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These ECO friendly USB are the best way to store information with also reducing your carbon footprint. They are available in various capacities, printed or heat stamp. Enquire today for a FREE quote and virtual sample

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  • USB Eco Wood Card-20
    USB Eco Wood Card
  • HDP Recycled Swivel-20
    HDP Recycled Swivel
  • Eco Paper USB Drives-20
    Eco Paper USB Drives
  • USB Wood Swivel 2-20
    USB Wood Swivel 2
  • HDP USB Discus-20
    HDP USB Discus
  • USB Wood Swivel-20
    USB Wood Swivel
  • USB Wood Eco Drive Round-20
    USB Wood Eco Drive Round
  • HDP USB Full Swivel-20
    HDP USB Full Swivel
  • Wood USB Dice Drive-20
    Wood USB Dice Drive
  • HDP Blocko USB-20
    HDP Blocko USB
  • HDP USB Pill Drive-20
    HDP USB Pill Drive
  • Wood 3d Engraved Glass USB-20
    Wood 3d Engraved Glass USB
  • USB Wood Slide 2-20
    USB Wood Slide 2
  • USB Cork Drive 2-20
    USB Cork Drive 2
  • HDP Mini USB Card-20
    HDP Mini USB Card
  • USB Wood Eco Drive 1-20
    USB Wood Eco Drive 1
  • USB Cork Bottle-20
    USB Cork Bottle
  • HDP USB Square Drive-20
    HDP USB Square Drive
  • USB Wood Pen Drive-20
    USB Wood Pen Drive
  • USB Wood Necklace-20
    USB Wood Necklace
  • USB Corked Jar Drive-20
    USB Corked Jar Drive
  • USB Eco Cube 2-20
    USB Eco Cube 2
  • Wooden USB Peg Drive-20
    Wooden USB Peg Drive
  • USB Wood Key-20
    USB Wood Key
  • Eco USB Kinetic-20
    Eco USB Kinetic
  • USB Tree Drive-20
    USB Tree Drive
  • USB Wood Book Drive-20
    USB Wood Book Drive
  • USB Eco Wood Rectangle-20
    USB Eco Wood Rectangle
  • USB Full Wood Swivel-20
    USB Full Wood Swivel
  • USB Cork Drive-20
    USB Cork Drive
  • USB Eco Cube 3-20
    USB Eco Cube 3
  • USB Wood Chip Slider-20
    USB Wood Chip Slider

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32 Item(s)

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Businesses in Australia are looking for cost-effective, unique ways to advertise, and wooden USB drives are a great and eco-friendly option. These flash drives come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and storage capacities, which makes them ideally suited to a variety of industries. Before placing an order, business owners should consider the factors listed below.


Product quality is a primary concern when choosing customised USB drives for corporate promotions. The market is full of suppliers whose products aren’t of high quality, and some USB drives aren’t even fit for the storage of data. Distributing low-quality promotional items will create a poor customer experience that hurts the company’s image. To ensure high quality, consider these criteria when assessing a supplier in Sydney. • Memory chip quality: USB memory chips are available in different grades, read/write speeds, and data retention abilities. For the highest quality, verify that the supplier only uses new, top-grade chips from established suppliers. • Metal keyring attachments: Wooden USB drives with metal loops are preferred by those who carry their drives on keyrings. By comparison, plastic loops are likely to break. • Cap fit: Many lower-quality models have poor-fitting caps, which can be very frustrating.

Turnaround Times

If a company is planning a last-minute promotional effort, it’s important to choose a supplier with its own manufacturing facility. Other suppliers use third-party manufacturers, which puts order fulfilment times out of their hands. While circumstances vary according to a Melbourne customer’s requirements, when a supplier has its own facilities, it can typically complete and deliver an order within seven days or less.

Storage Capacity

Eco USBs are available in a range of storage capacities, from 512mb on up to 64GB or even more. To determine storage needs, consider that the average music file is four to eight megabytes. Business owners should consider the files they plan to preload, as well as the amount of space to be allocated for the recipient’s personal use.

Data Solutions and Services

Most suppliers can provide data preloading, USB auto-run, volume labelling, and file lock services, as follows. • Data preloading: Having marketing content pre-loaded onto wooden USB drives is a powerful promotional benefit. Pre-load presentations, catalogues, PDF files, videos, and software. • USB auto-run: This feature allows pre-loaded data to automatically launch when the recipient plugs the flash drive into a device. • File lock: If a company wants to prevent the accidental deletion of its data, file lock is a useful feature to have. Depending on the industry or the reason for the promotion, Brisbane customers may need additional data solutions and services. Call today for more information or to place an order for custom branded wooden USBs.


USB drive accessories cam add a bit of extra excitement to a promotion. They include lanyards, boxes, keychains, and much more. By considering the factors listed in the sections above, customers will have enough info to choose a supplier that meets their needs and expectations. For more information on wooden USB drives or to place an order for any of our eco USBs, call us today.