Easy Setup, High Tension Stretch Fabric Displays

Do you need an event display solution that is highly durable, portable and easy to transport, looks amazing when setup and conveys your branding message to the public. Our tension and stretch fabric displays are the answer to all of your requirements, they hold their own at any event and make other company's expo displays look amateur in comparison. And at the end of the day they fold down and fit into just about any vehicle. Talk to us today for a completely free quote and virtual sample!


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    Tension fabric displays remain a popular choice with businesses in Australia, as they come in a wide range of styles to meet the needs of all. In fact, companies offering these products often find it difficult to limit the options to only one category, and this helps to explain why hanging fabric displays and big stretch walls now have a section all to their own. This makes the shopping process easier. What all displays of this type have in common, however, is their fabric graphics. Most make use of a dye sublimated stretch fabric because this fabric offers vibrant colours and is very durable. The printing process used with dye sublimation merges the inks with the fabric, thus they cannot be washed away or scratched. Furthermore, the fabrics are cleanable and wrinkle resistant, two more reasons they remain so popular.

    Durable, Portable, Eye Catching, Affordable

    All tension fabric displays feature a frame system that graphics are then attached to. Some models come with aluminum tubing and have fabric graphics that stretch over the frame like a pillowcase that has a zipper. Other models, in contrast, come with fabric that has velcro around the perimeter. This velcro then attaches to velcro that is installed on the frame. Another choice to consider is SEG graphics or silicone edge graphics. They come with a silicone strip that is sewn into the fabric's perimeter. These frames come with a channel where the silicone edge is placed. When all silicone edges are inserted into the frame edges, the graphic is smooth and tight.

    Choosing the right option for your brand

    Printed stretch displays of the pop-up variety are a customer favorite as they can easily be set up in a matter of minutes. The fabric remains in place at all items so, once the frame is set up, the display is ready for use. Users have the option of removing the graphic when the display is not in use, as this helps to prevent the need for steaming. Most, however, choose to leave them in place at all times, however, to make the setup process easy.

    Pillowcase style displays tend to be the most interesting. They come in various shapes, such as curved styles, that cannot be replicated when using stretch fabric graphics. Push button connections make it easy to set the display up, and the displays are very easy to move from location to location thanks to the light weight. Customers who are worried about wrinkles often choose this style, as the fabric is stretched evenly across the frame. Doing so makes any wrinkles less visible to others.

    Graphically brilliant at any event

    Silicone edge or push fit graphics are also available in a variety of configurations. Although these displays are easy to assemble, more time is needed to set the display up, thus buyers need to take this into account during the decision-making process. Back lighting is one reason certain businesses prefer this option, as a business can choose between back lighting for the entire display and back lighting only at the edges. Regardless of which option is selected, the display is sure to catch the eye of those at the event.

    Stretch fabric walls and straight or curved walls are only two of the options currently offered, thus businesses need to take all selections into consideration. One style may be appropriate for certain types of events, yet others may be needed for different functions. Once a style has been selected, it is easy to filter the options available to limit the product choices to only those that fit the floor space offered or those that contain a specific graphic style. Don't hesitate to ask for help, if there is any doubt as to which type should be selected. We are always happy to help our customers find the products that best meet their needs.