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Custom leather USB drives are perfect for your business. They look very professional and neat, they are lightweight and very portable meaning you can take them were you please, also they come with a huge range of styles to choose from. Enquire today for a FREE quote and virtual sample today!

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USB sticks have long been popular among professionals who use them to share, store, and save data, portfolios, and files. Flash drives have evolved significantly, and with new leather USB drives, they’ve become so much more than a storage device. Whether they’re used to build brand awareness, start conversations, or deliver advertising content, below are a few reasons businesses in Australia should invest in custom branded USB drives.

Brand Development

Branding a business is about more than designing a logo; it extends into every facet of a company, from the space it occupies to the story it tells. However, the logo is still important, and it’s important to get it out there. Company logos should be on all client-facing and promotional items, and customised USB drives can help businesses build their brands.

Data Delivery

In some cases, businesses have a hard time deciding how to share content, either because it’s too large to send via email, or because they want to deliver it safely and reliably. Custom USB drives can hold all sorts of files, such as design files, Word documents, photos, music, and videos.

Safe Storage

Most computer users have dealt with crashes that left their data hanging in the balance, and while most know to back up their work, it’s easy to forget. With customised USB drives, it’s easy to do that, and to make sure others do so as well.

Event Giveaways

How often do trade show attendees get event swag that becomes useless once the show is over? It happens quite often. While leaflets and cards are of little value, leather USB drives give them something useful to hold onto after the excitement dies down.

Talking Points

Customised USB drives are a great conversation starter. They’re a lot different from other giveaway items, and they’re so useful that they make a fine icebreaker, whether it’s from a recipient or someone within the company.

Portfolio Sharing

Apart from the delivery of content, custom USB sticks allow professionals to bring their entire portfolio along without lugging around a big, heavy briefcase. Storing info on a flash drive makes it easy to leave info with a client in a low-cost, efficient way.


Everyone who has a laptop has had to deal with it dying at an inopportune moment. However, USB drives take up little space, and their portability lets users keep backup copies of important presentations.

Customised Designs

If you believed that USB drives were just small items that couldn’t do much for a company’s brand-building efforts, you’d be wrong. With the wide availability of bespoke designs, companies can make their leather USB drives as unique as their marketing messages.

Working Across a Range of Industries

Flash drives aren’t specific to any certain industry, and no matter the sector, there’s always a need for reliable, portable storage. Whether a Brisbane photographer needs to share a portfolio or they’re being used as an event giveaway in Melbourne, these customizable devices can work for any company.

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Leather USB drives from Dynamic Gift are a great way for companies to build their brands and spread a message. See our selection online or call us today to get started.