Snap Off Membership Cards

Snap Off Membership Cards

Many stores and businesses are now offering their customers membership or loyalty cards. There are a wide variety of different reasons why this type of Printed membership cards can be a good idea. Custom printed membership cards with snap off keytag for handy carrying of VIP club card, gym membership tag or reward cards. Perfect for: Clubs, Associations, Hotels and restaurants, Night Clubs, Retailers, Wholesalers, VIP Members, Professional Bodies, Schools, Universities and Libraries etc.

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Purchase Orders Accepted For Government Departments

Decoration Method

CMYK Digital printing (photo print)


Custom sizes are available on your request. We cut these custom membership tags to any size you require.

Printed plastic card options

Why Are Companies Using Printed Membership Cards?

The benefits are are extremely easy to notice, and commpanies all over Australia are taking advantage. We are adament that you don't have to be a huge retail chain to start a loyalty or rewards program.

Advertising and Promotional Benefits

Some businesses, such as gyms and certain clubs, charge a membership fee in order to be able to use the facilities. In these cases, the benefit of having membership cards is obvious -- they let the people at the door or front desk quickly identify who should or should not be allowed to enter. But for other businesses, having loyalty or membership cards can also be beneficial. These can be used for advertising and promotional purposes. For example, offer the cards for free to customers or for a small price, and then scan the cards whenever they check out. Once a person spends a certain amount of money or uses the facilities a certain number of times, they can earn free merchandise or a free entry. Advertising this benefit or these types of promotions can help to keep customers coming back. Besides this, the data on what people are purchasing most can help to better target future advertising campaigns, making them more effective. It can also help save money on promotional costs, as this more targetted advertising can help limit the risk of sending unwanted flyers or advertising materials to customers.

Improved Customer Retention

Loyalty cards can help improve customer retention, as people will keep coming to the same store to earn the rewards offered by the card. This will help make it so the people who don't particularly care which store they shop at now care to shop at your store more than another store. Also, these cards can help a store better understand what types of promotions are most likely to bring in the people that shop there, so if in the future there is a competitor that opens, promotions can be designed to target current customers and keep them coming back even in the face of the new competition. A new retailer without this type of program won't be able to target their promotions as well to reach these customers. Happy customers may even start recommending the store to friends and acquaintances to further increase business. Should customers stop coming for a while, the data from past purchases may be useful for targeting a campaign to get these customers back again. It is often easier to win back old customers than to get totally new customers to be loyal to the store.

Plastic Vs. Paper Cards

Some businesses simply use thick paper cards that can be stamped or punched each time a person visits the business. While this can be an inexpensive way to reward frequent customers, it isn't as beneficial as having Custom VIP Cards printed on plastic. The plastic cards are less likely to get worn out, destroyed or lost. More permanent cards are better for tracking purposes, as the customer will be able to keep it for longer, so more history can be collected to better target advertising and promotional campaigns. Simple punch cards don't allow for any tracking or other benefits, although they may help get customers to keep coming back. Adding a barcode to make them scannable will give a bit more data, but still, the card won't be as durable and will be more likely to be lost or destroyed.

DIY Vs. Card Printing Companies

While it's possible to purchase a Plastic card printer and supplies to make these loyalty or membership cards for your business, there are benefits to using a Membership card printing company in Australia. First, they'll be able to quickly print up a large batch of these cards. Some companies can do this in less than a week. It can be a bit time consuming for employees to have to print up cards one at a time as the need arises. Smaller businesses can choose a company that has a low minimum of about 250 cards or so to still get the benefits without getting stuck with a lot of extra cards they don't need. Using a printing company also means that there is often help available for designing an attractive card that contains all of the necessary information.

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