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Checkout our sound and audio gifts that will make your clients love you! A pair of headsets will stay with someone for years to come and offer hours of enjoyment. Plugged into the iPad, or while traveling, in flight and so many other uses for these various earphones. Browse our range below and reach out to us for a no obligation written quote and a virtual sample.

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  • Cylon Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Cylon Bluetooth Speaker

  • Little Guy Wired Earbuds-20

    Little Guy Wired Earbuds

  • Clip Mini Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Clip Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  • Colour Pop Bluetooth Earbuds-20

    Colour Pop Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Cased Bluetooth Earbuds & Carabiner-20

    Cased Bluetooth Earbuds & Carabiner

  • Budget Bump Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Budget Bump Bluetooth Speaker

  • 4 In 1 Wireless Speaker/Torch-20

    4 In 1 Wireless Speaker/Torch

  • Earbud Holder With Phone Stand-20

    Earbud Holder With Phone Stand

  • Earbuds In Case With Carabiner-20

    Earbuds In Case With Carabiner

  • S10 Wireless Charger/Speaker-20

    S10 Wireless Charger/Speaker

  • Earbuds Combo Set-20

    Earbuds Combo Set

  • Pulsar Headphones-20

    Pulsar Headphones

  • Retractable Reflective Earbuds-20

    Retractable Reflective Earbuds

  • Voodoo Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Voodoo Bluetooth Speaker

  • Opus Bluetooth Headphones-20

    Opus Bluetooth Headphones

  • Air Pods Wireless Charging Case-20

    Air Pods Wireless Charging Case

  • Wireless Speaker Phone Holder-20

    Wireless Speaker Phone Holder

  • Metal Magnetic Wireless Earphone-20

    Metal Magnetic Wireless Earphone

  • Square Mini Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Square Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker w/ Suction Cup-20

    Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker w/ Suction Cup

  • Light Up Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Light Up Bluetooth Speaker

  • Pro Pace Earphones-20

    Pro Pace Earphones

  • Thrust Wired Headphones-20

    Thrust Wired Headphones

  • Rise Bluetooth Speaker/Wireless Charger-20

    Rise Bluetooth Speaker/Wireless Charger

  • Harmony Bluetooth Speaker Set-20

    Harmony Bluetooth Speaker Set

  • Promotional Earplug Pack-20

    Promotional Earplug Pack

  • Rebel Earbuds-20

    Rebel Earbuds

  • Promotional Headphones-20

    Promotional Headphones

  • Waterproof Speaker-20

    Waterproof Speaker

  • TF Slot Mini Speaker-20

    TF Slot Mini Speaker

  • Speaker Pill-20

    Speaker Pill

  • Prowl Headphones-20

    Prowl Headphones

  • Star Earbuds with Pouch-20

    Star Earbuds with Pouch

  • Zen Retractable Earbuds / Headphones-20

    Zen Retractable Earbuds / Headphones

  • Portable Speaker Pod-20

    Portable Speaker Pod

  • Silicone Case with Cord Retainer-20

    Silicone Case with Cord Retainer

  • Earphone with Cord Retainer-20

    Earphone with Cord Retainer

  • Compact Cylinder Speaker-20

    Compact Cylinder Speaker

  • Travel Earbuds-20

    Travel Earbuds

  • Zipper Headphones-20

    Zipper Headphones

  • The Tempo Speaker-20

    The Tempo Speaker

  • Bluetooth Headphones-20

    Bluetooth Headphones

  • Hyper BT Headphones in EVA Zipper Case-20

    Hyper BT Headphones in EVA Zipper Case

  • iFidelity BT Speaker-20

    iFidelity BT Speaker

  • The 622 Mammoth Headphones-20

    The 622 Mammoth Headphones

  • Speaker Bluetooth-20

    Speaker Bluetooth

  • Compact Music Cube-20

    Compact Music Cube

  • Mega Boom Mini Speaker-20

    Mega Boom Mini Speaker

  • Blurr Bluetooth Earbuds-20

    Blurr Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Whammo Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Whammo Bluetooth Speaker

  • Thump Earbud / Headphone Set in Round Case-20

    Thump Earbud / Headphone Set in Round Case

  • Portable iPod Speaker-20

    Portable iPod Speaker

  • Rockz Earbuds-20

    Rockz Earbuds

  • The 601 Pilot Headphones-20

    The 601 Pilot Headphones

  • Retro TF Speaker-20

    Retro TF Speaker

  • Custom Promo Speaker Cylinder-20

    Custom Promo Speaker Cylinder

  • Colour Buds Earphones-20

    Colour Buds Earphones

  • Deep Bass Promo Earbuds-20

    Deep Bass Promo Earbuds

  • Bustle Bluetooth Earbuds-20

    Bustle Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Earphone / Headphone Set in Silicone Case with Cord Retainer-20

    Earphone / Headphone Set in Silicone Case with Cord Retainer

  • Promotional Car Speaker-20

    Promotional Car Speaker

  • Jazz Headphones-20

    Jazz Headphones

  • Promo Music Cube-20

    Promo Music Cube

  • Earbuds in Case-20

    Earbuds in Case

  • Droid Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Droid Bluetooth Speaker

  • Pump Music Speaker-20

    Pump Music Speaker

  • Riot Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Riot Bluetooth Speaker

  • Trinity Wired Headphones In Box-20

    Trinity Wired Headphones In Box

  • Retractable Earbuds-20

    Retractable Earbuds

  • The 618 Headphones-20

    The 618 Headphones

  • Mini Orb Wireless Speaker-20

    Mini Orb Wireless Speaker

  • Mini Digital Stereo Speaker-20

    Mini Digital Stereo Speaker

  • Rollbar Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Rollbar Bluetooth Speaker

  • Rumble Bluetooth Speaker Stand-20

    Rumble Bluetooth Speaker Stand

  • Earbud / Headphone Set in Round EVA Zippered Case-20

    Earbud / Headphone Set in Round EVA Zippered Case

  • Halo Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Halo Bluetooth Speaker

  • Promo Power Cube Speaker-20

    Promo Power Cube Speaker

  • Sound Off Earbuds & Case-20

    Sound Off Earbuds & Case

  • The 599 DJ Headphones-20

    The 599 DJ Headphones

  • Outdoor Wireless Speaker-20

    Outdoor Wireless Speaker

  • Ripple Mobile Speaker-20

    Ripple Mobile Speaker

  • Promo Orbit Speaker-20

    Promo Orbit Speaker

  • The Family BT Speaker-20

    The Family BT Speaker

  • Moon Earbuds-20

    Moon Earbuds

  • Mop Top Earbuds in Clear Tube-20

    Mop Top Earbuds in Clear Tube

  • Portable iPod Dome Speaker-20

    Portable iPod Dome Speaker

  • The L9 Bluetooth Headphones-20

    The L9 Bluetooth Headphones

  • The Boom Pro Speaker-20

    The Boom Pro Speaker

  • Soda Style Mini Speaker-20

    Soda Style Mini Speaker

  • Audio Multitool-20

    Audio Multitool

  • Genisys Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Genisys Bluetooth Speaker

  • Elf Ear Buds-20

    Elf Ear Buds

  • Chrome End Earbuds-20

    Chrome End Earbuds

  • Family Speaker-20

    Family Speaker

  • Tango Bluetooth Speaker-20

    Tango Bluetooth Speaker

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95 Item(s)

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