Custom Silicone Wristbands Custom Made At Low Prices

If you are organising a corporate event, trying to raise funds, or spread awareness then we have the ultimate product. Printed & embossed silicone wristbands, featuring your company name and website address, are a great way to promote anything to the world. Our wholesale prices make this an affordable option for organisations of all sizes.


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    Good Deeds

    Many firms sponsor charitable events to raise their public profile and create goodwill with local residents. You can make sure that everybody is aware of who the sponsor at such events is by distributing brightly-coloured silicone wristbands printed with your corporate logo. Branded giveaways such as these serve a dual purpose: they help to make your organisation more visible among the local populace and offer guests at charitable events a lasting memento of the day. Giving to charity makes people feel good about themselves and if they associate this good feeling with your company, so much the better.

    Small Outlay, Big Impact

    A silicone watch, personalised with your choice of marketing message or logo, is an inexpensive gift that can be presented to customers at any time, not just when you are holding an important event such as a new product launch or a party to celebrate a milestone in your company’s history. Our stringent quality control procedures ensure that even though these products are cheap to buy, they will always reflect well on your organisation, so you can make a great impression without spending a fortune in the process. Steal a march on your competitors by ordering custom debossed silicone wristbands today.

    React to Changing Trends Quickly

    Our express delivery service and short lead times for bulk orders means that it is possible for your company to react quickly to changes in market conditions and fashions. For example, if there is an unexpected heat wave in your part of Australia, our silicone bands with an integral UV sensor could be a great hit with local consumers. It is our experience that timing is just as important as design when distributing promotional merchandise, which is why we do our best to process all orders quickly and efficiently.

    A Colourful Reputation

    If your company really wants to get noticed, bands printed in up to 8 different colours are a great choice. Whilst discreet logos and colour schemes work well in some settings, in others a less subtle approach can work wonders. When creating designs to be used on this type of merchandise, it is important to consider your target audience carefully. If you are in the business of selling adventure holidays to young travellers, a multi-coloured product could work very well whereas if you are targeting wealthy senior citizens a more restrained design may be called for.