Along with word-of-mouth advertising, promotional products are some of the most effective means of boosting your brand's exposure organically. Yes, plastering an ad all over print and multimedia avenues is effective, but there's no beating the value of obtaining customers through immediate value.

Helping someone fulfil a need or task creates a huge opportunity for loyalty.

Just how effective can promotional products be? Well, in 2016, there was over $21 billion in profit generated off of promotional product sales.

If you're interested in which promotional products you should be investing in, take a look at some popular ideas to increase sales in 2018.


We start with maybe the most obvious billboard there is for promotional product ideas to increase sales. Yes, a strong t-shirt design can really get a ton of mileage when it comes to brand awareness.

Sure, not all businesses are ideal for t-shirt designs, but you could probably get most people to wear your shirt if it has some clever message and/or logo.

A good t-shirt will be worn in public a few times and may attract thousands of eyeballs before being retired.

Fitness and Health Products

Environmentally-friendly products are the best way to attract more attention to your brand, even if your company isn't in the green space. You can tackle both personal and environmental health to combine two of the best ideas to increase sales. Recycled notebooks, green bags, backpacks, thermoses, or water bottles.

Maybe put your brand on important health products, like pedometers, hygiene products, microfiber cloths, yoga mats, sweatbands, or aromatherapy products.

Practical Household Items

These items will something that will be used over and over again and further cement your brand into memory.

You can go for bottle openers, flashlights, magnets, lunch bags, tape measures, storage compartments, gloves, umbrellas, shot glasses, Swiss army knives, or coasters.

Office Items

The tried and true office product placements are still great ideas to increase sales. There's a ton of work-related products that will get used and will be seen by employees, customers, and basically anyone who happens to borrow them.

Pens, tape holders, binders, mugs, paperweights, wristbands, keychains, lanyards, and USB drives are perfect vehicles for your brand.

High-capacity USB drives are especially important, you want your drive to be used often, i.e. restore disks and picture backups.

Power Banks

If you really want to be your customer's best friend, offer power banks. Since only a small few smartphones have replaceable batteries these days, everyone will find a use for power banks. Not to mention all the mobile devices a family owns these days.

Carry your own company power bank around and use it as an opportunity to help a fellow Samaritan out. You can hand out your power bank and tie it to a memorable experience. That could directly translate to a referral or instant sale.

Water Bottles

You could put these in the same category as the health and fitness ideas to increase sales, but it is worth mentioning the variety of water bottles you can use for products. You have collapsible water bottles, BPA-free bottles, infusion bottles for adding natural flavors to water, and more.

The water bottle can be customized for your company's theme to make it really stand out.

We also recommend branding disposable bottles. Although plastic bottles aren't enviro-friendly, they can be effective for reaching a large number of people in a short span of time.

Canteen-style water bottles are also great for any business that is remotely relevant to the lucrative outdoors niche.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are extremely useful promotional products that will be used for a multitude of tasks. Your brand might be found at a grocery store, on the beach, the laundry mat, or at a big festival. Insulated tote bags carry big bonus points, as well.

The reliable, multipurpose tote bag is the perfect place to have your company's logo or memorable slogan on.

Theme-Oriented Products

The best ideas to increase sales are able to both be practical and not immediately scream "promo material". In order to achieve this, you'll need to create these products around some theme, holiday, or trend.

For example, a Halloween-themed product that incorporates decorative elements with your logo.

If you can release a series of promotional products, all tied into the same theme or sales.

Products to be Regifted or Shared

This is an often overlooked category of promo products. Not everyone is going to want another pen, shirt, or water bottle, if they already have plenty of them. The advantage of targeting common items that are readily available is having your products in circulation.

How do they get passed around? Regifting is a big contributor.

Those who borrow a pen or USB drive will often receive them as gifts. Maybe your t-shirt or water bottle is received as a gift, but the person would rather give it to someone else than to decline it.

Another way to increase the likelihood of regifting is to give away two or more products and tell them to share.

Sharing is a gesture that increases the bond or memorability of an object, so it's a really smart strategy to make your product campaign shareable. This is also a more cost-effective strategy for increasing the number of hands your products come across.

More Ideas to Increase Sales

As you can see, there is a wide range of options available to you to promote your business. You should try to strike a balance between novel and useful products to increase sales. That's why Dynamic Gift offers a selection that resonates with all industries.

If you're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and want your products designed professionally, we can help narrow down the best products and 'company swag' that customers will love.

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