Custom Branded Eco Friendly Lanyards At The Lowest Prices

Browse our range of eco-friendly lanyards custom branded with your logo. We have options including Bamboo, recycled PET (plastic bottle polyester) and even lanyards produced from milk protein fibre. Ask our team for a no-obligation quote and a 100% free virtual proof of your lanyards prior to ordering.


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    These days, it is important for businesses to be kinder to the Earth and operate in a sustainable way. That is why we’ve created a range of eco lanyards and custom promotional products that are Earth-friendly and better for the environment. For any business, every small choice makes a big difference when it comes to going green. Not only will our eco lanyards reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also change the way people look at your brand. Climate change and sustainability awareness are on the rise, and people are increasingly looking for eco-friendly companies that are doing their bit to protect the environment. Opting for eco-friendly lanyards will ensure people view your brand more positively.

    Why Purchase Eco-Friendly Lanyards?

    There are many reasons why your business should use eco-friendly lanyards. They’re small, comfortable, easy-to-use and come in a variety of gorgeous colours, materials and designs. In terms of why you should choose an eco-friendly option, it’s all about giving your brand positive exposure and operating in a more responsible and sustainable way that will benefit the environment.

    Bamboo Fibre Lanyards

    Bamboo has become a very popular eco-friendly material. It is a sustainable and green material because it grows so easily and rapidly in the wild. From its original form, bamboo is easy to spin and weave into a strong lanyard that can be customised and dyed with your business logo.

    Recycled PET Lanyards

    Recycled PET is a fantastic material to create striking lanyards while recycling used plastic. Plastic bottles are melted down and the long, thin fibres that are formed are woven together to create the material that our lanyards are made from.

    Cork Lanyards

    A polyester base with a crafty cork layer that can be custom branded with your company name and logo. Our cork lanyards are a stylish alternative to standard polyester or nylon lanyards. The cork material takes on a mottled appearance that also features colour flecks that give it a unique look. A great promotional piece for your next business event or for customers who purchase or enquire about your product.

    Milk Protein Lanyards

    Also known as casein fibre, milk protein fibre is created by evaporating milk in its liquid form and then spinning the leftover pulp. This creates a strong and durable thread that is perfect for making eco-friendly lanyards.

    An Excellent Keepsake

    These eco-friendly lanyards can be used to carry ID, hold passcards and promote your business or brand. Offer them to people at your next event so that they can take them away, appreciate your green mission, and help you increase your brand awareness. We offer a range of custom options where you can choose the colour and insert your brand name and logo. Contact us for more information or to request a free quote today.