Custom Metal Promotional USB Drives

Companies all over Australia are turning to customised metal USB drives as a way to provide customers and employees with important information while building their brands. For more information on our custom branded USB drives, contact Dynamic Gift by phone or using our quick quote form to the right.

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  • USB Cara Clipper-20
    USB Cara Clipper
  • USB All Metal Swivel-20
    USB All Metal Swivel
  • USB Hangar Style-20
    USB Hangar Style
  • USB Cube Micro-20
    USB Cube Micro
  • 3d Engraved Glass USB Drive-20
    3d Engraved Glass USB Drive
  • USB Swivel Drive-20
    USB Swivel Drive
  • USB Bottle Opener 2-20
    USB Bottle Opener 2
  • USB Metal Cube Advanced-20
    USB Metal Cube Advanced
  • USB Delta Metal-20
    USB Delta Metal
  • Metal USB Sentry Drive-20
    Metal USB Sentry Drive
  • USB Slippa Drive-20
    USB Slippa Drive
  • USB Swivel Advanced-20
    USB Swivel Advanced
  • USB Metal Plane-20
    USB Metal Plane
  • USB Minimalist-20
    USB Minimalist
  • USB Metal Man-20
    USB Metal Man
  • USB Revolver-20
    USB Revolver
  • USB Metal Cube-20
    USB Metal Cube
  • USB Padlock Drive-20
    USB Padlock Drive
  • USB Spanner Drive-20
    USB Spanner Drive
  • USB Smart Mini Drive-20
    USB Smart Mini Drive
  • Promotional I Stylus USB Pen-20
    Promotional I Stylus USB Pen
  • USB Flip Style-20
    USB Flip Style
  • USB Key Compact-20
    USB Key Compact
  • USB Thumb Print-20
    USB Thumb Print
  • USB Executive Pens-20
    USB Executive Pens
  • USB Plastic Plane Flip-20
    USB Plastic Plane Flip
  • USB MF Swiss Knife-20
    USB MF Swiss Knife
  • USB Metal Mini Swivel-20
    USB Metal Mini Swivel
  • USB GP Style Pen-20
    USB GP Style Pen
  • USB Surf Drive-20
    USB Surf Drive
  • USB Cylinder Drive-20
    USB Cylinder Drive
  • USB Smart Swivel 2-20
    USB Smart Swivel 2
  • USB Sheath Drive-20
    USB Sheath Drive
  • Laser Pointer USB-20
    Laser Pointer USB
  • USB Chip Slider-20
    USB Chip Slider
  • USB Money Clip-20
    USB Money Clip
  • USB Dog Tags-20
    USB Dog Tags
  • USB Smart Swivel Metal-20
    USB Smart Swivel Metal
  • USB Slim Drive-20
    USB Slim Drive
  • USB All Metal 2-20
    USB All Metal 2
  • USB Metal Curve 2-20
    USB Metal Curve 2
  • USB Wine Bottle Metal-20
    USB Wine Bottle Metal
  • USB Super Micro Chip Style-20
    USB Super Micro Chip Style
  • USB Metal Ingot-20
    USB Metal Ingot
  • USB Compact Swivel Metal-20
    USB Compact Swivel Metal
  • USB Alpha Metallic Drive-20
    USB Alpha Metallic Drive
  • 3d Engraved USB Swivel-20
    3d Engraved USB Swivel
  • USB Rifle Bullet-20
    USB Rifle Bullet
  • USB Slider Drive 2-20
    USB Slider Drive 2
  • USB Plastic Plane Slide-20
    USB Plastic Plane Slide
  • USB Cara Drive-20
    USB Cara Drive
  • Smart USB Ultra Compact-20
    Smart USB Ultra Compact
  • USB Key Drives-20
    USB Key Drives
  • USB Trans Swivel Drive-20
    USB Trans Swivel Drive
  • USB Executive Smart Drive-20
    USB Executive Smart Drive
  • CEO Pen Drive-20
    CEO Pen Drive
  • USB F1 Kart-20
    USB F1 Kart
  • 3d Engrave USB Cylinder-20
    3d Engrave USB Cylinder
  • USB Standard Pen Drive-20
    USB Standard Pen Drive
  • USB Metallic Drive-20
    USB Metallic Drive

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60 Item(s)

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Engraved USB drives are a great way to promote a business at every stage, from prospecting to holding customers’ attention. For new business owners and those getting into the promotional game for the first time, below are a few ways to use these customised flash drives to bring in more customers.

Give Them Away at Trade Shows

A USB drive preloaded with all of a company’s literature is a great giveaway item for trade show booths. While attendees often dispose of booklets and catalogues, they’re more likely to hold onto a useful flash drive, even if it’s loaded with whitepapers, articles, and data sheets. By distributing engraved USB drives to customers in Sydney, companies can promote their brands in an environmentally sensitive way.

Use Them as a Calling Card

Customised USB drives are a great thing to leave behind after a sales call. For instance, if a salesperson uses a PowerPoint presentation during meetings with potential clients, they can put it on a flash drive and leave it behind when they depart. Along with the presentation, consider leaving other files on the drive, as well as a link to the company’s website.

Warm Up Cold Calls

When salespeople are trying to get a face-to-face meeting with an important client, sending them a custom presentation on an engraved flash drive is a great way to do it. When it’s time to follow up with a client in Brisbane or Melbourne, instead of going on a cold call, things may be a bit warmer because of the salesperson’s extra effort.

Use Them as a Business Card

After networking events, a pocketful of business cards might get tossed into the rubbish bin. However, engraved USB drives are more likely to be kept. Along with the company’s or salesperson’s contact info, be sure to have something like “Plug me in to learn more” engraved on each drive. Sponsors of networking events can leave a USB drive at each seat or place setting, being sure to follow the above advice.

Training New and Current Employees

Engraved USB drives offer an easy, eco-friendly way to give new hires all the info they need about a job, such as holiday schedules, employee manuals, and other important documents. They’re particularly useful for companies with multiple branches or offices. Send USB drives to each location, or provide each trainee with a personalised drive containing their training materials.

Use Flash Drives to Store Tutorials and Documents

This tip works especially well for bookkeepers, accountants, and others that use a great deal of paper. Give clients flash drives loaded with documents they’ll need during the year, or use them to hold instructions and guides. Engraved USB drives are an excellent way to share info while promoting the company’s products and services.