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Practical items always make a great promotional tool. Not only will your customers appreciate getting them, but they will be much more likely to keep the item after it was passed out at your promotional event.

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  • Protein Shaker Sleeve-20
    Protein Shaker Sleeve
  • Atlas Shaker-20
    Atlas Shaker
  • Olympus Sports Shaker-20
    Olympus Sports Shaker
  • The 700ml Power Shaker-20
    The 700ml Power Shaker
  • 500ml Printed Protein Shaker-20
    500ml Printed Protein Shaker
  • Trojan Metal Shaker-20
    Trojan Metal Shaker
  • 400ml Printed Protein Shakers-20
    400ml Printed Protein Shakers
  • 500mL Earthshaker Protein Shaker-20
    500mL Earthshaker Protein Shaker
  • 600ml Printed Protein Shakers-20
    600ml Printed Protein Shakers
  • Shaker-Pro Sports Bottle-20
    Shaker-Pro Sports Bottle
  • The Big Boy Bottle-20
    The Big Boy Bottle

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11 Item(s)

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Printed protein shakers can be a unique gift which is perfect to catch someone’s eye. They would actually make someone approach you to see what all the fuss is about. People can keep the protein shaker for years, which means a lot more people will see your message and get to know your branding.

If you promote a healthy lifestyle with your business, offering promotional materials that would help your customers reach their goals is a great place to start. Not only are people going to appreciate your marketing and treat it like a gift, they are more likely to carry it around and get good use out of their protein shaker which will help to spread your influence via word of mouth. When you order your custom protein shakers from a qualified company you can guarantee that your logo will continue to look sharp and well-preserved, even after the bottle has been scrubbed clean after a few uses.

Our protein shakers come in two sizes so you can determine which are most appropriate for your clients. Gyms that promote intense workouts like Cross-fit might gravitate towards the larger bottle which will appear to their clients that are looking to add bulk to their bodies. Those that promote a more relaxing workout space like the smaller bottle which will easily fit in a yoga bag. You can also combine orders if you would like to provide your customers with options regarding the size or colouring they would like best. If you get a variety of customers at your fitness club, this can be the perfect way to engage your customers.

The smaller bottle is a 400ml protein shaker, while the larger can hold up to 600ml. You will have the option of mixing and matching the colour of the lids to match the promotional materials you plan to give away with the bottle. There are up to 5 lid colours to choose from. Bulk ordering is available for all products and you can receive your order in as little as 5 days once you have sent your request. We also offer the price beat guarantee which helps you get the best deals on your printing in the business.

On top of offering customisation options for your art the protein shaker itself is designed to hold up so customers will be able to keep it for a long time after they receive it. The colour will remain true after washing and the clear plastic can resist staining from even the most intense protein shakes if it is taken care of. The lid also contains an optional filter which will help to prevent protein mixed in the container from making unpleasant clumps the user will not like to drink. This is the perfect option for gyms, fitness centres, health spas and others to offer a high quality promotional gift.