you won’t ever need to turn up to a meeting with some screwed up papers under your arm ever again.

    A Myriad Of Customisation Options Available

    Business owners can choose to have the company branding printed on the portfolios and then handed out to the whole team. It’s a nice added touch that makes the business seem more unified and professional. For example, when you’re trying to impress an external client, those little touches and details do mean a lot. They’ll want to work with people who are organised and coherent, and a matching range of branded portfolios is a detail that won’t go unnoticed around the boardroom table.

    We pride ourselves on offering low prices to our customers because we know that most hard-working business owners don’t have money to throw at luxuries. We have managed to keep our costs down so that our customers can really benefit from our products. And just because we offer low prices, that doesn’t mean you can’t expect high standards. We don’t cut corners or make sacrifices, so expect the best.

    You or your team of employees can really benefit from canvas compendiums that keep them organised and on track throughout the working day. If you don’t have anything like this yet, now’s the time to make it happen. You only succeed in the world of business when you’re organised and on your toes, and that’s exactly what these products help you to do. Get in touch and place an order if you want your own. You can find more details by following all the relevant links.