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When it's time to order customised USB drives for your next marketing or advertising campaign, count on Dynamic Gift to get the job done. Contact us today to request a quote or to get started. We offer Australia's lowest prices, fastest delivery and 100% free artwork service to get the ball rolling with the absolute minimum of effort required from you. Contact us today.

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  • USB Adloop-20
    USB Adloop
  • USB Swivel Drive-20
    USB Swivel Drive
  • USB Swivel Advanced-20
    USB Swivel Advanced
  • Bespoke PVC USB Drives-20
    Bespoke PVC USB Drives
  • USB Figure Drives-20
    USB Figure Drives
  • USB Flip Out-20
    USB Flip Out
  • USB Ascent-20
    USB Ascent
  • USB Business Card-20
    USB Business Card
  • USB Twist Light-20
    USB Twist Light
  • USB Clipper Style 2.0-20
    USB Clipper Style 2.0
  • USB Ascent Business Card-20
    USB Ascent Business Card
  • USB Lanyards Premium Sewn-20
    USB Lanyards Premium Sewn
  • USB Web Key-20
    USB Web Key
  • USB Lanyards 2.0 Style-20
    USB Lanyards 2.0 Style
  • USB Mini Business Card-20
    USB Mini Business Card
  • USB Compact Drive 2-20
    USB Compact Drive 2
  • USB Future Style Pen-20
    USB Future Style Pen
  • USB MF Swiss Knife-20
    USB MF Swiss Knife
  • USB Trooper Drive-20
    USB Trooper Drive
  • USB Snowman Band-20
    USB Snowman Band
  • USB Bottle Opener 3-20
    USB Bottle Opener 3
  • USB Marble Pen-20
    USB Marble Pen
  • USB Curve Swivel-20
    USB Curve Swivel
  • USB Pill Drive-20
    USB Pill Drive
  • USB Letter Opener-20
    USB Letter Opener
  • USB Slider Drive 2-20
    USB Slider Drive 2
  • USB Clipper Style-20
    USB Clipper Style
  • USB Wristbands 2.0-20
    USB Wristbands 2.0
  • USB RC Drive-20
    USB RC Drive
  • USB Cyborg-20
    USB Cyborg
  • USB Lever Drive-20
    USB Lever Drive
  • USB Extender Style-20
    USB Extender Style
  • USB Chip Swivel-20
    USB Chip Swivel
  • USB Round Drive-20
    USB Round Drive
  • USB Micro Swivel-20
    USB Micro Swivel
  • USB Monster Drive-20
    USB Monster Drive
  • USB Slide Advanced-20
    USB Slide Advanced
  • USB Tech Capless-20
    USB Tech Capless
  • USB Xtrude Drive-20
    USB Xtrude Drive
  • USB iPhone Cover-20
    USB iPhone Cover
  • USB Alpha Metallic Drive-20
    USB Alpha Metallic Drive
  • USB Square Drive-20
    USB Square Drive
  • USB Slide Drive-20
    USB Slide Drive
  • USB Slide Rugged-20
    USB Slide Rugged
  • USB Round Ends-20
    USB Round Ends
  • USB Clear Lid-20
    USB Clear Lid
  • USB Swivel Transparent-20
    USB Swivel Transparent
  • USB Geo Capless-20
    USB Geo Capless
  • USB Techno Drive-20
    USB Techno Drive
  • USB Discus Drive-20
    USB Discus Drive
  • USB Mini Swivel Advanced-20
    USB Mini Swivel Advanced
  • USB Metallic Drive-20
    USB Metallic Drive
  • Compact USB Drives-20
    Compact USB Drives
  • USB Twist Cube-20
    USB Twist Cube
  • USB Compass Drives-20
    USB Compass Drives
  • USB Blocko Style-20
    USB Blocko Style
  • USB Mini Man-20
    USB Mini Man
  • USB Super Micro-20
    USB Super Micro
  • USB Extrude Slider-20
    USB Extrude Slider
  • USB Orbit Drive-20
    USB Orbit Drive
  • USB Smart Stylus-20
    USB Smart Stylus
  • USB Eclipse Drive-20
    USB Eclipse Drive
  • USB Mixtape Drives-20
    USB Mixtape Drives
  • Photo Print PVC USB-20
    Photo Print PVC USB
  • USB Bulb Drive-20
    USB Bulb Drive
  • USB Car Key Drive-20
    USB Car Key Drive
  • USB Puzzle Cube-20
    USB Puzzle Cube
  • USB Trans Swivel Drive-20
    USB Trans Swivel Drive
  • USB Business Card Slip Out-20
    USB Business Card Slip Out
  • USB Smart Swivel-20
    USB Smart Swivel
  • USB Smart Capped Drive-20
    USB Smart Capped Drive
  • USB Thumb Slide Card-20
    USB Thumb Slide Card
  • USB Slide Card-20
    USB Slide Card
  • USB Eco Wood Card-20
    USB Eco Wood Card
  • USB Genesis Business Card-20
    USB Genesis Business Card
  • USB Business Gizmo Card-20
    USB Business Gizmo Card
  • USB Business Breaka Card-20
    USB Business Breaka Card
  • USB Long Arm Card-20
    USB Long Arm Card
  • USB Compact Chip Card-20
    USB Compact Chip Card
  • USB Business Card Compact 2-20
    USB Business Card Compact 2
  • Plastic Web Key-20
    Plastic Web Key
  • USB Slippa Drive-20
    USB Slippa Drive
  • USB Minimalist-20
    USB Minimalist
  • USB Cara Clipper-20
    USB Cara Clipper
  • USB Smart Stylus Swivel-20
    USB Smart Stylus Swivel
  • USB Smart Compact Capped-20
    USB Smart Compact Capped
  • USB Smart Swivel 2-20
    USB Smart Swivel 2
  • USB Chip Stylus-20
    USB Chip Stylus
  • Plastic Business Card Web Key-20
    Plastic Business Card Web Key
  • USB Super Micro Chip Style-20
    USB Super Micro Chip Style
  • Lattice Puzzle Card Drive-20
    Lattice Puzzle Card Drive
  • 3d Engraved USB Swivel-20
    3d Engraved USB Swivel
  • Smart USB Ultra Compact-20
    Smart USB Ultra Compact
  • USB Executive Smart Drive-20
    USB Executive Smart Drive
  • 3d Engrave USB Cylinder-20
    3d Engrave USB Cylinder
  • Bespoke PVC Smart USB Drives-20
    Bespoke PVC Smart USB Drives
  • Plastic USB Discus-20
    Plastic USB Discus

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97 Item(s)

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Storage is a crucial element of computer hardware. Data needs someplace to stay, and if the space is portable and compact, it’s easier to use. Printed plastic USB drives are convenient and practical, which makes them one of the top promotional products on the market. Read on to learn more about custom flash drives.

The Basics of Custom Flash Drives

Almost every computer sold today has several USB ports that are used for webcams, mice, keyboards, and other peripherals. In some cases, USB ports are even found on tablets and smartphones! Here’s where the user plugs in a flash drive to expand a device’s memory. Today’s flash drives typically contain anywhere from 512mb to 32GB of storage, which can hold thousands of songs, videos, photos, documents, and PowerPoint presentations. They’re sometimes called thumb drives because of their size, and they can have useful features such as preloaded data and security encryption programmed in.

The Benefits of Customised USB Drives

Customised USB drives are a great promotional item for various reasons. Everyone can use them, they’re easy to operate, and they fill a common need in the tech age: moving important files from one location to another. Because they’re such a popular tech item, Sydney businesses can use them to help customers see their brand as cutting-edge. As a customised flash drive is used daily, the recipient will see the company’s logo and remember its products and services.

Using Printed USB Drives Effectively

Now that the holiday season has passed, it’s a great time for companies to plan this year’s promotional strategies. Customised flash drives are a good choice, especially for tech-oriented businesses. Whether they’re given to new customers, employees, or valued clients, a fun, unique flash drive is a high-tech way to say “thank you”.
Printed plastic USB drives are an attention-grabbing choice as a trade show giveaway. While other companies are handing out the usual tote bags and pens, make the company stand out by distributing colourful flash drives that will capture the recipient’s eye and get attendees talking. When flash drives are handed out at trade shows, conventions, and conferences, everyone will want to hear the company’s message.
Distributing customised flash drives at conferences and meetings has another benefit: environmental friendliness. Rather than giving attendees a stack of pamphlets and papers to read, give them an attractive, compact, and eco-friendly flash drive with materials pre-loaded for their ease and convenience. Conference visitors (and trees) will be grateful!

Ordering Customised Flash Drives

Now, it’s time to learn how easy it is to order printed plastic USB drives. Some buyers equate “customised” with “expensive”, but thankfully, that’s not always true. With a low minimum order, prices are quite manageable, depending on the amount of memory the customer wants in each drive. All that’s needed to begin is an idea and a few accompanying images.