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Bamboo Fibre Lanyards
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Bamboo lanyards are made from an extract of pulped bamboo with a smooth and silky texture. The fabric is biodegradable and sustainable. Bamboo fibre has antibacterial properties and it is comfortable to wear next to the skin. These lanyards can be printed with your logo in up to 4 colours and they look amazing at any event or conference. When you tell people they are made from bamboo, they will know you care about our planet!

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Bamboo plant is referred to as "the plant of a thousand uses." Bamboo is indeed one of the wonder plants for the 21st century. The growth of the bamboo plant is extremely fast and mature stems are harvested only when new stems have begun to grow. Even if harvested continuously, this plant does not harm the surrounding environment. Moreover, the plant is pesticide free. Bamboo fibre is biodegradable and is priced lower than other natural fibres, such as cotton and silk, which require heavy pesticides for their growth. Bamboo fibre is increasingly being used to manufacture lanyards because of the various benefits the fibre offers.

The uniqueness of the bamboo fibre
Bamboo fibre is green, natural and eco-friendly. It offers some distinct advantages over other fibres:

Unlike synthetic fibres, bamboo fibre is biodegradable. There are synthetic fibres that are produced from non-renewable petroleum and can discharge toxic gases when incinerated.

  • Bamboo has anti-ultraviolet properties.
  • The fabric is cool and breathes well.

Bamboo fibre, when used in clothing, does not stick to the skin, not even in the heat. No wonder it is called the "air-conditioning dress."

Bamboo comprises an anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic bio-agent, called "bamboo kun." This agent stops any bacteria from growing and inhibits body odour. The bacteriostatic property of this agent aids in the prevention of the growth of fungus and yeast.

  • Bamboo fabrics are extremely soft and comfortable and have a silky feel. They are also durable.
  • Bamboo fibre is particularly suited for people with sensitive skin.
  • The use of bamboo fibre is good for the environment, since its production does not need pesticides or fertilizers, unlike cotton that needs lot of pesticides to grow.
  • The use of bamboo fibre in lanyards

Nowadays, bamboo fibre is being increasing used for producing lanyards. The material is both bio-degradable and sustainable. Bamboo fibre is also well suited for complicated logo reproductions. While as a standard it comes unbleached, which is definitely more eco-friendly, the fibre can be pantone dyed if needed. Bamboo fibre lanyards are, therefore, an excellent option if you believe in using an environmentally friendly product for your lanyard requirements. It will help you create a style statement and at the same time help you to contribute in some way towards protecting the environment.


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