As companies like Apple devote $1 billion to research and development in solar technologies, there isn't a company now that isn't thinking about conservation. If your company is all about the environment but wants to create something like a promotional USB drive, there's a delicate dance to show you're eco-friendly. Thankfully you can make your promotional USB flash drives out of sustainable materials that do minimal impact on the earth.

If you're thinking about ordering some promotional USB drives, try getting them made of one of these 3 materials.


1. 100% Recycled Plastic

It's not uncommon to find plastic that's been at least partially made out of recycled materials. Most companies are finding that it's not only a cost-saving measure but also a way to save a little bit of money. Plastic that's not derived from recycled materials is more expensive and less eco-friendly.

You can make your promotional USB flash drives look fairly traditional by making them out of 100% recycled plastic. While plastic isn't the most eco-friendly of all potential materials, recycled plastic is surely better than brand new "virgin" plastic materials.


2. Cork

All around the world, people are making interesting things from wallets to flooring to hats out of cork. Cork is easy to grow and a sustainable product as it can be easily recycled out of other cork material. You can even recycle wine corks to be used as other types of materials later on.

Cork has a durability and density that's unmatched by many other types of material. Cork also has a unique feel and texture. It's easy to keep clean and will hit home the fact that you're an eco-friendly brand who keeps things close to nature.

Cork is the material you'll find is most popular among promotional materials targeting millenials.


3. High-Density Paper

High density paper is one of the most interesting and eco-friendly options available on the market. HDP allows for full-color printing and is made of both biodegradable and 100% recycled materials. High-density paper feels as hard as plastic without all of the waste and resources that are necessary for when you're making plastic products.

Your clients and prospective customers will appreciate your unique approach and be excited about working with such a forward-thinking company. When you choose HDP for your USB flash drives, you're making a big and bold statement that your clients are sure to hear. You'll get to stand out from the crowd without having to increase your company's carbon footprint.


Promotional USB Flash Drives Can Be Green Too

Just because you're buying a piece of technology doesn't mean you can't also be creating something that's green and sustainable. Choosing the right materials for your promotional materials allows you to give them out guilt-free and in great numbers without harming the environment. Your promotional materials are brand ambassadors when you're at trade shows or at an event, so you need to make sure they communicate your values.

If you're still deciding on the type of promotional material to create, check out our guide for which materials increase sales the most.