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Browse our reusable printed coffee cups, manufactured in Australia from BPA free plastics. All designed to accept your branding, you can even mix and match the lid, band and cup colours to create a truly unique promotional giveaway. For more information about pricing, contact our friendly team today! We offer rush delivery options, a 100% FREE artwork design service and price beat guarantee.

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Billions upon billions of water bottles and disposable coffee cups end up in landfills every year. That’s a tremendous amount of non-biodegradable waste! Whilst some are made of materials that can be recycled, most aren’t, and the waste continues to accumulate. However, there’s a better way to enjoy your favourite beverages; a way that costs less and is better for the environment. With reusable cups, businesses everywhere can help fight the war on waste. Read on to learn some of the biggest benefits of reusable coffee cups.

Feeling Quite Hot, Aren’t We?

Reusable, double-walled coffee cups are made to keep liquids at a constant temperature. Glass, insulation, and double walls all keep your favourite drinks hot until you’re ready to enjoy them. Imagine your office mates’ appreciation if you do the afternoon coffee run and come back with drinks that are actually hot! With stainless steel promotional coffee containers, your drinks will taste just as they should, without foul polystyrene and other materials ruining the flavour. All of our glass cups and bottles are completely free of BPA, and designed to hold liquids at a high temperature while keeping them tasty.

Make It and Take It

With reusable ceramic cups, your employees won’t have to worry about gulping down their morning coffee or tea before rushing out the door to get to work on time. Simply put on a matching silicone lid and be on your way! With a reusable coffee cup, it’s easy to enjoy your favourite beverages with less waste.

Fewer Spills

There are few feelings as aggravating as having a hot drink overflow a cup, run down your arm and stain your clothes. However, with the safety seals and insulated design of reusable coffee cups, these frustrating spills will become a thing of the past.

Cost Savings

Many of today’s eateries and cafes will offer discounts on coffee prices if customers bring their own cups. With our reusable cups, your workers and customers can take it wherever there’s a coffee machine and save money!

Preventing Burnt Fingers

Disposable coffee cups aren’t just ecologically unsound, they become too hot to touch in no time at all. Therefore, if you grab a latte or tea on the way to work, your hands will feel as if they’re on fire rather quickly. However, a reusable insulated cup has technology built-in to prevent burnt hands and fingers. With double walls and silicone bands, our reusable containers let workers walk as far as they’d like while keeping their hot drinks close at hand.

Less Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Most people don’t know what’s in their disposable cups. Many cups, although they’re BPA-free, contain other chemicals that mimic the effects of oestrogen in the body, gradually disrupting hormonal balance. If workers are particularly health-conscious, or if you’re looking for an all-natural way to detoxify your body, avoiding chemicals commonly found in disposable cups is a good place to begin.

Greater Control Over Coffee and Its Ingredients

Without reusable coffee mugs, people are more likely to make a quick stop at a local coffee shop. For those who prefer the environmental and health benefits of organic beverages, are allergic to some ingredients, or who are watching their calories, options are sometimes scarce. Making coffee at home and bringing it to work in a reusable mug allows greater flexibility and control. Simply buy your favourite roast, skip the unhealthy add-ins, and leave out problematic ingredients. When users make their own coffee at home, they’re always in control.

Helping Reduce Environmental Waste

This is a primary factor behind many companies’ decision to switch from disposable to reusable cups. As the name implies, these cups may be reused hundreds of times before showing signs of wear. With a sturdy insulated coffee cup, thousands of kilos of waste are kept out of landfills.

Saying It With Style

Disposable cups typically come in bland, boring colours that are generic and plain. However, with promotional reusable coffee cups, any company can show its stylish sensibilities and build its brand. These cups come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and messages.

Create a Customised Coffee Cup Today

Reusable coffee and teacups are extremely popular, and your customers will surely want one. The more of these cups get into your workers’ and customers’ hands, the more visibility and recognition your brand will gain. Give us a call to place an order or request a free quote and virtual mock-up today!