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USB Business Cards & Credit Card Size USBs

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We have Australia's most competitive service on all business card USB drives, credit card USB flash drives. Our ultra vibrant CMYK printing process ensures that photographic images, graphics and gradients are all reproduced in stunning detail. And smaller details such as contact information, business name and even a special promotional message to entice customers back to your business.  Enquire today for a 100% no obligation quote and virtual sample!

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Our Custom-Branded USB Business Cards Are Affordable, Useful, and Effective

Our USB Business Cards make for an extremely affordable way to put your brand front and centre for years to come. Unlike conventional business cards that will quickly be discarded, these USB drives provide useful functionality that every recipient appreciates. Whether for keeping critical files close to hand, backing up settings, or moving data from one computer to another, these devices serve purposes that will keep them around long after standard business cards would have been thrown away.

With capacities of up to 64 gigabytes and plenty of space on both sides for branding, there is no more effective way to attract attention. Our services and product options also make it easy for anyone to get started and make the most of these highly effective promotional gifts.

Top-Quality Flash Chips with a Ten-Year Guarantee

Many competing products cut corners, using cheap, low-grade memory that will not hold up to regular use and could well fail just when it is most needed. Our USB Cards incorporate grade-A, tier-one chips of the absolute highest quality, meaning that they will keep data safe for many years.

That allows us to back all of our cards with a ten-year warranty, ensuring that no gift recipient will ever be disappointed. Available in capacities of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 gigabytes, our cards also make it easy to pick the perfect capacity for any brand, goal, and budget.

Vivid, Full-Colour Branding, Front and Back

In addition to serving an especially practical purpose for recipients, these USB flash-drive business cards allow virtually any branding goal to easily be met. With plenty of space on both sides for logos, text, images, and other branding assets, they make an impression in ways that produce real results.

Owning and using such a gift for years, recipients will always have your brand in mind. With so much usable space and such striking printing options, these USB flash storage cards make it easy to get any message across with style and effectiveness.

Professional Design Services Available for Free

Our dedicated graphic design specialists know how to make any of our products shine, and these cards are no exception. Buyers can arrange for any level of design assistance they might want, at no additional charge.

Whether that means adding a few professionally informed tweaks to an existing design, helping with conversions from a particular digital image format, or working something up from scratch, our highly skilled artists are ready to lend a hand. That makes it easy for anyone from complete novices to seasoned professionals to succeed and do it without hassle or worry.

Optional Six-Day Rush Delivery, Price-Beat Guarantee, and More

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and these business cards are no exception. For those working with tight schedules, we can provide guaranteed six-day rush delivery throughout the nation.

Our industry-leading price-beat guarantee means that buyers never have to worry about missing out on savings, as we will offer a better deal on any identical product available from an Australian supplier. Beyond that, clients can always count on the same top-quality customer service that has helped make us the leader in customised, promotional gifts.

Affordable, Effective Promotional Items that Recipients Keep, Use, and Appreciate

Giving away a promotional item that recipients will enjoy and find useful always makes for a good start. Between the positive feelings generated by the basic value and attractiveness of the gift and the everyday functionality that keeps branding visible for a long time to come, these business cards are hard to beat in general.

They are also suitable for just about any budget and goal, as a range of storage capacities and price points combines with the flexibility enabled by our services to create options perfect for anyone. We've made it extremely easy and affordable to take advantage of this powerful promotional tool and to keep customers thinking about your brand for years to come.