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Branded pens, pencils, umbrellas and baseball caps can all be very effective when used as promotional gifts but there is no reason why you should have to stick to orthodox merchandise when trying to promote your company to a wider audience. Try our delicious jelly beans, in packages printed with your company name and website URL, for a novel way to attract attention. Popular with both adults and children alike, they are a great choice for companies that wish to inject a sense of fun into their marketing campaigns and let prospective customers know that they are not staid and boring.

Lasting Gifts

If you like the idea of giving coloured confectionary to valued clients but would prefer to present them with something that they can use for many years to come, a cocktail shaker, printed with your company logo and filled with sweets, is a great way to combine these two ideas. If you choose confectionary that matches your corporate colours, this type of gift is sure to make a lasting impression on all recipients. Our free artwork service and cheap prices for bulk orders make these products an excellent choice for small companies that wish to make themselves known to potential clients across Australia.

Fun Events

The next time that your company holds an event to launch a new range of products, try presenting each guest with a personalised pack of jellybeans to ensure a fun atmosphere where everybody is keen to have a good time. Corporate events can be rather dry and boring, especially for businesspeople that have to attend several dozen on an annual basis, but by choosing merchandise that is colourful and can be enjoyed immediately, you can make sure that your events are remembered for all the right reasons.

Nationwide or Global Exposure

The low cost of our custom packaged confectionary, coupled with the lightweight nature of individual tins and bags, makes them a great choice for companies that are organising a nationwide marketing campaign and would like to distribute their promotional merchandise as far and wide as possible. Our colourful sweets could ensure that your company name is seen all over the country, or indeed right across the globe, whilst keeping your accountants happy at the same time. If you buy in wholesale quantities, they are an affordable option for even the most ambitious of international campaigns targeting countries in all regions of the world.

A Treat for Staff and Visitors

In addition to being a great tool for promoting your company across the globe, our drums of confectionary can be displayed at your corporate headquarters, offering visiting clients a tasty treat in reception whilst they are waiting to start an important business meeting. They can also be used in breakout areas around your offices, providing your employees with a fun snack when they are taking a quick break from their daily duties. If you order the beans in the same colours as your company logo, they will complement the interior d├ęcor too.