How many times have you come home from a conference and promptly tossed all the event swag you "scored?" Lame promotional items are a waste of your company's money if they end up in the trash.

Why don't you get yourself some promotional swag that'll actually get used? The whole point is to get your name out there, after all. When your products are in use, your logo is seen regularly by your ideal clients.

It won't be long before they give you a call.

Keep reading for the best swag ideas for turning those conference attendees into clients in a hurry.

Smartphone Swag Ideas

There are over 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide today. By 2020, that number will climb to almost 3 billion. It's safe to say that smartphone swag is a good way to go for your promotional items.

As smartphone users grow in number, so does the distracted driving death toll. About 25% of all car crash fatalities are due to distracted driving.

Show you care about your clients by handing out a smartphone holder that suctions to their windshield. You can also opt for an at-home smartphone stand for the table-top YouTube watcher.

Other cool swag ideas for smartphones include attachable silicone card walletswireless chargers, and custom smartphone covers.

Office Swag Ideas

Your clients likely spend most of their week at the office, so providing swag that'll make their work lives easier is a home run. There are tons of opportunities here to get your name out there and seen by your clients for eight straight hours per day.

Calculators and desk clocks are all used frequently throughout an average office workday.

The best office swag is the kind that can be used at both home and the office. Reusable water bottles are awesome for this, along with USB drives.

Opt for a USB lanyard so they can easily sling it over their neck as they leave work. It'll guarantee they never lose it, as is so easy to do with small USB drives!

Fun Swag Ideas

You've got your office swag covered. What about swag for home and recreation?

Considering your target demographic is key here. If your clients have kids, hand out toys and games that'll get used daily, like jump ropes. Opt for one with a built-in electronic counter to add value to the product.

For the adults, summer fun swag like sunglasses and flip-flops are always a hit. Games and toys are also fun for the whole family.

If your target demographic doesn't include parents, you can't go wrong with a set of custom playing cards. Whether alone or with a partner, playing cards offer a whole host of classic games that'll keep your clients entertained (and looking at your logo!) for hours.

Event Swag for Your Next Conference

Now that you've read up on some of the most popular and useful event swag out there, you're probably ready to up your promotional swag game!

Are you in a hurry to get swagged out before that conference that came up way too fast? Check out our 5-day rush products for the best swag ideas that'll make it to you in time!