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Eco Friendly Promotional Items To Promote Your Brand

Passing out promotional products to people is one of the most effective ways to market your business to the masses. You can add your business name, your logo, and whatever else you want to pens, notebooks, and other items to promote your brand.

But if you want to take your promotional efforts to the next level, consider using eco-friendly promotional items instead. These products are designed to promote your brand like ordinary products—without doing any harm to the environment.

Studies have shown that more than 80% of people in the Asia-Pacific part of the world say it's very important for businesses to show some concern for the planet. And what better way to prove that you're committed to helping improve the world than by investing in sustainable promotional products?

Here are nine great eco-friendly promotional items that you can use to promote your brand this year.


1. Pens and Pencils

Pens and pencils have turned into some of the most popular promo products over the years. Almost every business keeps a bunch of promo pens and pencils on hand to give out to customers since they're affordable and easy to store.

The problem, though, is that so many of these pens and pencils end up sitting in landfills and taking up space later. It's why you should make your first eco-friendly promotional items branded pens and pencils that are good for the earth.

This Eco Pen & Pencil Set, for example, contains two unpainted pencils and two pens that are all made from natural unbleached paper. They also come packaged in a natural, unbleached cardboard tube. They're a great alternative to traditional promo pens and pencils


2. Notebooks

If you're going to hand out eco-friendly pens and pencils to your customers, you might as well give them branded notebooks to go along with them, right?

Fortunately, you can find customized notebooks that are every bit as eco-friendly as the aforementioned pens and pencils are. This Cork Notebook features a cork exterior that is both recyclable and biodegradable.

At the same time, the sustainable notebook is as effective at branding your business as a regular one. You can have it custom branded to your specific requirements.


3. Shopping Bags

Australia has made great strides when it comes to cutting back on the number of plastic bags used every year. In fact, the country has rolled back its use of plastic bags by about 80% in the last year alone.

But there is still so much room for improvement!

Your business can help eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags by setting people up with reusable shopping bags that include your custom logo. From this Lorenzo Cotton Tote Bag that's perfect for trips to the grocery store to this Executive Canvas Tote Bag that's ideal for everyday use, there are so many branded bags to choose from.

Think about how your customers might use them and find a way to get the right customized bags into their hands.


4. Drinking Straws

Some reports have suggested that Australians might be using as many as 10 million plastic straws every single day.

There is a little bit of debate over whether or not that stat rings true. But the fact remains: People are using more plastic straws than they should—and businesses can help them stop doing it from now on.

Believe it or not, reusable drinking straws are starting to take on a life of their own for many companies. They're branding eco-friendly promotional items like this Reusable Stainless Steel Straw that is free from any BPA, coatings, phthalates, or plastics.


5. Reusable Coffee Mugs

About 75% of Australians enjoy at least one cup of coffee every day. And while there's nothing wrong with drinking coffee in moderation, it's not always great for the planet. Many people drink their coffee and then throw the cup that it came in away.

Help your customers steer clear of doing this by purchasing reusable printed coffee cups on behalf of your business. A cup like this Fresh Bamboo Cup is made using a special blend of organic bamboo fibre and polypropylene that makes it both biodegradable and renewable.


6. Lanyards

Are you looking for a great way to promote your brand during a business conference or a trade show? You can't go wrong with a cost-effective option like lanyards.

More specifically, you'll make a great impression on those at a business event with eco-friendly lanyards that are custom branded. These Tubular Cork Lanyards will steal the show by setting your branded lanyards apart.

There are also excellent lanyards that are made out of things like bamboo fibre, recycled PET, and even milk proteins.


7. Badges

Lanyards aren't the only sustainable promotional items that you can bring with you to an important business event. You can also equip yourself and your employees with eco-friendly name badges.

Rather than asking everyone to wear traditional plastic or paper badges that will get tossed out later, go with an option like these Wood Name Badges. They're made from recycled wood material and look so much better than your average badges.


8. USB Drives

There's an eco-friendly version of almost all of the promo products brands want. And when we say that, we mean it!

Let the sustainable USB drives that are available today prove that. This USB Wood Swivel 2 has all the electronic components that your customers need from a USB drive, including Samsung internal chips. But it also has an eco-friendly body that makes it better for the environment than a metal or plastic USB drive.


9. Webcam Covers

Want to show your customers that you care about both the environment and their privacy? These are two big issues that you can address by giving them branded webcam covers.

These Recycled Webcam Covers, in particular, are an incredible option for brands trying to find unique promo products. They're made out of recycled plastic and can be recycled by your customers again once they don't need them anymore.


Buy Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Your Business Today

As you've no doubt noticed by now, there is no shortage of eco-friendly promotional items for you and your company to pick from. The key is finding which products will work best for your specific brand.

Consider all of the options listed here and think about which ones your customers and clients will respond to most. And once you start passing them out, don't be afraid to play up the fact that they're great for the environment to show that your company cares.

We can help you get your hands on the promo products you want. We offer design services that are 100% free, quick answers to any questions that you might have, and no-obligation quotes on all of the promo items that we sell.


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19 September 2019